Quick Hits – May 2, 2018

Quick Hits – May 2, 2018

Why are the Loons still getting newsprint?

Look! It was kind of amusing when all those celebrities and NBAers came forward with their flat Earth theory, but then the fun and interest quickly passed. In the end, people choosing stupidity over reason certainly ain’t news.

In the same vein, with the project 70 percent completed or underway, I don’t understand why the Daily Herald continues to give the anti-Longmeadow Bridge folks, or Longmeadow Loons as I lovingly refer to them, a forum.

Longmeandow Loons

Other than the fact it’s the lowest of the low-hanging fruit and that reporter is one of the laziest I’ve ever encountered, that is.

And the Loons keep regurgitating the same old tired and discredited BS that’s gotten them absolutely nowhere. So, in an effort to finally drive a stake in that vampire’s heart once and for all, let’s debunk the Loons’ contentions one more time:

1. The project will hurt property values

No it won’t! In fact, property values will increase as one of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the County is finally resolved. For those properties directly abutting the project, any negative pricing should already be factored into the market because the Parkway boundaries were clearly marked on their plat of survey.

Not to mention the Stearns Corridor Bridge has had no deleterious effect on property values, whatsoever.

2. It will create more pollution

No it won’t! It will reduce pollution! As someone who grew up with asthma can attest, running through a traffic jam is one of the worst propositions on the planet. With nowhere to go, the CO and exhaust fumes keep building until it’s unbearable. But when traffic is moving, it isn’t a problem.

3. It’s bad for the environment

No it isn’t! The Longmeadow Bridge had to pass all sorts of environmental tests before the first bulldozer broke earth. Again, just like it is with the Stearns Corridor, that means it will be better for the environment than the current situation.

4. They cut down all the trees!

And KDOT is planting two trees for every one removed.

5. It’s dangerous for school children

No it isn’t! I’ve been running within two to six feet of 50 mph traffic for 35 plus years without a problem – and people aim for me! When was the last time you heard about any driver unintentionally running off the road and killing school children?

Then, head Loon and failed County Board candidate Billita Jacobsen bitterly complained about the County Board’s lack of cooperation in minimizing the project’s footprint.

Well perhaps, if like most reasonable people, you realized this 20-years-in the making project was a done deal and you cooperated with the Board instead of excoriating them and getting in their way at every possible turn, they might’ve considered some reasonable requests.

But instead, at the County Board meetings I attended, the Loons were loud, rude, obnoxious, and downright bullies. In 12 years at this game I’ve never witnessed a more belligerent citizen activist group.

So, why should anyone be the least bit surprised when the County Board completely tuned you out? We call that “being hoist by your own petard.”

Meanwhile, I’ve provided the Daily Herald with the Kane County State’s Attorney sexual harassment story, the Illinois Youth Center – St. Charles story, as well as a number of others, and this is what they run instead?

Go away Loons, your 15 minutes of fame has long since passed.


Maine West did the right thing…

…when they recently retired their Native American Chief mascot. Of course, a number of doomed-to-repeat-history-out-of-ignorance alumni lamented that “people who didn’t even go to the school” forced Maine West to let go of their too-obvious racist and redneck proclivities.

Maine West Chief

So! In the immortal words of that great philosopher Craig Ferguson, since I’m always “here to help,” may I humbly submit a quick and easy test to determine if you’re heading down that same racist road. Simply substitute the word “black” for any other race, ethnicity, creed or sexuality before any real statement comes out of your mouth.

For example, let’s replace the term “Native American” with “Black people” in this sentence:

“Our black-face mascot actually honors black people!”

I’m sure you see the problem with it now! That declaration would probably get Jesse Jackson to start picketing your house.

Moving forward, let’s replace the word “gay” with “multiracial:”

“My faith won’t allow me to bake a biracial couple a wedding cake.”

Yep! The government would be all over that kind of thing. I think you’re starting to catch on but, to be on the safe side, let’s give it another shot. We’ll replace the word “Asian” with “blacks” here:

 “You know! Black people really are good at math!”

Nope! That won’t fly, either.

Alright! One more! Let’s substitute the phrase “black people” for “Muslims:”

 “All black people are misogynistic terrorists!”

That might just get you in a boatload of trouble, too!

But now that my Caucasian compatriots are armed with The First Ward’s am I about to say something really racist test, there’s no excuse for thinking a Native American mascot honors Native Americans in any way, shape or form.

Like I said! I’m here to help!


FOIA-gate is resolved!

The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office finally responded to the FOIA request they had previously ignored. And State’s Attorney Joe McMahon signed the letter explaining the issue involved himself.

But since I’ve already rambled on long enough, we’ll save that story for Friday.

10 thoughts on “Quick Hits – May 2, 2018

  1. Jeff,

    1. Do you have a picture or map of the bridge in question. I am just not that familiar with the location.

    2. You’re right, the Loons have had to much spotlight time.

    3. As for the mascot issue….maybe a little insensitive but I do believe we need to keep the Native Indian people, language and culture preserved. But since Illinois is so generous with it’s tax dollars, let’s hire the appropriate tribe that is getting represented and keep Native Americans known to us. If you do not understand the need to preserve these peoples, I’d advise to watch the movie Wind Talkers. Those people are unique to our Nation and not some kid in a headdress that has no clue on American Indians.

    4. Let’s not get to crazy with the mascots because what will we call Notre Dame if we cannot call them the Fighting Irish? The Fighting Catholics?? Sounds nice but I am not looking to go that route.
    (#4 is on the funnier side, please do not take seriously)

    5. As for the bakers that are Christians, serve them but I am totally against the government allowing legal actions on businesses that refuse people service. Their businesses will ultimately fail due to their actions.

    6. Cannot wait to see the FOIA gate resolution…staying tuned!

    Thanks again Jeff for another wonderful article.

  2. The Florida State Seminole mascot is supported and endorsed by the tribe. Florida State and the Seminole tribe have worked hand in hand to make sure the mascot honors the tribe. This cooperation seems in contrast to most Native American mascots like Chief Wahoo.

  3. Hurrah! Hope the FOIA is fully approved and all documents disclosed. This is pure ignorance on my end, but since the involved prosecutor has already been fired for repeated sexual misconduct, what will access to this information/data provide?

  4. LOL. “So, in an effort to finally drive a stake in that vampire’s heart once and for all…” Do you REALLY think that’s possible? You’re not really naïve enough think that ANYTHING is going to shut them up? They’ve probably already planned annual outings with signs saying “The Semis are Here! Tear down the Long Meadow Bridge!” And isn’t it delicious irony to be talking about how they’ve gotten too much print — in another article that’s giving them print?

    1. The Other Jeff,

      You’re correct. To much time in this story and many other stories, that involve real issues, at play. Time to stop digging this story back up and let it go. One of these people must have a friend or relative in the news room that keeps bringing this back up.

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