Quick Hits Supplemental – The Chief Judge has no soul

Quick Hits Supplemental – The Chief Judge has no soul

At Thursday’s Kane County Judicial and Public Safety Committee meeting, Chief Judge Susan Clancy-Boles, Court Services Director Lisa Aust, and Juvenile Justice Center Superintendent Mike Davis fell all over themselves in an attempt to demonstrate the striking probation officers and youth counselors were having no effect on day-to-day operations.

Clancy Boles
Susan Clancy Boles

As we discussed yesterday, Davis particularly went out of his way to label the strikers as non-essential personnel.

But a scant 24 hours later, the Chief Judge issued the letter below declaring the strikers’ absence constitutes a public safety threat and they better return to work by May 15 – under her terms – or they will be replaced.

Strike Letter


Never mind this may be a patently illegal move because Boles is essentially inserting a no-strike clause in a union contract that doesn’t have one. It’s the abject lack of any humanity or compassion that really bothers me.

I’ve had to deal with Boles as a felony crime victim and I was thoroughly disappointed. I’ve had to deal with the Chief Judge as a criminal defendant and I was thoroughly disappointed by her failure to follow the law.

Then, we all watched her single-handedly destroy the GPS home monitoring system.

I watched her try to cover up any connection between her late brother, Michael Clancy, and Anjum Coffland. That column, and perhaps even charges, will be forthcoming.

When I challenged her on a number of these issues, her response was to have my email address blocked from the Judicial Center server.

Put more simply, Chief Judge Boles is one of those individuals who’s had everything handed to her all her life. She hasn’t had to work or struggle for much. As a result, she’s become arrogant, dictatorial and has absolutely no empathy for anyone who doesn’t come directly from her world.

I’ve stood with the picketers outside the Judicial Center. I’ve addressed them as a group outside the County boardroom. I’ve talked to the Teamsters reps. I’ve heard the pain in their voices that comes from being so callously cast aside by a woman who has no soul and makes 200 grand a year at a part-time job.

I’m sure I won’t have any problem getting the Teamsters to underwrite the kind of anti-retention campaign that will finally have Boles removed from the bench.

14 thoughts on “Quick Hits Supplemental – The Chief Judge has no soul

  1. In your article “Judge Dalton has to go” you had stated many times to commentors that they need to email this Supreme Judge if we would like to see any possible results to Dalton’s shenanigans and court room game show. After reading this article and her comments to the probation officers I can now understand that she herself is no different than Dalton. It appears Kane County is running their court rooms like a German Jewish camp. I have a feeling your lawyers that told you not to post part 2 about Dalton fear repercussions with their careers. It’s all depressing to some of us that are pulled into the Kane County chaos of courtrooms. With Dalton stating to a lawyer that the constitution is bullshit and needs to be re-written, yet he only follows the laws of the constitution when it’s a benefit to him. Mr. Ward, I admire many of the things you have said in many articles about standing up against Kane County chaos, yet I’ve never seen you write a story that would actually do it. But I get it, once you are jailed by any county, you no longer have a voice, that’s the one thing social justice does, whether you are in Kane County jail because of their chaos, no one will stand up for you whether you are innocent or not.

  2. It’s about time Kane County residents understand that most of these judges are a far cry from the “best and the brightest.” Most started out as Associate judges, chosen in secret, and reappointed in secret. Voters can’t even get rid of them when an election primary vote confirms that they are not wanted. I think Boles is flat-out nuts, confirmed by that letter. But it makes me think-if Boles thinks she can personally implement contractual changes, maybe the residents of Kane County can personally stop funding pensions for these idiots?

  3. well Jeff, I know you will eventually not allow this post to see the light of day, but I just need to say this for your own edification…with your track record within the KC judicial system, both on the good side and the bad, don’t you worry that you will run out of attorneys to represent you in Kane County – or is that your mission? Just wondering…

    1. “Monique,”

      Normally I wouldn’t approve your comment because I’m not the story. If you want to bitch about me, go do it on your own time and blog.

      As far as my track record with the judicial system, I’ve never tried to hide a thing. Despite the Geneva Police Department’s best harassment efforts – and it has been harassment – not only have I never been convicted, but three out of my four arrests have been dismissed outright.

      And the Geneva Police will be paying a large settlement very soon!

      At least I have the courage to speak my mind – and put my real name on those thoughts – despite some often fascinating consequences.

      If you’re trying to be funny about the attorney thing, it’s a pathetic attempt at humor. Until he became a Judge, D. J. Tegeler was my attorney for 12 years and Jeff Meyer and Brick Van Der Snick have been there since then.

      My only mission is to level the playing field, give voice to the voiceless, and afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Aside from generally being an anonymous waste of flesh, what’s yours?

      Please tell me you’ll never reproduce.


  4. Mr. Ward, reading your response to Monique, I was actually surprised at your response. Her placement of “your” versus “you’re” as I can see it was correct. Don’t make your blog become like a Facebook debate when someone needs to attack another’s spelling for possible being correct or saying something that offends you, we all have a right to our opinions whether we like them or not. Actually wouldn’t surprise me if she works for Kane County based on what she stated. Go ahead and delete me from your blog if you feel the need to, I would understand

    1. Junior,

      You are correct, it was so hard to get trough that poorly written post that I’m the one who ended up making the error.

      And I too surmised that she likely works in the Judicial Center.

      First, I despise cowards who post under the veil of anonymity, and second, anyone that tries to make the story is going to get both barrels. People disagree with me all the time and I have no problem with it. But start attacking me personally and it’s over.


      1. Don’t think you treated any judge unfairly. These Kane County judges are perfect examples of why the county needs to be cleaned out. Sir, every judge in Kane County sucks and has no regard for justice

  5. Jeff,
    The cumulative effect of changes in the probation monitoring, GPS location from earlier this year and the current strike will eventually impact public safety for the residents of Elgin.
    We must also look at this as a shift of some of the financial responsibilities to the municipal governments.

  6. Kaptain is always so quick with the gun to shoot Elgin taxpayers into paying more and more and more. This time it’s for Kane County’s responsibilities. And not one mention about which pet project Elgin taxpayers are already strapped with that give us taxpayers zero benefit that could be exchanged. Start with Metro West Council of Government party membership at $30,000 a year. That’s a lot of money to bend elbows for an organization that is closed four months a year where big time “sponsors” like AT&T, Nicor, Comed, etc., get to whisper into the ears of the members.

  7. Did that nice lady suggest no more attorneys will represent in Kane County? LOL

    She must not know attorneys. They need to eat too.

    She must also not like people who expose those, who operate as if they are without limitations. Which is a good thing.

    Judges cannot rule in the public domain like he or she can in a courtroom.

    If you’re that drunk with power or ignorant to believe you can invoke the Frontline staff to just show up to work without raises, when you get a raise youself, you’re out of touch with reality.

    Good for me but not for thee..does not work well when you need to work with others.

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