Quick Hits – January 15, 2018

Quick Hits – January 15, 2018

With everybody home for Martin Luther King day, including my lovely teacher wife, I’m not going to get much work done, but we’ll see how far I get here.


Rolling in his grave

Martin Luther King
“I have a dream”


“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”


It must be fun!

I generally don’t read the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass because slogging through one of his columns requires the liberal application of the kind of mental machete I don’t have the time or patience for.


But just like some folks can’t take their eyes off that Dan Ryan wreck,  I did manage to make it through Sunday’s piece in which our aspiring writer spent about 800 words explaining why Bill Clinton was far worse than Donald Trump.

I truly wonder what it must be like to create, and then take up residence, in the kind of blatantly bizarre reality that mystifies the rest of us. There isn’t a drug on the planet that could convince me of half the shit Kass comes up with, but he manages to pull it off without the use of any pharmaceuticals whatsoever.

Suddenly the Daily Herald doesn’t seem so bad!


Kifowit gets quoted!

Yes! Our very own State Rep Stephanie Kifowit (D-Oswego) was recently highlighted in the Trib’s ‘Quotables’ section where, in reference to Governor Bruce Rauner’s Veteran’s Home publicity stunt, she quipped, “I want to know if he took a shower!”


Taking a cue from the late Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne, after facing a boatload of criticism in regards to his underwhelming response to 13 Legionnaire’s Disease deaths at that facility in the last three years, Rauner took up residence at the Illinois Veteran’s Home in Quincy.

He said he wanted “to gain a more thorough understanding” of operations there,” and thus, Ms. Kifowit’s quote, referencing how Legionnaire’s Disease spreads.

If you recall, in March of 1981, after 37 shootings resulted in 11 murders in three months at the public housing project, Mayor Byrne took up residence at Chicago’s Cabrini Green. So, not only is the Governor availing himself of a 37 year-old political strategy, but he’s resorted to a gimmick that failed to get Byrne reelected.

I’m not gonna miss you Bruce!


A competent campaign?

I don’t want to get too excited, because, Illinois, you’ve disappointed me before! But suddenly it seems like Democratic gubernatorial candidate J. B. Pritzker has figured out how to campaign.


To wit:

  • Someone taught him how to dress appropriately
  • He no longer sports the kind of haircut that makes you think he lost a bet
  • He doesn’t come across like a guy who just shoveled the driveway – he’s speaking with energy and enthusiasm
  • Instead of simply spouting “Trump sucks, which means Rauner sucks,” he’s actually discussing issues important to Illinoisans

Pritzker still doesn’t have a neck, but that may well be beside the point.

Like I said, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but I really could get used to a competent Illinois gubernatorial candidate.





3 thoughts on “Quick Hits – January 15, 2018

  1. Maybe Pritzker can squeeze a Federal pardon for his pal Rod Blagojevich if HE gets elected governor?

    His First pririty, however, will be to install a garage door for the front door of the governpr’s mansion, wide enough so he can get in it (IF he even
    decides to use it.)

  2. Okay, Jeff I know that you and I are often on opposite sides of the aisle but I just have to say….while I did indeed vote for Rauner, he has been a bit of a disappointment on many levels. However, Pritzker is another businessman and while some of us thought that having one of those, i.e. Rauner in Springfield might be a good thing, look how that turned out. Also, Pritzker’s association with our illustrious former governor, Blago and the fact that he is in Madigan’s back pocket don’t make me breathe easy. I guess this is one on which we will just have to agree to disagree. Have a great day. Hope you and yours are well and staying warm.

    1. Linda,

      It’s always good to hear from you! But I want to be clear that I’m not necessarily voting for JB, but as a campaign manager, it’s nice to see him begin to get it right.

      It’s much better than Chris Kennedy storming out of a candidate forum.


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