Quick Hits – March 25, 2019

Quick Hits – March 25, 2019

Another anonymous note!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have referenced that previous nameless missive informing me of just how scurrilous Geneva aldermanic candidate Tom Simonian really is. First, I already knew that, and second, every last accusation turned out to be false.

It’s kinda aggravating that someone actually thought I’d simply take it at face value. The First Ward ain’t one of the local newspapers, we actually perform our due diligence.

But I digress!

Discussing that first note only seems to have encouraged another semi-anonymous reader to personally place a three-page diatribe against all levels of government in my snail-mailbox. So much for being difficult to find.

Given the Xeroxed nature of the mostly cursive manifesto, at first I thought everyone in the neighborhood received one. But after a swift investigation it became clear that yours truly was the singularly lucky recipient.

Though I firmly believe the individual involved is harmless, the difficult-to-follow rant asserted that the federal government was applying new mind-reading and mind-control technologies on a global scale. The author also provided a letter to her family that stipulates:

If anything should happen to me – I have been a victim of a covert character assassination that involves a torture ring of Freemasons and higher ups that run the towns of St. Charles and Geneva IL.

Though that theory might explain Trump supporters, and the current Geneva administration does like to torture us with regular tax and fee hikes, I’m not so sure my hometown has the capacity to launch the requisite satellite our conspiracy theorist referenced.

As my favorite TV judge likes to say, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you,” but all kidding aside, this is clearly the work of an individual who could use a little help. And though I don’t know where they’re located, she mentioned a couple of family members who I would encourage to intervene.

To wit, we have got to start taking mental illness more seriously, and by that I mean funding the kind of social safety net that not only keeps these folks from falling through the cracks, but gets in front of them on the rare occasion they might turn violent.

This is a case where an ounce of fiscal prevention is far better than the current incarceration pound of cure.


Another anonymous note – part 2!

It would seem that I’m not nearly the only who’s had to contend with an anonymous letter these days. Six separate sources informed me of a flyer making the rounds in Elgin that’s even more fascinating than my own nameless note.

I’m not sure exactly who received it, but the letter basically states that my esteemed Elginites should vote for mayoral candidate Carol Rauschenberger because she’s a devout Muslim who “understands the true nature of the Prophet.”

Fascinating! Who knew “Rauschenberger” was an Arabic name? I thought it was German!

Carol Rauschenberg

Not only does the author contend Carol is a card-carrying member of the 1.8 billion faithful, but her brother and former State Senator Steve also belongs to the very same flock. Though I’d have to say that all that smoking and beer drinking would make him a very bad Muslim.

Steve always was a rebel! I wonder where he hides his prayer rug?

C’mon! This is clearly a classic case of the campaign redirection strategy applied by the opposition who attempt to define a candidate through what is ostensibly a positive “attack.” They want people to believe Rauschenberger really is a Muslim in the hope they’ll freak out and vote for incumbent Dave Kaptain.

The problem is, no one in their right mind is going to believe anyone in the longstanding Elgin Rauschenberger family has converted to Islam – not that there’s anything wrong with that. That said, you certainly have to give the writer credit for creativity.

To clear, we know the Kaptain campaign had nothing to do with this because they’re not nearly that stupid and they understand that anonymous charges almost always backfire in local elections. This one will, too! I’m not saying it’s enough to get Carol elected, but it certainly will help her cause.

That said, I’ve long suspected Mayor Kaptain, much like myself, is a passionate Pastafarian, so you might want to consider that possibility.

The odd thing about all this is, it’s the least contentious Elgin mayoral race I’ve ever covered, and as I’ve previously stipulated, Carol and Dave are essentially the same person. There’s very little separating the two candidates, so this is the last thing I expected in what’s been a very civil campaign.

Never a dull moment, right Elgin!


The GEA steps in it – again!

Before we get to the main point, I have to say I’m always amused by the column stipulations that set people off. A couple of union friends were about to chide me for covering the Geneva Education Association’s (the teachers’ union) difficulties with campaign finance reporting until they learned the GEA printed their recent mailers at a non-union shop!

Then they went beyond ballistic! Why, I haven’t had to endure those kinds of detailed four-letter word tirades since that last Mel Gibson voicemail went public.

Former Batavia High School teacher and current School Board member, John Dryden, put it best – and a little more sanguinely – when he wrote, “A union that does not always support every other union is not worth the effort. They don’t get it.”

No, they don’t. And last Friday, they made it worse.


In another what-the-bleep-were-you-thinking moment, an eyewitness told me the GEA had all sorts of doorknob hangers and walk lists delivered to the Geneva High School main office. And let’s just say some of those staffers were not at all amused!

Apparently, D304 teachers will be canvassing various neighborhoods during this week’s spring break on behalf of the union-backed slate.

If you recall, a St. Charles School Board member was just found guilty of violating their ethics policy simply by soliciting petition signatures after a board meeting. The basic premise being that school board candidates cannot conduct campaign business on district grounds.

To be fair, this GEA faux pas is another minor violation, but much like it is with the Geneva Police, when you add up the totality of their errant ways, it belies the kind of arrogance that demonstrates they believe they’re above the rules. So why should their students follow their classroom edicts?

Meanwhile, a Facebook reader admonished me for covering “More First World Geneva woes!” While that was kind of funny, it indicates that we’ve generally forgotten who’s responsible for the preponderance of our taxes. Conservatives loved to rail about President Obama and progressives love to attack President Trump, but the truth is, our school boards account for the bulk of our tax burden.

And this D304 election will likely determine our property tax direction for the next decade. If you want to pay more, vote for the union slate. If you want a school board that truly considers the taxpayer, vote for Mike McCormick, Jessica Brueglemans, and Al Gaston.

Meanwhile, let’s all get down on our knees and fervently pray that the GEA finally manages to “get it!” Yikes!

7 thoughts on “Quick Hits – March 25, 2019

  1. Down on our knees on our prayer rug?

    And maybe Rauschenberger sent the mailing out. Sorta like throwing a brick through your campaign headquarters window

    And you complained about spelling Bruegelman’s name but handle Rauschenberger?

    1. Jim,

      It did reek of the late Chicago Alderman Roman Pucinski bombing his own office to get more votes, but I know Carol really well and she’d never do something like this.

      As far as spelling names goes, I took three or four years of German in high school and their spelling is incredibly consistent. So Rauschenberger is actually pretty easy.

      Meanwhile, Ms. Brueglemans’ name is Dutch and I’m not nearly as good at that!

  2. If Dave Kaptain is a Pastafarian, and if he wins re-election, then I hope he is brave enough to proudly renew his oath of office with a colander on his head.

  3. Your GEA is at it again. Two days after they received the complaint, they formed a committee – Geneva Educators for 4 Kids. Doesn’t
    that sound sweet. Still using kids as their hostages. At least they didn’t call it It For The Kids!
    They formed the committee because, in their own memo to members, had reached the spending threshold of $5,000. Next Tuesday at noon in the Thompson Center, they will need to explain how in two days time they could have jumped from $1,750 to over $5,000. Or they could just not show up.
    Just to rub salt into the wound, there is a mistake on their D-4 that I’m sure they aren’t even aware. Guess they will find out Tuesday!
    Stay tuned for the next installment of “As the GEA turns.”

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