Quick Hits – March 4, 2016

Quick Hits – March 4, 2016

Alas poor Ken, we knew him!

There I was, watching my favorite court TV show and there it was – perhaps the most devastating political attack ad I’ve ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong! I neither support Speaker Madigan nor will I defend State Rep Ken Dunkin. Much like Patti and Rod Blagojevich, those two truly deserve each other. But the fact that I could take ‘em or leave ‘em doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the kind of rare political artistry that gives you goose bumps.

There’s no ominously deep voiced narrator, no stilted black and white depiction of the State Rep, and no slanted banners with dire messages slashed across the screen.

It’s simply a series of mostly black women and girls standing in front a plain white background as they, one by one, announce Mr. Dunkin’s shortcomings in a very succinct and sometimes emotional fashion. And it’s incredibly effective!

So without further ado, here it is:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVn5ABLjsG4&w=420&h=315]

All I can say is “All the Governor’s horses and all the Governor’s men (and money too), couldn’t put Humpty Dunkin back together again.


The videogame never opens with the Boss monster

It’s too bad Governor Rauner doesn’t play Metal Gear Solid V because then he’d know that you work your way up to the baddest bad guy by winning a lot of smaller battles first.

Metal_Gear_Solid_V_The_Phantom_Pain_coverInstead, the Guv’s finding out the hard way that Speaker Madigan eats folks like him for lunch and then spits them out for dinner. And that anti-Dunkin ad is clear proof of his political prowess. It’s also the best evidence of the Governor’s unyielding arrogance.

You can’t take on someone like Michael Madigan right out of the gate and expect to come out the winner. He’s been there too long, he has too much power, he’s too smart, and he’s ruthless. So what makes the Governor think a rookie politician can pull it off?

Had Rauner been a little more willing to compromise and, instead of creating an immediate crisis, used this time to quietly and incrementally win Democratic allies, it would’ve been far more effective than this budgetary standoff in which the high pitched timbre of the battle forces folks to take sides.

Of course, anything would be more effective than what we’re seeing now. Who knew there could be life lessons in videogames?


And they get no coverage!

Speaking of Springfield stalemates, the fact that two State Reps risked their political careers to issue a call for compromise seems to have inexplicably fallen flat.

In fact, the only outlets that covered Democratic 43rd District State Rep Anna Moeller’s and Republican 65th District State Rep Steve Andersson’s call for dialogue is the Kane County Chronicle, which nobody reads, and Left, Right and You which everyone listens to.

Ìèêðîôîíû íà ôîíå ïóñòîãî çàëà. Microphone is the "on" position.

And I just don’t get it!

Yes! It’s always easier to cover the kind of negative crap that just falls in your lap, but perhaps if the press picked up on this fascinating possibility, it might actually gain some traction among their peers.

But no! The media would rather focus on the latest budget casualty, verbal offensive, and self-aggrandizing political strategy.

And if Kimye came to Illinois they’d be all over it!

C’mon guys! This is the time for the press to prove they can still make a difference. Hold Anna and Steve up as the start of something positive and perhaps it will be.

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  1. Neither the Governor nor the State Legislature have put forth a balanced budget. Why? Because to do so would be an endorsement of substantially higher taxes and/or draconian cuts in popular programs. Someone needs to be the grownup. Hopefully, Anna Moeller & Steve Andersson can start a grass-roots effort which lays out a real budget.

    The principal budget issue is, of course, the pension crisis. One way to mitigate the problem is to offer pension buyouts. There are lots of state employees who would voluntarily take 50 cents on the dollar today rather than take their chances on an uncertain future. Another way to mitigate the problem is to add more state workers to pay into the system. This would entail bringing substantial state work “in house” rather than using contractors. These new hires would be offered more modest pension benefits from day one. Another way to mitigate the problem would be to merge pension funds together, so that healthy funds prop up the sick ones. Of course, there are winners and losers in each proposal. But relying on the Court system to run a State budget (aka the status quo) is much worse.

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