Quick Hits – July 12, 2018

Quick Hits – July 12, 2018

There hasn’t been muck “quick” about Quick Hits lately so let’s get back to covering more than one story a day. I also want to warn you that doing this every day – including some weekends – is not likely to continue. All I can say is, writing has never come easier than it has this summer, but the muse can be fickle.


A bit too snarky?

After digesting yesterday’s column, some of my favorite friends remarked that it was a bit snarky even for me. Upon further review, there might be something to their contention, but that doesn’t mean I have any regrets.

It was one of my more popular pieces, too!

First, it frequently takes a sledgehammer to get through to some of our overly entitled and self-important politicians. It would be safe to say they rarely respond to subtlety. And the fact they’re so fragile they can’t begin to take what they regularly dish out certainly isn’t my problem.

Kane County Seal

Second, one of my major political pet peeves is a gross disrespect for the office, the process, and the voters to whom they owe those seats. I don’t care how much you despise another elected official, the office itself demands respect. And why is it always that the board members first to hurl those salacious stones are the same ones who shriek and howl at the mildest of criticisms?

Does Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen bring some of this disrespect on himself? My regular readers know I’ve made my position abundantly clear. But most of our errant board members partook of the very same behavior under the previous chairman – right Mike Kenyon and Mark Davoust?

And now they’re the first ones to bitch when they’re the ones on the outside.

To watch board member Barabara Hernandez act like an ADHD six-year-old in front of a packed gallery is utterly unacceptable, especially when she hasn’t done a damn thing but sit there and take up space. She may have been one of the worst, but she wasn’t nearly the only one acting like a spoiled brat, either.

It’s called demonstrating a little class. If nothing else, it’s a matter of respecting the people who put you in that seat. It’s a matter of showing that, on occasion, you actually can rise above a middle school mentality. And if you can’t manage that simple task, then it’s time to step down in favor of someone who can.

I’ll be at the next full board meeting, too.


Why didn’t he know?

A reader provided a private missive questioning how Kane County State’s Attorney, Joe McMahon, didn’t know that Chairman Lauzen couldn’t break that board tie on the $149 business expense reimbursement vote.


That’s a very good question. After all, he was sitting right next to him.

Had McMahon appropriately chimed in right then and there, we could’ve avoided 90 percent of this abject bullshit over a beyond paltry $149 check. I’m convinced that someday, Joe will finally get something right!


The FRCFPD just won’t die!

Apparently, having lost 237 tax raising referendum attempts is not nearly daunting those intrepid Fox River Countryside Fire Protection District folks in the least. Nope! They’re going to give it that 238th shot.

I’ll spare you all the gory details, but apparently due to a March 20 ballot mistake by the County Clerk’s Office, instead of enduring the required two-year after a failure wait, the tax hike question will go right back on the November ballot.


Though 16th Circuit Judge David Akemann got this one right – I wouldn’t bet against him on election law – this temporary respite is just as pointless as half our county board members are. It’s already failed three times, and once the generally oblivious taxpayers see it a second time in a short eight months, it will turn out to be just as futile as the Bears getting back to the playoffs.

Then this boondoggle of a fire protection district will finally be disbanded by the state.


It’s not a hate crime, so don’t try to make it one!

First, let me clearly stipulate that there are a lot of stupid white people out there, and alcohol certainly doesn’t make their IQ’s any higher. But if we arrested all of them for felony stupidity, there’d only be about ten of us on the outside.

So, when various Puerto Rican organizations started demanding Timothy Trybus’ head on a silver platter, it’s nothing more than a clear case of trying to kill a fly with a 105 millimeter Howitzer.

For those who’ve been too busy watching the White Sox lose, a drunk 62-year-old Trybus verbally accosted Mia Irizarry for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt at a Caldwell Woods forest preserve party, resulting in his eventual arrest.

It didn’t help that a Forest Preserve police officer simply stood by and watched the verbal barrage, either.


Trybus was finally charged with assault and disorderly conduct, but now some overly outraged activists are demanding he be hit with a felony hate crime. C’mon! This one turned out exactly as it should’ve turned out, so why pile on?

Even the Forest Preserve police officer resigned as a result of his inaction.

Meanwhile, what everyone but the Tribune is missing in that now viral video is Irizarry’s amazing calm and grace in the face of what had to be a frightening situation. She didn’t let this buffoon get to her, she didn’t amp up the situation, and she calmly (and repeatedly) asked the officer for his help.

But a hate crime? There has to be some premeditation for that kind of thing, and this jerk had no clue that Puerto Rico was part of the United States. And the fact that his abject boorishness has been witnessed by millions of people is a far worse fate than any criminal punishment.

So, rather than focus on Trybus and his particular brand of stupidity, instead, let’s consider Ms. Irizarry’s capacity to deal with a very difficult situation with grace and poise.

Some Kane County Board members could learn quite a bit from her.

7 thoughts on “Quick Hits – July 12, 2018

    1. Roger,

      Though I appreciate your sense of humor, that book was but $25 of that $149 reimbursement check.

      Second, most libraries don’t stock those kinds of specialized business books.

      Third, Lauzen has kept our county tax levy flat for six years, so I’m more than OK with the occasional book expense.


  1. Jeff and with that “frozen tax levy” has your tax bill shrunk in the last 6 years? You do understand that the portion of the county’s taxes is so miniscule that it’s laughable. Great buzz words though.

  2. you do understand that his “frozen levy” has drained reserves and will inevitably have to be unfrozen right? but im sure chris will find a way to blame the board.

    1. Roger,

      Now you’re dead wrong. Especially with a 2017 4.5 million dollar surplus, the county’s reserves (there’s more than one) are far more fluid than they were under the previous administration.

      Don Ishmael could rattle them all off.

      And if it weren’t for the Chairman and some key board members holding the line, Kenyon, Auger, Davoust and Lewis, and all of the Democrats, would’ve spent those reserves three times over.

      The County has paid down 65 percent of their debt, have nearly fully funded their pensions, and the reserves are in great shape. Chris Lauzen deserves a lot of credit for making that happen.

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