Quick Hits – July 26, 2019

Quick Hits – July 26, 2019

Since I’m actually taking today off to go kayaking on lovely Shabbona Lake, this will likely turn out to be an abbreviated Friday Quick Hits.


As the KCSAO FOIA denial court case turns

Just when you thought my pursuit of 255 pages of sexual harassment complaints against just one former Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutor could get any more bizarre, it does!

Having grown tired of me defeating them at every legal turn, the KCSAO farmed out the FOIA denial lawsuit defense to attorney Patrick Kinnally of Kinnally Flaherty Krentz, Loran Hodge & Masur. Apparently, there isn’t a single attorney in the entire State’s Attorney’s Office who can out-litigate me!

We won’t mention the fact that I somehow forgot to attach Exhibit 4 to the lawsuit. But not to fear Dear Reader, Mr. Kinnally graciously declined to object to its subsequent inclusion.


To be fair, and all artificial gloating aside, part of the reason the KCSAO brought in an outside attorney is the potential for me deposing Civil Division head Joe Lulves as part of the lawsuit process. You see, one cannot be deposed and also be the attorney of record. That’s what we call a “conflict of interest.”

But make no mistake! What this does mean is, you, the taxpayer, will be footing the bill for State’s Attorney Joe McMahon’s blatant defiance of the Attorney General’s FOIA ruling. And at the rate they’re dragging their feet, the attorney’s fees won’t be adding up to chump change.

Because while Mr. Kinnally was kind enough to allow me to correct my errant complaint, he wasn’t nearly as accommodating in regard to my request to set up a briefing and hearing schedule, something quite common in civil cases.

As it stands right now, the first court date was automatically set for October 30, and that’s only a meaningless status hearing.

To be fair again, one of my multitude of attorneys (it takes a village) said that lawyers just LOVE to draw out civil cases as a matter of course, so it could be something as simple as that. But another of my on-call attorneys agrees with my contention that the KCSAO wants to delay the documents’ release until after the November 2020 election. That would give someone within that office a much better shot to win that race.

So, having learned how to write up a complaint (lawsuit), I turned my semi-immense legal skills to writing up a motion that essentially asks the judge to move things along. That motion was successfully e-filed just moments ago, and it will be heard by Judge Kevin Busch on August 8 at 9 a.m.

Never a dull moment, right? As previously promised, I will continue to keep you posted!


The book is out!

I can hardly believe it myself, but the full color paperback version of ‘So You Want to Win a Local Election?’ is finally up on Amazon. That means you can buy five copies for your mother right here!

Book Cover

I want to thank:

  • Ken Menzel, Illinois State Board of Elections Lead Counsel
  • Dave Rickert, Kane County Treasurer
  • Kurt Kojzarek, Former Kane County Board Member
  • Julia McClendon, Elgin Area YWCA Director
  • Kim Murphy, Former Oberweis Legislative Aide
  • Ben Marcum, Keith Wheeler Legislative Aide
  • Greg Rivara, Treasurer Michael Frerichs Communications Office
  • Fred Reklau
  • John Reeves
  • Jack Cunningham, Kane County Clerk
  • All the Local Election authorities across the country who took the time to talk to me

for not only making this book possible but making the research and writing process so much more enjoyable.

The Kindle and e-book versions should be available by fall.

I wrote a book!

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