Quick Hits – July 31, 2019

Quick Hits – July 31, 2019

Please calm down, all of you!

Apparently, y’all just can’t settle down long enough for me get to other things, can you? If it’s not Aurora trying to subvert a religious ministry, then it’s Geneva teachers behaving badly, or it’s my pending lawsuit against the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, and to top it off, the City of Elgin is driving me nuts.

So, it looks like there will be a Quick Hits today, but even if one of you bleeps manages to detonate a thermonuclear device, I’m taking Monday off!


Thank you, Mark, Larry and WRMN!

I gotta tell ya! I had a blast this a.m. on the WRMN morning show with my former Ward & Jones co-host Larry Jones and crack producer Mark Bialek, The point was to push my new book, ‘So You Want to Win a Local Election?’

My heartfelt thanks go out to that dynamic duo for inviting me into the studio and bringing back some rather fond memories. As soon as Mr. Bialek provides me with a recording, I will put that interview on all sorts of social media and websites for your listening enjoyment.


It’s like an endless Stuart Smalley skit

There are times I hate it when I’m right. Not many, but on rare occasion, it does happen.

To wit, my prediction that the City’s abject inability – or unwillingness – to bring the Elgin Police Lieutenant Chris Jensen saga to some sort of reasonable conclusion would lead to further bad behavior came true last night in the in the form a rather ridiculous protest.

But before we continue, please let me clearly state for the record that this country was founded on protest and every last American has the right to make their voice heard in this eminently dissenting manner. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

The Catch-22, however, is, do you want to get what you want, or do you just want to feel good about yourself for 15 minutes?

Last night’s festivities kicked off with 50 protesters blocking traffic as they moved towards the Elgin Police station. Yes! That’s exactly how you win friends and influence people. All that BS does is drive some suddenly fearful people deeply into the other side’s camp.

Elgin Protest

And please let me remind Marcus Banner, the “protest” organizer, that if all you can manage to muster is a scant 50 activists – or .04 percent of Elgin’s population, neither you nor they are the “voice of the people.”

Once inside the station, the group proceeded to disrupt a Lt. Chris Jensen disposition question and answer session moderated by Chief Ana Lalley and various EPD commanders. Yes! We all know the best way to accomplish a civic goal always involves shouting people down with bullhorns. People love that!

Given the vast and inexplicable current City Hall leadership vacuum, you really have to give Lalley and the Commanders credit for simply letting the beyond obnoxious protesters have their say and then continuing with the meeting.

What I want to know is, who for the love of God is advising the City of Elgin? Mother of Pearl Jam! And I had the nerve to think the departed diversity consultant was bad. I could do better on my worst day and all I’d charge is a Li’l Nas X CD and a 12-pack of Bass Ale.

And be still my beating heart! There were all of 30 attendees at the Q&A session, which comes to an even more minuscule .026 percent of the population. Three separate entities have already cleared Jensen of any criminal act, so why the bleep are we wasting the Chief’s valuable time by holding endless psychotherapy sessions that aren’t going to change anyone’s minds?

I’LL SAY IT AGAIN! The longer the Jensen decision is deferred, the worse these protests are going to get.

So where are:

  • Mayor David Kaptain
  • City Manager Rick Kozal ($230,000)
  • Assistant City Manager Laura Valdez ($120,000)
  • Communications Director Molly Center ($80,000)

in all this? All I’m hearing are crickets.

With the exception of the Mayor, those generous salaries would indicate these city officials should be able to effectively frame a message and contend with a truly difficult situation, but they collectively throw the Chief under the bus, instead.

And if they can’t deal with it, or they simply choose not to, then they need to move on or be replaced. In 13 years of covering northern Illinois government, this is the worst example of municipal ineptitude I’ve ever seen.

Please tell me how turning this sad situation into an endless SNL Stuart Smalley bit is going to help this situation?

So, since I seem to be the voice of reason in all of this, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to come out of retirement long enough to recruit four reasonable Elgin city council candidates, and I’ll run your 2021 campaigns at no charge. I have a pretty good track record, too. And when there’s a reasonable majority on the city council, the people who’ve completely failed the City of Elgin, a city I love, will be handed their walking papers.

Oh! And Marcus! That’s how you create change, but it’s a lot of hard work. Stopping traffic and disrupting a meeting? That’s literally the least you could do.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – July 31, 2019

  1. “So where are:

    Mayor David Kaptain (In the fetal position with lights off in the basement)

    City Manager Rick Kozal ($230,000) (Waiting for the city council to tell him what to do)

    Assistant City Manager Laura Valdez ($120,000) (See Kozal)

    Communications Director Molly Center ($80,000) (See Kozal, again)”

    Let’s see what happens on National Night Out next Tuesday when each council member is shuttled to four block parties throughout Elgin. Councilman Gavin who could finally get the fistfight he seems to be begging for with Clement’s supporters. Better keep him west of Randall Rd. that night. LOL.

  2. Saw your Facebook exchange with Jim Oberweis’ congressional campaign on his campaign’s Facebook page. Even took screenshots to have the record if/when his campaign blocks viewing of the exchange.

    Maybe you should send Senator Oberweis an autographed copy of your new book, with a note that some of your teachings applies to congressional campaigns too.

    Hoping to see it on the Best Sellers’ list soon.

    1. Former,

      He really does need a copy – as does Craig Elsbree – because one of the first things they need to learn is not to engage a bleep of a journalist online.

      I have also advise Jim over the years, but his decision to run for Congress in what will likely be the year of the Democratic woman is beyond bizarre. He will go down in flames.

      Bestseller? I doubt it, but I do believe it will sell consistently.


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