Quick Hits – January 14, 2019

Quick Hits – January 14, 2019

Make no mistake, Dixon was pandering!

One of the best things about this journalistic endeavor is, whenever you put a story out there, it tends to incite folks into coming forward with even more information. To wit, in regard to Friday’s Quick Hits, former Elgin, Illinois City Councilman John Prigge reminded me of a reality that clearly indicates Councilman Corey Dixon was engaging in the worst kind of pandering.

Please allow me to explain.

Municipal attorneys may not be the most scintillating people on the planet, but that’s a direct result of a PTSD consequence borne of the stress of doing their damndest to keep your average city councilman from summarily imploding and getting their city sued.

If you’ve ever attended any city council meeting anywhere, you’d understand that herding cats is a far more efficacious proposition.

But despite the near-futility of that undertaking, and despite their generally debilitated state, these valiant municipal attorneys somehow manage to not only rise to the occasion, but they try to head off any stupid aldermanic statement before it’s issued.

So, what former Councilman Prigge reminded me is, knowing those protesters would be at last week’s city hall gathering, there is no doubt that Elgin Corporation Counsel Bill Cogley warned Dixon and the rest of that rabble NOT to say anything about Lt. Chris Jensen’s situation. And I’m sure he offered the same warning prior to their first appearance in December, too.


How can I be so sure? First, Cogley isn’t an idiot. And second, sources say, by the look on his face, his head nearly exploded when Dixon said Jensen shouldn’t be brought back to the EPD from that official Dais.

Of course, fellow councilman Tish Powell made it that much worse by similarly pontificating in the council meeting’s aftermath.

And those statements will cost Elgin taxpayers dearly!


The investigations’ findings? That’s easy!

The other thing that really bothers me about Dixon’s and Powell’s blatantly hypocritical behavior is, despite pronouncements to the contrary, anyone with half a brain knows exactly how the Cook County State’s Attorney’s and Elgin’s internal investigations into the DeCynthia Clements shooting are gonna turn out.

But since Dixon feigns lacking the perspicacious capacity to discern those results himself – he publicly told Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx “We’re waiting with bated breath on what you do” – please allow me to explain exactly what’s about to happen.

The CCSAO will rule it a righteous shoot. After a more than a one-hour remarkably calm I-90 shoulder standoff, Ms. Clements, who appeared to be smoking crack or methamphetamine, set her car on fire and finally leapt out at the officers with a knife.

First, much like those automobile sideview mirrors, objects in that EPD video were much closer than they appeared to be. And second, it’s not up to any police officer anywhere to determine exactly how deadly a knife might be. Third, every police officer on the planet knows that Tasers aren’t effective on people who are high on crack or meth.

Ms. Clements came at an officer with a knife in one of the clearest cases of suicide by cop I’ve ever seen. And for anyone to say they would’ve reacted any differently is pure and unadulterated bullshit because they weren’t there.

As far as the Elgin investigation to determine whether Jensen broke protocol or policy goes, that too, will fall in his favor because he clearly did not! I would postulate that the Elgin police bent over backwards in their attempts to save Ms. Clements from her tragic self-inflicted predicament. We all know the Chicago Police Department wouldn’t have been nearly as patient.

So, having been cleared by the State Police, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the City of Elgin, Lt. Chris Jensen will be fully reinstated as he should be. And all the unchristian pastors, manipulated city council meeting protesters, and pandering city councilmen won’t change any of that.

And with all due respect and condolences to Ms. Clements’ sister, who said if Jensen was reinstated, he might “harm someone else,” you can’t fire someone for what they might do. And the truth is Jensen, who sources tell me was greatly responsible for mitigating Elgin’s gang problem, has just six complaints in 20 years of service.

For a former gang officer to have that kind of track record is incredible. Police officers in lily white Geneva manage to rack up a complaints on a weekly basis.

The only question is, is Lt. Jensen willing to come back to Elgin. With self-professed and hypocritical judges like Dixon and Powell, who simply follow former disgraced U-46 School Board member Traci Ellis’ marching orders,  I’m not sure I would be. Maybe that’s their plan!


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  1. I cannot believe a police officer with that many years in and on the street only had 6 beefs. The city should be proud to have an officer with that track record. You mentioned it in the article and I have seen it elsewhere: the fact that a body camera gives a distorted picture should be highlighted. That being said it probably shouldn’t be admitted in evidence in court. Sorta like here is a DNA sample course we mixed it with others but it shows he did it or might have or whatever but damn it is is DNA and damn it it is film from a body cam

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