Quick Hits – Please vote Hartwell for judge!

Quick Hits – Please vote Hartwell for judge!

When we last left off, we were discussing how we have the power to vote Judge John Dalton out of office and, given his generally miserable comportment, it’s time to do just that.

But, believe it or not, there’s another 16th Circuit possibility that’s even worse than having to endure Dalton’s regular cruelty and bigotry. And that scary scenario involves former Elgin State Senator Michael Noland running for retired Judge David Akemann’s seat.

To give you some idea of how horrifying that prospect is, a number of prominent Elgin Democrats sent me plaintive emails me pleading, “Please don’t let Mike Noland be elected judge.”

It would seem his own party is utterly embarrassed by the man.


Trust me, I wish I had the kind of power to ensure our failed State Senator would simply fade into oblivion. But since I don’t possess that level of omniscience, the best I can do is remind you all of what a despicable human being Mike Noland really is.

Please note that I rarely apply the “despicable” adjective because most politicians do manage to have some redeeming qualities. But when it comes to Mike Noland, that word is entirely accurate. Let’s review the former state senator’s abysmal track record:

1. He got thrown out of a polling place by the Carpentersville police. That’s right, he became so obnoxious over some perceived slight that the election judges asked him to leave. When he refused to comply, the C’ville police had to remove him.

2. He was stopped for speeding while driving on a no-insurance citation. Apparently, that pesky auto insurance statute only applies to rabble like you and me. You’d think an attorney would know the law, too!

3. He was fired from the Kane County Public Defender’s office for incompetence. And that’s a truly astounding accomplishment. In 12 years of covering Kane County, I’ve never heard of another PD getting fired.

4. He got caught plagiarizing a JFK speech on the Senate floor. This one is my all-time favorite! Delivering a famous Kennedy speech word-for-word and somehow believing he’d get away with it in a room full of politicians is beyond the pale.

5. He sued Springfield for back pay after making a big deal out of forgoing that pay. Yep! You read that right! Noland waxed poetically about letting that salary go during the budget stalemate, but as soon as he lost his Congressional race, he sued the state. Even the Tribune made hellacious fun of him for that bizarre move.

6. He got caught stealing his opponent’s yard signs on video – twice! Apparently, Mr. Noland doesn’t understand you’re supposed to have your lackeys steal opponents’ signs. And to have it all on video is beyond hilarious.


So, as you might imagine, his legal peers don’t consider him to be judicial material. Here are their ratings as compiled by the Illinois State Bar Association on a scale of 1 to 100:

  • 19.78 – Meets the requirement of the office – That’s about right
  • 44.09 – Integrity – That’s way too high!
  • 42.05 – Impartiality
  • 15.96 – Legal ability – This one’s dead on
  • 56.32 – Temperament – That’s too high
  • 32.53 – Court management

Those are the worst ISBA judicial ratings I’ve ever seen. Think about it! His fellow attorneys rate his legal skills at just 16 percent! You really have to make an effort to be incompetent to be ranked that low.

Tom Hartwell

So, just as his fellow Democrats pleaded with me, I’m gonna plead with you, dear reader. Please, please, please vote Tom Hartwell for 16th Circuit judge. Kane County can’t afford another terrible man in black. Mike Noland should be appearing in front of judge in handcuffs, not trying to be one!


12 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Please vote Hartwell for judge!

  1. Maybe not the best place for a post, but since the topic is judges, I want every voter and taxpayer in Kane County to recognize how these incompetent judges have jeopardized our safety. In this instance, clearly a case of self-interest, as my good friend Marmarie Kostelny let a rapist stay on the street because he had “finished counseling.” And let him strike again. Because she is in charge of the counseling program at the Judicial Center and needs to post a “win”.

    Marmarie, you disgust me: Read about Max Melgar of Aurora……


  2. Someone just sent me the arrest report from the Daily Herald. And, go figure, no mention that the obtuse fat ass, Marmarie Kostelny, kept him on the streets-because he was “successfully” rehabilitated. Jeff, you’re the best source of what really happens at the Judicial Center-even the local paper hides the incompetence and danger these judges present to the people paying their salary.


  3. If you read the news accounts and if you believe the news accounts I would hardly blame the judge. The guy was sentenced and he completed his sentence albeit with a few hiccups. The state for whatever reason chose not to file a petition to revoke his probation which could have resentenced him to prison although one case was a juvenile case. Without such a request by the state attorney it would be extremely extremely rare for any judge to do it on the court s own motion. Your complaint should be with original sentence

    1. My complaint is with a political appointee who has failed at every judicial assignment she has held, and is now desperately looking for a win. She has tried to reinvent herself as a “mental health advocate” and claims 80% of the felons in drug court have mental issues that caused their problems. Google her name and look at all the ridiculous statements she has made. She could easily have revoked this guys probation after he was arrested THREE times for pot possession while in the drug court program, but didn’t, because it would reflect poorly on her and the program. A judge doesn’t need the SA’s agreement. Remember, this guy is a RAPIST, she could easily have booted him out of drug court, which is automatic revocation of probation and jail time. Most importantly, she LOST the Republican primary way back in 2014, and shouldn’t even be on the bench, but as a political appointee, just went back to her associate judge position, raising a big middle finger to voters and taxpayers. And screws us out of almost $200k/yr. Sorry Jim, you are wrong.

  4. A judge cannot automatically boot any one out of anything. They do that when the state brings a motion. As to the fact she lost election to full circuit and remained a judge that is interesting but is a internal politics. Cases I know Of full circuits work let not have re appointed her as an ascoiate
    Secondly I am a real conservative but sound like a bleeding heart. The charge does not matter once sentence it is did the person cominitting crime comply if not let state bring the charges and non compliance to the judge and I have no brief for judge have no idea who she or her clout is

  5. Unfortunately, Jeff, Steve Rauschenberger managed to cost Hartwell at least 2 votes. We got a mailing in which he builds up Hartwell by bringing up issues that are irrelevant for this particular race and office, and in a way that raises a question of whether Hartwell would allow his religious beliefs overrule the word of law.

      1. Sir, you cut me to the quick! Noland? I almost threw up just at the mention of that name. Time to vote for the best politician out there. “None of the above”

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