Quick Hits – March 18, 2016

Quick Hits – March 18, 2016

It ain’t that bad out there!

I have to say my lovely wife and I had a wonderful time at last night’s Elgin Image Awards. Left, Right and You may not have won anything, but the City of Elgin certainly did.

Please allow me to explain!

image awardsWhile the local papers love to pick the low hanging fruit and follow an “if it bleeds it leads” philosophy, that isn’t nearly the whole story. There are a plethora of unsung folks who, day by day, do their damndest to make Elgin – and thus the world – a better place for all of us.

What really struck me though, was how young some of the award winners were. There were 18 and 19 year-old kids who had the wherewithal to volunteer at local social service agencies or perform benefit concerts that fill the Food For Greater Elgin pantry’s shelves.

Meanwhile, Larry and I immensely enjoy living the life of the slacker. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta drink the scotch!

Though we too can certainly fall prey to the too prevalent looming doom mindset, I gotta say that the Image Awards ceremony was a refreshing antidote. So let’s try not to forget there’s a lot of good people in this world.

Congratulations to all the winners!


That one came true rather quickly

No sooner had I written those fateful words, “The anti-Longmeadow Bridge Loons are about to get loonier,” than they did! My hypothesis, of course, was that their meaningless Dundee Township referendum victory would spur them into new paroxysms of unbridled, self-importance, and it did!

Curb longmeadowTwo wit, one of the loons told the press the no-vote was “a turning point” adding, “This should send a loud message to Kane County that people are opposed to this project. It’s a waste of their tax dollars. Why are they pushing this? Who’s to blame for wasting millions on a project that the public opposes that serves no purpose… It’s painfully obvious especially given Illinois is in financial distress. The people have spoken.”

So let’s review these declarations one by one:

  1. It isn’t a turning point because the bridge will be built.
  1. The message wasn’t loud at all. Of the approximately 250,000 Kane County registered voters, 8,600 or 3.4 percent said “no.” That can hardly be called a mandate.
  1. Again, the “public” does not “oppose” this project and relieving that relentless traffic congestion actually does serve a purpose.
  1. The Longmeadow Bridge is primarily funded through the federal government so there will be no Illinois financial bonanza if it was suddenly cancelled.
  1. Once again, 8,600 voters can hardly be considered to be  “the people.”

But sadly the truth never stops loons. The bridge will be built.


Rauner loses again!

It’s utterly fascinating to simply sit back and watch Governor Rauner’s political immaturity consistently blow up in his face. Even I didn’t think the man was this oblivious. We all know the 5th District State Rep race was nothing more than a Madigan-Rauner winter-take-all proxy battle in which Rauner lost bigtime.

Dunkin, MadiganC’mon! Did anyone really think impending 5th District State Rep Julianna Stratton wouldn’t demolish llinois GOP token black Ken Dunkin and summarily feast on his bones? Sixty-eight percent of the vote? Only Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen gets those kinda numbers.

But what really shocks me is the man who made millions of dollars through sage investments somehow put all of his political eggs in one basket. Wouldn’t the Governor have been far better off building a slow consensus with the Democratic Assemblymen in safer seats?

But no! Just like your garden variety conservative who craves instant gratification, Rauner firmly believed he could hedge his veto override bets on one black guy until he couldn’t. And with the Republicans lookin’ like they’re not going to gain a single Springfield seat in November, unless he changes his tactics soon, come January, Michael Madigan will have his way with him.

First Donald Trump and now this? When did the Republican Party start sucking this badly?

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  1. Just wanted to clarify quickly, the Longmeadow referendum was only on the ballot for Dundee Township residents. There are 31,265 according to the current voter lists of which 12,647 voted. 8,600 said no.

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