Quick Hits – Some of you really do need to be strangled!

Quick Hits – Some of you really do need to be strangled!

Every time I wanna take a day off some of you bleeps just have to insist upon engaging in the kind of intolerant, anti-social, and Neanderthal behavior that demands an immediate, thorough and insightful response that you can only get at TheFirstWard.net.

You certainly won’t find it in the local newspapers.

Sadly, former Batavia High School teacher and current D101 School Board member, John Dryden, recently discovered the peril of applying hyperbole on social media. John! The next time you feel the urge to do something silly like that, please put the keyboard down and leave it to the professionals. So what if the Geneva Police arrest me for the 97th time!

If you recall, Mr. Dryden got himself into a bit of a 2013 pickle when he correctly advised his young charges not to incriminate themselves by answering a not-nearly-anonymous high school survey on drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

The great John Dryden!

You really gotta love the Batavia school district! Just when I think Geneva D304 couldn’t possibly disappoint me any further, D101 always steps up and makes them look reasonable by comparison. I suppose that’s good for our property values.

Meanwhile, our erudite educator’s response to getting spanked by administrators was to retire from teaching, run for school board, and win!

That’s how you do it Democrats and liberals! No whining, howling, shrieking, lawsuits, long soliloquys, recriminations, insipid memes, Facebook rants, co-opting board meetings, or playing the victim card. You simply put yourself in a position to affect the very people who once affected you.

Upset by some parents’ over-the-top school board meeting reactions to a transgender student using the sixth-grade girls locker room and restrooms at Rotolo Middle School, John posted the following on social media:

Sometimes School Board meetings are like Mr. Toad’s wild ride.  You can watch me try really hard not to launch myself over the table and strangle an anti-transgender lynch mob. The Board Comments at the end are worth listening to. Cheers Batavia — let’s move ahead, not backwards.

When I read that missive in real-time, my immediate response was, “I really need to give John a call and offer to help him throttle the appropriate attendees at the next Batavia board gathering. Given the general comportment of the average Tri-Cities school parent, there’s no way he could possibly get to all of them.”

And all the proof you need of my some-of-y’all-really-need-throttling hypothesis is anti-transgender parent, Kelly Sullivan, took John’s post to the Batavia Police Department and filed a police report because she felt threatened by it. I’ll pause right here to give you some time to take that in…………….

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve watched school board members assault parents during board meetings.

When confronted by the Daily Herald, Ms. Sullivan explained that, while some of her best friends are transgendered, the District failed to warn parents of this student’s existence and perhaps provide her with separate changing and restroom facilities.

Sullivan also claimed she was fearful of Dryden’s Facebook page commenters, who accurately accused her and the other intolerant parents of all kinds of bigotry and discrimination. As I frequently like to say, we certainly have the right to free speech, but none of us are free from the consequences of that speech.

And I’m glad she’s scared. She certainly wasn’t afraid of throwing a middle school student directly “under the bus,” as Dryden put it, to press her own agenda. Board member Tina Bleakley supported Dryden’s sentiment adding, “To come publicly to speak about a child disappoints me.”

Me too!

This could have, and should have been handled behind the scenes, but today’s brand of conservatives can’t be happy unless they’re making a scene. And if you believe in a Christian God, there’s a special place in hell for anyone who would needlessly make an already difficult middle schooler’s life that much more difficult.

As is too typical of Tri-Cities parents, Sullivan somehow managed to perceive and portray herself as the victim. It’s almost as if conservatives believe our gay and transgendered brethren are doing it just to annoy the crap out of them.

Yes! It’s every middle schooler’s dream to court derision, ridicule and intolerance by making a flip decision about their sexuality. Most of y’all can barely handle a splinter, much less the kind of surgery that affects your most delicate areas.

As to Sullivan’s allegation that parents should’ve been warned, Illinois privacy laws make it utterly illegal to do that. “We would never discuss personal private information about a student without their permission,” Superintendent Lisa Hitchens correctly contended, “It’s the law.”

Yes, it is!

And these bleeps who had no problem outing a middle schooler are the same bleeps who’d sue D101 in a heartbeat if they dared divulge anything about their delicate little darlings.

Another protesting parent complained her daughter was scared when she heard a male voice in the locker room, because she wasn’t aware that transgendered students existed. But that ain’t on the school board or the district, that’s on you for being a bad parent.

I get it! There are all sorts of realities we wish our children didn’t have to face, but that doesn’t make them go away now, does it? The head-in-the-sand parenting methodology never works out very well in the long run.

“Preparing students for the possibility of attending school with a transgender student is a family conversation,” Hitchens added, “The district can provide parents with resources to have that talk.”

Good enough!

John’s social media response to the entire police report kerfuffle was this:

One could argue I set myself up to be a punching bag here. On the other hand, I have to wonder why this is newsworthy. I suspect a group of parents didn’t like the response the board gave them, so they are flailing at whatever they can hit. Metaphor is clearly lost on them. Much ado about nothing.

And the truth is, it isn’t, or shouldn’t be newsworthy. Shame on the Daily Herald for going after the lowest of the low hanging fruit one more time. Those unethical editors did nothing more than exponentially compound Sullivan’s outing error by making sure we all know about this student.

I keep waiting for that paper to hit journalistic rock bottom, but they just keep on digging that hole!

So, no! Having spoken with John at length, I can personally guarantee that he isn’t about  to start strangling parents at board meetings despite the fact that some of you really need a good throttling. But I’m making no such promises!

Ain’t it funny how conservative Batavians refuse to believe the eminently credible Dr. Christine Ford, but they have no problem believing a transgender student will go after their daughters and take down an entire school district in the process.

Apparently, they missed the whole “least of my brothers” Sunday School lesson. Good Christians every one!


21 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Some of you really do need to be strangled!

  1. You should name this piece, “All My Children” or the “The Young and the Restless” More soap opera than I can handle..

    And Jeff, It’s ok for you to day several days off. It’s just difficult with all of the stupidity happening that should be in the media.

    But the media has better articles or stories to report on, like the guy who lost his vacation refund or the lady who received a bad hair drying incident at the local beauty salon.

    Good luck on taking a vacation!

  2. Just listened to the BATV recording. Both a school board member and you assert that, “these bleeps had no problem outing a middle schooler.”

    What was that student’s name again? Oh that’s right, we don’t know because NOBODY was outed, no name was given, no identity was unmasked. Stating that there is a transgender student in your school is nowhere close to the same as outing them. I suppose liberals aren’t too strong on the issue of truth. What supports the fantasy, man!

    1. Are you really this stupid? Now, all the parents know this kid’s name, every Rotolo student know’s this kid’s name, and it took me all of 5 minutes to get her name.

      Had those intolerant parents not thrown this kid under the bus at a board meeting, None of that would be the case.

      I suppose conservatives aren’t too strong on cause and effect.

      1. Right….because without that school board meeting that student would be completely anonymous in the community still. Yes, that’s how the world works.

        Let’s talk about who is really this stupid.

  3. One other thing after listening to the recording. Did you notice that two 6th grade girls had the courage to speak too? I suppose they’re little bleepers too? And the other 80 girls in that class that feel the same way but don’t have the same strength to speak up? Screw ’em all, right? Apparently they or their feelings on the subject don’t matter. They can just sit down, shut up and take it like a real woman would.

    1. And now you’ve left no doubt. What any student or parent feels is utterly immaterial, because the law is the law. D101 CANNOT disclose private information on any student and D101 CANNOT discriminate against any student for any reason.

      Image if all of this idiocy was in regard to a black student. The shit would most certainly hit the fan, wouldn’t it?

      And speaking of delicate flowers, I see you chose to hide your real name. Typical Tea Party bleep! Please crawl back under your rock and leave the rest of us alone.

      1. Discriminate: I do not think that word means what you think it means. There are no laws and no policy against:
        1. Providing transgender students a private changing space and bathroom (this is literally acceptable for fulfilling non-discrimination according to laws and bps101 policy)
        2. Letting parents know that girls will be sharing with a transgender student. I mean, the principal did share this general information with the class on the first day. I suppose he ought to be fired for breaking laws and policies (by his own admission!). That same information could have been shared with parents.

        When violent leftists like you say you want to strangle concerned parents and students, you bet a sane and reasonable person would use anonymity.

        I notice you did not actually respond to my questions. It must be true: your tribe says screw the 6th grade girls. And that’s exactly what has happened. The girls, for the most part, have been bullied by people like you to just shut up and take it like a good bleep.

      2. I’m surprised you can even spell “discrimination.” AND YOU’RE WRONG! Had D101 “warned” parents about this student, not only would they have violated a very specific law, but they would have been sued and they would lose!

        Discussing it with the children in her class was very like approved by this girl’s parents.

        As far as private changing spaces go, that’s up to the student and her parents. The school cannot force that kind of thing because it would be blatant discrimination to do so – also against the law.

        Do I have to write more slowly for you to understand? The sixth-grade girls don’t matter in this case. I didn’t write that statute, I simply report it. Again, imagine if a black student made them “uncomfortable.” That wouldn’t work out too well for them, would it?

        If they or their parents don’t like the law, they can always go to a private school

      3. You heard it here first, folks, “The sixth-grade girls don’t matter in this case.” You know, some of us actually care about them, and we are going to stand up for them.

        By the way, you could not be more wrong about the laws, policies and what is and is not allowed. You are interpreting it as you wish it was and making crap up. This will become self-evident as the situation unfolds…

      4. I know, I know, when you have nothing useful to say, resort to name-calling. That is the only tool you have left.

        So, I listened to the whole school board meeting, and the parents and students who objected to the board’s policy were calm and respectful.

        I noticed your boy Dryden called for a recess and had to leave in a huff because he could not stand that anybody would see the world a little bit differently than him. He also felt so ideologically accosted that he had to state that he wanted to strangle these calm and respectful dissenters. Do you even know the meaning of the word bigot? There are definitely bigots involved in all of this, and you can see their photos on this page as a nice illustration that Merriam Webster should consider using.

  4. I don’t understand how the other girls felt threatened? Because she was in the room? I did not watch and could not because I too would have been sickened by the ignorance of what they think is the problem! I am most sad that John is not running for re-election. He is a great advocate for our children.

  5. What’s most sad is the parents of the poor boy let him go on thinking a boy can become a girl. A boy can never become a girl, no matter how he may mutilate his body. They should sit down with him and work with him, with professional help if necessary, to find out what happened that he doesn’t want to be a boy anymore. They are not helping him by enabling a delusion.

    The girls should not be expected to sacrifice modesty on the altar of political correctness. The boy has the problem that needs to be worked through, not the girls.

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