Quick Hits – October 4, 2019

Quick Hits – October 4, 2019

Let’s take this opportunity to tackle some of the issues that some of y’all refuse to let go of. Because the rabble’s capacity to simply make it up as they go along while offering no evidence beyond their flappin’ gums to support their beyond bizarre thought processes is really starting to get on my last good nerve.

I understand that the facts are the first casualty in the era of Trump, but the fact that you can’t handle the truth doesn’t make it any less true. So, without further ado, let’s set the record straight!

Kane County Branch Court

Kane County traffic court

In the column castigating Tri-Cities police departments for their blatant bias against minorities, some of y’all had the most fascinating excuses for why they’re disproportionally represented in court. So, let’s dispense with those flights of fancy one-by-one!

1. A branch court traffic call covers the entire county

NO IT DOESN’T! But some of you’ve decided it does and that’s all that seems to matter.

If you decided to head up to the Randall Road branch courtroom today 10/4), you would bear witness to the Illinois State Police court call. Next Friday might be the Sheriff’s deputies’ turn, Thursday tends to be St. Charles, Geneva’s call is on Wednesday, and so forth and so on.

And it’s done this way due to the fact that most, but not all, Kane County municipalities hire their own attorneys to prosecute traffic violations that occur within those city limits. A Geneva prosecutor can’t act on behalf of the City of Batavia because they would have absolutely no authority to do so.

2. It’s all of “the people” from Elgin and Aurora

First, we know what you mean by “the people,” and no, that’s not nearly the case. Both Elgin and Aurora have their own branch courts that deal with traffic tickets written within their municipal boundaries.

Put more simply, if you get a traffic ticket in Aurora and you choose to fight it, you will do so in Aurora, NOT at the Kane County branch court in St. Charles.

Though it utterly fascinates me that some of you firmly believe that Aurora and Elgin Hispanics and blacks have nothing better to do than drive back and forth through the Tri-Cities.

3. “But Jeff! It was only one court call. You suck!”

As is par for the course, those bleeps didn’t bother to read the column where I explained that, as a journalist, I’ve been in more Kane County courtrooms than most attorneys. But fine! Don’t take my word for it. Let’s take it straight from the Tri-Cities police departments’ mouths!

Every Illinois police department is required to regularly submit traffic stop data to the Illinois Department of Transportation, and every year, IDOT compiles that information and issues a formal “study”  that’s annually released on their website.

And the 2018 report clearly notes that:

  • In 88 percent white St. Charles, minorities account for 30 percent of the traffic stops
  • In 95 percent white Geneva, minorities account for 20 percent of the traffic stops
  • In 91 percent white Batavia, minorities account for 32 percent of the traffic stops

As a more circumspect Samuel L. Jackson might correctly respond, “That’s utter and abject bovine excrement!” And please don’t try to tell me that at any given time, 30 percent of St. Charles motorists are minorities, because not even you’d believe yourself.

As my wife said to me in the process of discussing this sad truth, “Because they can’t afford to hire a lawyer, traffic court is nothing more than an opportunity to separate minorities from their money.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


My yellow car theory stands!

To reiterate, that theory is, whenever the police see a yellow car, they immediately assume it contains an Hispanic driver. And I don’t care what y’all say, it’s the truth and here’s more proof of this hypothesis.

My son recently visited the Batavia, Illinois, target, and upon returning to his vehicle, he discovered a windshield advertisement composed solely in Spanish. And as he subsequently surveyed the rest of the parking lot, he noted his yellow Chevy was the only such recipient.

Case closed!

8 thoughts on “Quick Hits – October 4, 2019

    1. Unfortunately these minorities do get stopped more then others. After searches and found warrants it becomes a successful stop. Throw the guns away, quit selling drop and robbing. If just 1 group of minorities equal 18 % of the population and cause 58% of all violent crimes between all 200 plus races, you will need looked at harder. My brother is a Bloomingdal Detective. 7 out of 10 blacks have stolen property, drugs or guns in their cars. The month of June they arrested 318 men and women running from warrants. Intel they can fix it amongst themselves

  1. A more interesting point might be What percentage of white people stopped were issued a warning ticket and what percentage of minorities got off with just a warning ticket?

  2. Maybe everybody else except your son ran out to their cars, removed the Spanish-language advertisement from their cars, and ran back inside because they’re just that civic-minded.

    (Confession/rant: I’m usually scrupulous about not littering, but when I find a flyer tucked under my wiper, I crumple it up and toss it. I figure I’m not responsible for garbage just because someone leaves it on my car, and if you don’t want your parking lot littered with those things, secure it better.)

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