Quick Hits – Mike Noland just knocked on my door!

Quick Hits – Mike Noland just knocked on my door!

I’m gonna say it for the 437th time! The truth really is stranger than fiction!

So, I’m sitting at the dinner table this evening when the doorbell rings, and who’s standing at my front door? None other than disgraced former Elgin State Senator and current judicial candidate Mike Noland.


In general, as they engage in the door knocking process, most walk list armed candidates avoid my front door because, well, I’m me! But not Mike Noland! Apparently, he’s a glutton for punishment.

This is a man who shouldn’t be allowed to judge a sixth-grade science fair, much less get elected to a 16th Circuit judicial seat. To review the former senator’s stellar track record, he:

  • Got thrown out of a Carpentersville polling place by the police for being disruptive
  • Sued Springfield for back pay after making a big deal out of forgoing that pay
  • Got caught plagiarizing a JFK speech on the Senator floor
  • Got stopped for speeding while driving on a no-insurance citation
  • Got caught stealing his opponent’s yard signs red-handed on video – twice
  • Continues to have a series of affairs

Shocked at the prospect of seeing his shortness on my front porch, I exclaimed, “Don’t you know whose door this is?

Failing to respond, I explained that I’m the guy who’s in the process of getting him disbarred. And once I’m done with him, Judge John Dalton is next!

Sometimes I enjoy my rather strange life way too much!

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