Quick Hits – November 18, 2019

Quick Hits – November 18, 2019

A correction!

In my defense, I was in the throes of the latest iteration of the plague when it happened, but that’s not nearly an excuse good enough to mitigate this kind of mistake. To wit, an alert reader noted that Naperville is actually 5 percent black, and not the 18 percent I ascribed in a previous column.

The 18 number actually denotes the percentage of Asians in Naperville, most of Indian descent.

But even though I got it wrong, the point remains the same. When you walk out that Ogden Avenue front door, one out of every four Napervillians you meet on the street ain’t gonna be Caucasian. To put that in perspective, that ratio to one in twenty for Geneva, and one in ten for St. Charles and Batavia.

Considering that vast level of diversity, it still surprises me that the whole Buffalo Wild Wing thing actually occurred there. But I will be a bit more careful with my demographics going forward!


Not a correction!

Similarly, a number of readers chimed in with a shift in the same Wild Wings story borne of an employee’s written account acquired by a local newspaper. If you fully believe their version of events, and I certainly wouldn’t take it at face value, the restaurant was acting in anticipation of what the racist couple MIGHT do.

At least one reader thought these revelations made it better for the restaurant, but that clearly isn’t the case.

Wild Wings

According to that worker, the male half of the couple who regularly visited the restaurant sported a Nazi tattoo. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m running a business and a “customer” walks in with a visible Nazi, “88,” or Confederate flag tattoo, the first thing I’m gonna do is ask them to leave.

More than a half a million Americans perished defeating the Nazis and Confederates, and it’s a slap in their collective faces to have someone celebrate the regimes that so unceremoniously took their lives. And those beyond bigoted snowflakes need to get over the fact that that kind of evil was soundly defeated and it ain’t comin’ back!

The staffer continued to explain that, if a black server brought this racist couple’s food, they’d send it back, so the staff was simply trying to mitigate a possible confrontation between them and the black party by repeatedly asking the African American group to move.

Say what? If they did manage to get the Nazi tattoo past me, the second they refused to accept food from a server based on their race, sex, sexuality or creed, their asses would be out the front door before their food even made it back to the kitchen. On what planet is any business ever required to offer accommodation to a couple of intolerant bleeps?

But then to ask the black folks to move in deference to these jerks when the jerks made no such request? That’s so much worse than the originally reported story. If Buffalo Wild Wings really wants to prevent racial tension, wouldn’t their best bet to be to eliminate the racists and not their victims?

So, no! This new scenario changes nothing! Wild Wings corporate did the right thing by banning that couple for life and firing all the managers. Andd Naperville still needs to take a long hard look themselves.


It’s called witness intimidation!

I’m not going to get into the whole efficacy of the impeachment thing because it’s a battle no journalist could win. But for those Trump supporters who firmly believe it was morally and legally correct for the President to attack former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch while she was testifying, here’s what I want you to do!

Image result for marie yovanovitch"

Pick any reasonably high-profile Kane County felony trial – there’s one or more going on at any given time. Then I want you to pick a trial witness – they’re public record – and immediately proceed to verbally accost them on Twitter, in the courtroom, via email, or any other method you see fit – it doesn’t really matter.

Meanwhile, those of us who know how to behave in a civilized society will start placing bets on just how quickly Judge Barasanti, Tegeler, Peterson, Karyannis, or Kliment will put your pathetic posterior in the pokey, with some serious state’s attorney charges soon to follow!

In Illinois, witness intimidation is a class 3 felony carrying a two- to ten-year sentence.

Put more simply, the President should be setting the legal standard, not destroying it.

3 thoughts on “Quick Hits – November 18, 2019

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings – A Tale of Two Dining Rooms – One room seats 25 and the larger seats 50+. The Hostess (White) had just finished cleaning the larger dining room and closed it down for the night. The smaller room had only two elderly people (White) enjoying their wings. In come a group of adults and kids (6-Blacks) They are seated in the smaller dining room. Next comes the rest of their party (12-more Blacks) We now have a total of 18 black and two whites in the small dining room….Man (White) complains that kids are noisy and they have a whole large dining room not being used. Waiter (Black) lies and tells black group that the racist white guy wants them moved because they are black. Waiter is fired for making up lie along with white hostess for not opening up larger dinning room. Nothing to do with NAZI or Confederate Flag…just two young workers not wanting to do their jobs..!!

  2. If I were in a restaurant by myself or with one other person and found myself near a party of more than a dozen whose proximity was objectionable to me for whatever reason, it would not occur to me to ask for the other party to be moved. There are two responses I would consider reasonable:

    1) Ask to be reseated myself.

    2) Leave.

    If the presence of other human beings during your meal is that offensive to you, there’s always DoorDash, Uber Eats and many other options to enjoy restaurant food in the comfort and privacy of your own home, festooned with Nazi flags or whatever helps your appetite.

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