Quick Hits – Jim Fuller sucks!

Quick Hits – Jim Fuller sucks!

At least some things never change!

And all the evidence we need to prove that Ecclesiastes postulate is yet another bullshit Jim Fuller Daily Herald story! 

What the fricken worst reporter on the planet completely failed to mention is the federal government continues to change the COVID relief fund distribution rules on a weekly basis. That leaves the County with no other choice but to wait until August when Congress takes their annual summer break and then they can’t change the rules.

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t that minor detail be an important thing to note? Not to mention he’s intermingling the CAREs funds with COVID funds in yet another sign of his vast incompetence.

Jim isn’t too full of himself, is he?

But apparently the federal issues aren’t worth mentioning when you’re the kind of reporting snowflake that, because Chairman Lauzen had the temerity offend your overly delicate sensibilities, you insist upon warping stories to fit your sad lack of any real self-definition. I’ve heard that Jim still cries himself to sleep every night with a picture of Chris Lauzen firmly tucked under his pillow!

Correction! Actually, Fuller is the second worst reporter on the planet because it can’t possibly get any worse than Harry Hitzeman.

Does anyone harbor any doubt as to exactly what killed the Daily Herald? Just like Dr. Malcolm Crowe, Paddock Publications is dead – they simply haven’t caught up with that reality yet.

Where’s Haley Joel Osment when you really need him?

HansonMeanwhile, just when I thought there wasn’t a good nerve left for County Board Member Matt Hanson to get on, he provee me wrong.  Matt thinks the County should pass out that $93 million despite the distribution requirements being a moving target and that the County would be liable for any perceived “misappropriation.”

Matt! I beat you once and I’ll beat you again! Do you really want me to intervene in your next electoral effort because I know you’re gonna run and I’m more than up to the task.

Bleepin’ morons!



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