Quick Hits – March 16, 2016

Quick Hits – March 16, 2016

Boys and Girls, I was up pretty late last night so let’s do a really quick Quick Hits. Here a summary of last night’s festivities:


US Senate                  

Tammy Duckworth and Mark Kirk steamrolled their opposition which came as no surprise. What was a surprise, however, is how quickly Kirk went after Duckworth. That bad move means Tammy takes this one in November.

6th Congressional      

Though Jay Kinzler ran a great campaign, Peter Roskam’s victory was never really in doubt.

8th Congressional      

Raja Krishnamoorthi utterly destroyed Elgin State Sen Mike Noland who couldn’t raise enough money because he’d burned so many bridges. And the Senator certainly won’t be missed.

22nd State Senate

In the end, the Tribune’s piece on Steve Caramelli’s State Trooper suspensions made absolutely no difference. Cristina Castro came out of the early voting gate with 66 percent of the vote, and she never looked back. She will be a great state senator.

66th State Rep

It looks like Allen Skillicorn pulled this one off and now I owe Keith Wheeler Legislative Assistant Ben Marcum dinner. I’ll say it again! Ms. Schofield should never have taken the name of Left, Right and You in vain! Don’t disappoint me Allen. Please be part of the solution and not the problem!

Kane County Chairman

Holy crap! Chris Lauzen won this one with 74 percent of the vote! 74 percent! A trained monkey could pull 30 percent, but apparently that was too much for Ken Shepro.

Kane County Auditor

Craig Lee never stood a chance against a campaigner like Terry Hunt who finished with about 60 percent of the vote.

Kane County Coroner

As predicted, Rob Russell, who plays the persecuted victim so well, managed to squeak by Bob Tiballi. From a Left, Right and You perspective, I can’t wait to see what Rob does next!

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Tao Martinez bested John Shoemaker on his Aurora home turf which means it would be foolish to count Tao out of the General Election.

County Board 4

I blew this prediction bigtime. And I still can’t figure out how Brian Pollock managed to lose to Angela Thomas who will be a real piece of work on the County Board.

County Board 8

Barbara Hernandez beat Maggy Ferguson to, at 23, become the youngest Kane County Board Member ever. It will be interesting to see how she navigates that 24 politician body.

County Board 10

Susan Starrett defeated challenger Doug Sullivan which, when you consider Sullivan’s vast ego, surprises no one.

County Board 18

Drew Frasz destroyed Jim MacRunnels, despite those three end-of-the-race union attack pieces. Though I can’t help but wonder if those silly mailers actually helped Drew in the very Republican Blackberry Township.

County Board 20

Yikes again! Penny Wegman has lost more races than a 24 year-old quarter horse, her mother Sandy was at the epicenter of the Anna Moeller petition challenge, and Tom Armstrong was a much better candidate. This one baffles me and Wegman is going to be a real County Board wildcard.

County Board 22

I wuz wrong again. Elgin! How on God’s green earth could you vote for a guy who assaulted his elderly parents and got banned from the library while he served on the Library Board? Thankfully, Republican Doug Scheflow should make short work of Randy Hopp.

County Board 24

Longmeadow Loon Roben Hall actually beat fellow Republican Longmeadow Loon Billita Jacobsen by a wide margin.

But sadly, Joe Haimann lost to Democratic Longmeadow Loon Jarett Sanchez. I didn’t see that one coming at all.

Kendall County Coroner

In what might be called a Pyrrhic victory, Jacquie Purcell beat Carl Gutierrez. But considering her tape recording tactics, we’ll see how long she lasts.


And finally, Michael Madigan won and Ken Dunkin lost, which means Bruce Rauner lost. Springfield is about to get even more interesting.




Quick Hits

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  1. Since I am in the ABR (Anybody But Russell) camp, I’ll be voting Democratic for Coroner in the fall. Glad it’s Martinez, I think he’s actually got some legitimate credentials for the job. Shoemaker’s were a little sketchy.

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