Quick Hits – March 7, 2016

Quick Hits – March 7, 2016

Strange bedfellows indeed!

It’s not that I’m opposed to unions – considering how the Governor insists upon attacking middleclass families, we need them more than ever. It’s just that I don’t always get their strategy or perhaps, lack of one. Let me give you a great example.

A group called the Kane Voter Project PAC recently sent out a hit piece on Kane County Board Member Drew Frasz. The PAC was formed on February 24 with the sole purpose of taking on Frasz and, at least on paper, it consists LiUNA Local 582 business manager Corey Johnson.

liunaLiUNA represents some fine folks in the building trades.

No shock there right? Mixing Frasz and unions isn’t like combining oil and water, it’s a lot closer to mixing fertilizer and diesel fuel. You’d stand a better chance of getting Kanye West and Taylor Swift into couples counseling than you would of getting Drew and the local union heads to shake hands.

So the fact they mailed a hit piece really isn’t news. But what baffled me is, Mr. Johnson and his labor compatriots clearly didn’t consider that the County Board alternative could be so much worse.

Because Frasz’s opponent, Jim MacRunnels, is as virulently anti-labor as it gets:

  • He’s made it clear that, provided with an opportunity, he’d do his damndest to bust AFSCME, the county workers’ union.
  • He’s against county raises for any reason.
  • He sued former Chairman Karen McConnaughay over raises.
  • He battles labor Attorney Tim O’Neill on social media.
  • He supported the dismantling of the KC Health Department that cost dozens of union employees their jobs and affected many more union families.
  • When the local unions tried to get the KC video gaming ban repealed in 2010, MacRunnels gave a rousing anti-union speech at that County Board meeting.

So if the unions think they have a problem with Frasz, I can’t wait to see the looks on their collective bargaining faces if MacRunnels somehow manages to get elected.

But I am baffled no longer because I ran into Corey Johnson at the Kane County Democrat’s Truman Dinner. He explained the mailer was simply a matter of taking on an anti-union county board vice-chairman and nothing more. He really didn’t know Jim MacRunnels from Adam.

So I enlightened him in that regards and we a great conversation on the future of unions in Illinois.

The bottom line is, while that mailer was well within LiUNA’s First Amendment rights, it also pays to remember that the enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend.


WSPY isn’t!

A news organization, that is! Because real news outlets, and their CEO’s, don’t make contributions to candidates as they loose the dogs of political war on her opponents. Please take the time to take a look at this campaign finance snippet from the State Board of Elections:

Purcell Money

The fact those Purcell contributions came from Doug and Phil Nelson is immaterial. That’s just WSPY’s Larry trying to hang onto the last of dignity he really never had. That’s Larry thinking the rest of us aren’t very smart.

But you have to admit that it’s a great plan! Support a candidate financially through family members – one of whom actually works for you – and then tear down her opponents at every “news service turn.”

And folks have the nerve to say that Kendall County politicians are corrupt!


And we know who’s behind both campaigns too!

John Reeves! The Oswego political operative and sometime campaign manager we’ve been lately discussing.

John Reeves

Reeves once supported Drew Frasz, and Drew has served his Kane County constituents well, but that doesn’t matter to John. Not only did he convince MacRunnels to run, but Reeve’s is running his campaign despite the fact that MacRunnels would be a board disaster.

And if I had any misgivings about Reeves’ complicity in the recently released audiotapes that put Kendall County Coroner Ken Toftoy and County Board member Matt Prochaska in a bad light, those doubts were dispelled by Steve Youhanaie’s sudden entry into the conversation.

You see, Youhanaie, a lower form of political life, doesn’t go to the bathroom without Reeves’ express written consent.

Again, all this political chicanery goes back to Reeves’ wife’s failed 2014 State Rep run for which he blames his former friends’ lack of support. Unlike him, they couldn’t just shift loyalties after Reeves sought and got their support for Keith Wheeler in 2012.

But that’s always been Reeves’ biggest problem. No one can live up to his impossibly high standards, which means he’s always disappointed, which means he constantly switches sides. That flip-flopping has led to a kind of political isolation that’s forcing him to turn to ever nuttier candidates.

All the proof you really need is his support of Jacquie Purcell and Jim MacRunnels!

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