Quick Hits – March 11, 2019

Quick Hits – March 11, 2019

The conservative movement is officially morally bankrupt

Had Barack Obama bear hugged the American flag and subsequently solicited applause for the death of a Republican war hero, conservatives would’ve lost their fricken’ minds. There would’ve been a special Fox News hell to pay, too!

Remember the infamous “mom jeans” scandal of 2014?

Image result for trump hugging flag

But no! Failing to heed Edmund Burke’s exhortation for 394th time, conservatives’ silent complicity speaks volumes. And I’m not talking about those nebulous somewhere-out-there Republicans, either. I’m talking about the Kane County variety with whom I interact on a regular basis.

If there is a Christian God, something conservatives love to use as a club, She’s not gonna be too happy about that kind of moral turpitude when you’re finally face-to-face with her. And please remember! I’m not the one that set that lofty standard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy applying it!


Conservatives can’t do math either

While liberals regularly apply critical thinking, they somehow manage to consistently come up with the wrong answer. But at least there’s hope they’ll improve. I wish I could say the same for my conservative cohorts, but the truth it, they couldn’t infer their way out of an open, wet paper bag.

And the perfect example of this Tea Bagger lemming herd mentality is all the shrieking, howling and rending of garments at the mere mention of Illinois Governor J. B. Pritizker’s new graduated income tax. All that matters to the perpetually perturbed people is that it came out of J. B.’s mouth. Then, in their best Quincy Adams Wagtaff fashion, whatever is it they’re against it.

Pritzker tax plan

From the Illinois Policy Institute’s over-the-top reaction, you’d think all their tobacco-based funding just dried up.

First, to quote a famous conservative politician or perhaps Tina Fey, let’s take a look at the tax rates of those states we can see from our front porch!

We’ll start with that failed Republican experiment known as the State of Wisconsin:

4.00 percent – up to $15K

5.84 percent – up to $30K

6.27 percent – up to $329K

7.65 percent – above $329K

Unless you’re below the poverty line, Missouri’s income tax rate is 6 percent. Iowa gets really complicated with nine separate brackets, but most folks will fall into the top four:

6.50 percent – $24K plus

6.89 percent – $32K plus

7.90 percent – $48K plus

8.98 percent – $72K plus

Kentucky has a 5 percent flat income tax which means no deductions. Minnesota has a really complicated tax system based on family status, but most Minnesotans pay 7.05 percent, with the wealthiest citizens checking in at 9.85 percent.

Most of our previously mentioned states have higher corporate tax rates, too.

Meanwhile, under Pritzker’s plan, 97 percent of Illinois residents would be at a 4.9 or 4.95 percent rate with the wealthiest being taxed at 7.75, 7.85, and 7.95 percent.

I know math hurts your heads Republicans, but that means, with the exception of Indiana – and who wants to live in Indiana – Illinois will have the lowest middleclass tax bracket in the Midwest. In fact, J. B.’s plan will amount to a tax cut for that same 97 percent of lucky Illinoisans.

And it brings the top rates into line with most of our neighbors, too.

Even the Sun-Times editorial board wrote that it “puts the middleclass first,” but conservatives, who aren’t happy unless they’re bitching about some sort of liberal plot, somehow believe this will put the final fiscal nail in Illinois’ rapidly closing coffin.

No, my friends! It was Bruce Rauner who almost managed to pull that off!


Does it get any worse than the Batavia Post Office?

I’d rather spend another night in jail that have to darken that facility’s doorway again.

There I was, on the way to the Batavia, Illinois, Target with just two small pieces of mail and I errantly thought, “How bad can it possibly be at 10:45 on a Monday morning?” But it was bad enough that I walked out and drove to La Fox.

Back in those portable insulated laptop desk days, incurring that 40 grand in annual postage fees made me somewhat of a domestic and international shipping expert. So, I know what Media Mail is, but the Batavia Post Office does not.

Vinyl record albums are, indeed, media mailable and don’t try to tell me otherwise!

Image result for batavia post office

The glee with which the generally surly staff likes to try play the gotcha game is not the least bit endearing. Nor is watching two of the three window clerks simultaneously go on break when the line is already out the door.

And don’t bother trying to talk to a supervisor because they care even less than the clerks.

You’d think, with the Post Office on the verge of extinction, they’d make an extra effort to make your visit a pleasant one, but their vast entitlement mentalities seem to prohibit that kind of thing. Though workplace shootings have sadly become commonplace, the original term for them was “going postal” and it’s not too terribly difficult to understand why.

As for me, I’m sticking with the La Fox Post Office where I’ve never had a problem. If you similarly decide to go west, I promise that Zelfa will take care of you!

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – March 11, 2019

  1. You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with “a Christian God” when I happen to read your posts. Someone fearful of judgment day?? Also, maybe you need new friends or something, but I don’t hear very many conservatives appealing to God when it comes to policy. I can see that being _a_ reason in some circumstances (e.g. abortion), but it’s never the exclusive reason. But it’s easier to beat down a strawman than engage in charitable debate, eh?

    Oh, and congratulations on being as clever as the 1990’s Dishwalla in your provocation! I can tell you are quite the special author.

    Personally, I don’t care that much about JB’s tax plan. I’m guessing my taxes will go up a little. Wouldn’t mind giving a tax break to lower income residents somehow. However, it’s not a good idea to compare us to our neighbors to justify the changed tax plan. They’re all gaining residents, and Illinois is losing them at an increasing pace. If we remove one of the few competitive advantages we currently have, that will accelerate our losses. (It’s okay, we’ll make up for it in volume, right?!)

    I’m pretty sure this policy will just move some of those high income earners out the door faster. The state won’t be any better off in the end (though I can promise they’ll budget their spending like every last one will stay and rack up some more deficits). The laws of economics still apply, whether you’re liberal or conservative. I’m friends with many people who work in the finance industry. Most of First Trust Portfolio’s executives, multi-millionaires who used to pay IL income tax, recently moved to Texas because of these very issues. But by all means, keep pushing that lever and see what happens. But now that liberals are in total control, don’t start blaming conservatives when this makes our state start looking more like Detroit.

  2. I don’t mind JB tax plan. Nice if cuts were made. We live in a society and things need to be done for the public good and need to be paid for. Cost of s civilized society
    However I think false argument to compare tax plan to neighboring state. If do that compare property taxes.
    We should fund schools from income tax. Think about it. Middle age and young workers probably would pay more in income tax as they would be higher earners but they would also be the ones with kids in schools. Seniors who are no longer working would pay little and would not be killed by property tax

  3. Illinois will never dig out from the debt the state has piled up no matter how much taxes are raised. The politicians will always find a way to spend the money and it’s rarely on reducing debt.

  4. Raising the income tax will require a constitutional amendment. Seems like no problem to get that on the ballot. Modifying the pensions also requires a constitutional amendment. That has been taken off the table as impossible. Which amendment do you think the voters would approve?

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