Quick Hits – January 19, 2018

Quick Hits – January 19, 2018

How to destroy your life in two short minutes

By now y’all have heard about – and probably even witnessed – 19-year-old University of Alabama freshman Harley Barber’s selfie video in which she “encourages” black folks to go back to Africa while predicating it with a series of “I fucking hate n____s!”

Nice! And the unbridled glee with which she delivers her diatribe is truly terrifying.

Despite a sorority sister’s plainly heard protests, Barber posted the racist rant on Instagram, where, as you might imagine, it went quite viral. So, both the sorority and school expelled her, while a police officer currently sits, 24/7, outside her New Jersey front door.

Ain’t social media grand!


First, to all those conservative white folks who just love to shriek, “How can we be racist? We elected a black president!” This is how! I’m convinced Ms. Barber was inebriated, but as that great philosopher Craig Ferguson said in reference to Mel Gibson, “I’ve never gotten drunk enough to suddenly become a Nazi.”

Second, though I firmly believe in the right to have the stupid shit we’ve all done at age 19 forgotten, that’s no longer the case in 2018. Not only are Barber’s UA days over, but that video will dog her in every job interview for the rest of her life – if she ever manages to get another job interview.

But here’s the real issue nobody’s talking about. The fact that Barber clearly felt safe enough to make that statement falls squarely on the University of Alabama’s shoulders. To wit, I’ve spoken with a number of UA parents, one of whom said, “The United States elected a black president before a black girl was ever invited to a UA sorority.”

And despite University President Stuart R. Bell being well aware that he presides over that kind of institutionalized racism, nothing changes.

Roll Tide!


Nice Try KCSAO!

In an effort to dismiss two federal lawsuits filed by nurses and their families stemming from last year’s Delnor Hospital hostage standoff, the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office issued a written argument claiming, “After all, until (Tywon) Salters made a move on Corrections Officer Shawn Loomis, Loomis remained armed and by all indications in control of Salters and the situation.”

Ah! So apparently, we laypeople wouldn’t know the situation went bad until it went bad unless we had attorneys to tell us it went bad!

The motion continues: “Surely, our society values heroic police officers who place themselves in life-threateningly dangerous situations, but the conscience is not shocked when an unarmed and overpowered officer elects to avoid direct and certain harm.”

No! But the conscience is shocked when the officer simply hands his firearm over to a naked convict and flees leaving a nurse to be raped, tortured and shot. And that’s especially true when that officer has a well-documented history of crises of confidence.

I thought that law enforcement motto was “To Serve and Protect,” not “To Flee and Blame the Victims.”

Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon

But wait, there’s more!

The KCSAO goes on to hypothesize that if Loomis had tried to apprehend Salters, it might’ve made everything “more dangerous” for everyone involved. You mean more dangerous than a nurse being raped, tortured and shot, while an officer gets shot in the back trying to rescue her?

What shocks me is that any attorney could write that bullshit with a straight face and that the KCSAO isn’t trying to quickly and quietly settle these suits, because they clearly don’t have a defensive leg to stand on.

What doesn’t shock me is just how low Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon and his minions are willing to sink when it comes to considering crime victims.

Four separate sources told me exactly how that standoff started. If any of the plaintiffs need someone to testify to that effect in court, you can count me in! And as my Fan Club just loves to point out, I’ve had quite of bit of courtroom experience lately.


The book is done!

And when I say “done” I mean the mechanical editing, the table of contents, and I want to thank Illinois State Board of Elections General Counsel, Ken Menzel, for writing a great Foreword. Ken was also instrumental in the making-sure-I-got-it-right process.

I also want to thank:

  • Kane County Treasurer Dave Rickert
  • KC Board Member Kurt Kojzarek
  • Former KC Sheriff Pat Perez
  • State Senator Jim Oberweis legislative aide Kim Murphy
  • Mechanical editor extraordinaire Fred Reklau
  • State Rep Keith Wheeler legislative aide Ben Marcum
  • Illinois Treasurer Press Secretary Greg Rivara
  • Former South Elgin Village Manager Larry Jones
  • Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain
  • KC Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell
  • Superb comic book store clerk Kurt Biallas

who stuck with me for the entire 2.5 years as they managed to make it through 100,608 words while tirelessly providing the best feedback an author could ask for! I also want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to all the local election authorities across this vast country who took the time to talk with me.

And, of course, had Elgin YWCA Director Julia McClendon not insisted I write this book, it never would’ve happened.


If all goes well, the official rollout will be April 2. I intentionally avoided April Fool’s Day, but perhaps that would be the perfect platform to put forth a political publication. So, I may have to reconsider that possibility.

But the first part of the publishing process is to come up with a catchy cover. Since nothing is seriously striking my fancy, let’s have a little fun! I’m offering a free autographed copy to The First Ward reader who comes up with the best “So You Wanna Win a Local Election” cover thought.

And, if like Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman did this morning, you make me laugh so hard I spit out my Vanilla Coke Zero, you’ll get a free copy, too! Apparently staging an APD coup d’etat in her absence probably isn’t a good idea.

You can either post your thoughts here, Facebook PM me, or hit me up at jeffnward@comcast.net. Let the festivities commence!

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  1. For your book cover:

    A cartoon of a Chicago voter stuffing a handful of ballots into the box.

    I want my copy autographed by the author.

    After I read it, I’ll list corrections and personal experience data for your revised “Second Edition.”

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