Quick Hits – Mike Noland never met a lie he didn’t like

Quick Hits – Mike Noland never met a lie he didn’t like

The Noland mailer hits!

Though it wasn’t as bad as my source said it was gonna be, it’s still nothing more than a series of blatant lies – something at which our former failed State Senator excels.


Despite being well aware of her stellar curriculum vitae, the piece comparing his “record” to 16th Circuit judicial opponent Lark Cowart’s conveniently leaves out large swaths of her experience. So, lets’ set the record straight:

1. Voting record

Noland claims Cowart only voted in 2016 and she pulled a GOP primary ballot when she did. The truth is, Lark regularly votes and she regularly votes Democratic. It’s just that her voting record has yet to catch up with her marriage and the ensuing move.

And Noland knows this because Cowart handed him her complete voting record at a candidate forum. This particular lie will earn him a Judicial Inquiry Board complaint for purposely distorting a judicial candidate’s record.


2. Democratic contributor and supporter

Noland claims he “consistently helped get local Democrats get elected,” which is a fascinating contention considering he can barely get himself elected, losing six separate elections. Most local candidates avoid any connection with Noland because they don’t want to lose either.

The Democratic Party has divorced Noland to the point where Dem primary sheriff opponents, Ron Hain and Willie Mayes, are both passing out Cowart’s campaign literature. In all my years of covering local politics I’ve never seen that kind of thing happen.

Meanwhile, Cowart told Noland she’s worked on Democratic causes and campaigns all of her life, but he chose to omit that. I tried to get Lark to run as a Republican judge to have a better shot, and she flatly refused.


3. Professional experience

This one’s hilarious!

Noland cites being an assistant Kane County public defender when he was fired from that job for incompetence. As one of my favorite PD’s told me, that’s a very difficult feat to accomplish.

Yes! Noland was a state senator who served on the criminal law committee, but he left Springfield because he was generally reviled by his Democratic peers while he managed to accomplish absolutely nothing.

Then he claims to be a “successful attorney at law – private practice” which made me laugh out loud.

Please note that attorney Noland has no Internet reviews because he has no clients! The reason he sued Springfield for back pay after making a big deal about forgoing that salary is he can’t make a living as an attorney.

Despite Cowart handing Noland her resume, he only listed “Assistant Prosecutor for Republican State’s Attorney.” He also failed to mention he worked for a Republican Public Defender.

Lark’s background includes:

  • 14 years a Kane County Juvenile Prosecutor – a very difficult job
  • Worked for a team of Cook County felony judges to gain judicial experience
  • Served as an appellate court law clerk to gain judicial experience
  • Worked as a mediator

On the other hand, Mike Noland has never successfully practiced law in any courtroom anywhere. And he wants to be a judge? Yeah! Because he’s salivating at the thought of that 200k annual salary


4. Military service

In a rare ethical lapse, Noland didn’t lie about this one. He actually did serve in the Navy. He also received the National Defense Medal which servicemen receive for simply breathing. He listed no other medals.

Lark attempted to enlist in all four military branches but was turned down because of shoulder surgery at 18.


5. Education

Noland listed his undergrad, graduate and JD experience, but there’s no mention of honors because he generally finished at the bottom of his class.

Meanwhile, Lark:

  • Double majored in three years with honors while being on the swimming team
  • Earned a masters degree in dispute resolution with honors
  • Graduated from law school a semester early with honors


The bottom line is, Michael Noland damn well knew he was lying on that mailer and he didn’t care. But this time, the Judicial Inquiry Board is going to have something to say about it. This is NOT the kind of man we want wearing the black dress.

Please pull a Democratic primary ballot and vote for the only Kane County judicial candidate worth voting for – Lark Cowart!

6 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Mike Noland never met a lie he didn’t like

  1. Good points all Jeff.
    I have heard from a former ASA that Nolan was very poor at his job as a public defender. Also heard a Judge from those times feel he was poor at his job.

      1. Jeff
        As you may recall, their was two very damaging pieces sent out about us trustee and supervisor candidates in the last township election. By the way I have had a good relationship with Franklin Ramirez through the campaign and afterwards too. I personally think he’s doing a very good job as supervisor) I understood and believe that Nolan was the author along with one of the other Trustee Candidates.
        I refused to be an author or put such information out on the other side (the Township Republicans did put out a piece in attempt to answer the Dem piece) On my six campaigns I never put a negative peace out. AND since my defeat it was time for me to stop anyway! I have no regrets only that some untruths were told and put in writing by SOMEONE in our opposition and their campaign.

        I put nothing beyond Nolan. (By the way if we ever have a face-to-face meeting I have a very funny story to tell you about my meeting a down state State Representative at a Dem fundraiser in Southern Illinois about 6 years ago)

        I am very much am opposed to Dalton also.
        Not because of his political party, it’s more of how he got there. I personally feel Dalton crossed the judicial campaign line in his campaign also.

      2. Pat, But you guys shot yourself in the foot by not getting your message out and then responding to Noland’s bullshit instead, which only lent it credence.

        Next round you need to hire me as your collective campaign manager and I’ll wipe the floor with Noland.


          1. Jeff We needed a better Campaign Manager no doubt. We had 2 of our Trustee Candidates that could not afford more $. I knew Annette was in trouble day one. Franklin did a good job in his campaign.

            Again, good offer. I will keep that in mind.


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