Quick Hits – March 11, 2016

Quick Hits – March 11, 2016

Back to Kendall County today folks because it’s just so bleepin’ fascinating.


He’s gotta be a few bottles short of a twelve-pack!

WSPY’s Larry “the mouse that roared” Nelson, that is! And it’s probably Schlitz too.

Larry Nelson

So here’s my question! Why on God’s green earth would anyone run a piece that clearly demonstrates their preferred candidate was going to be fired for cause the week before the election?

Call me crazy, but I can’t see it helping his or her cause!

In yet another potentially illegal recording release on the part of Coroner office manager and candidate Jacquie Purcell, outgoing Kendall County Coroner, Ken Toftoy, discussed her impending termination with State’s Attorney Eric Weiss.

Toftoy said Weiss told him to wait until after the primary.

Larry! How does this revelation help Jacquie? Are you trying to say it’s some sort of retaliation? C’mon man! She’s been with the Coroner’s office for 16 years which would make Kenny even worse at political revenge than you.

And when I say “worse” that includes WSPY telling voters that your candidate was about to be fired for, in the Coroner’s words, not doing her job.

How did that other beer commercial go? “Brilliant!”


FOIA response, FOIA Response, wherefore art thou FOIA response?

And speaking of Ms. Purcell, as promised, I submitted a brief Freedom of Information request (FOIA) to the Kendall Coroner’s office asking two of the simplest questions you could possibly ask a public entity:

  1. Please provide all of WSPY’s FOIA’s to your office since September 1, 2015.
  1. Please provide Jackquie Purcell’s absences for the last four years listed by category.

PurcellIt doesn’t get much easier than that. All public entities scan FOIA’s and enter them in a computer database that notes each requester. So it’s a simple matter of doing a 10 second search and spitting out the results.

As far as the absences go, they’re recorded by the Kendall County Human Resources Department who can also print them out with a couple of keystrokes. And both requests are legally cut and dried – you absolutely have to answer them – no legal consultation necessary.

But, as I most certainly expected, Ms. Purcell’s response was she didn’t have the horses and it would require special consultation, so she couldn’t possibly respond until two days after the election.

Requesting a 5 day FOIA extension is certainly legal, but we all know if those records supported her cause, I would’ve had ‘em last month. Conversely, the fact that I’m not going to get them until March 17 is the only answer I need.


It’s too late to backtrack now!

So now Larry “two bottles short of twelve-pack” Nelson is suddenly backtracking on all his recording Kenny Toftoy crap. Why, WSPY is starting to insert phrases like “in the Coroner’s public lobby” and “during normal business hours” in an attempt to mitigate the possibility those tapes were illegally recorded.

And we all know how WSPY “obtained” those recordings, don’t we?

warningLarry! The fact the Coroner’s lobby is a “public” place and the conversations were captured during “normal” business hours has absolutely no bearing on the legality of those tapes. Illinois law is very clear. If you don’t warn people they’re being recorded, it’s a felony.

Most public offices contain signs like, “Smile, you’re on camera,” or “You are being recorded for your own safety.” Even red light cameras have to clearly display their intent. If there was no such sign in the Coroner’s lobby, or the sign referred to video recording only, Ms. Purcell is in some deep bleep!

And just because Eric Weiss hasn’t asked for a special prosecutor doesn’t mean squat. This one’s in the hands of the State Police who generally don’t report to county state’s attorneys.


Mr. Reeves is getting nervous

Apparently, my entry into the Kendall County conversation made our fickle Oswego political operative a wee bit jumpy. In an effort to shore up the already shaky support for Jacquie Purcell, John Reevers called on 97th State Rep Mark Batinick to weigh in on the proceedings.

John Reeves

With no disrespect to the Assemblyman intended, considering the depths to which this one’s already plummeted, only Barack Obama could make a difference now. And it would be pure folly for Mr. Batinick to dive in because there’s absolutely no upside to it.

Remember that old adage about pigs and mud?

I’d also like to add that, to get further involved with Mr. Reeves would be a huge mistake because just as Keith Wheeler, Drew Frasz, Chris Lauzen, Jack Cunningham, Ken Toftoy, Eric Weiss, John Anthony, and numerous other folks found out the hard way, Reeves will turn on you at the first convenient opportunity.

The good news is, after he loses this and his other race, Reeves will be nothing more than a distant political memory. Goodbye John!


Quick Hits

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