Quick Hits – It’s a mistake?

Quick Hits – It’s a mistake?

Oh! It was a mistake alright.

As I previously explained in my ongoing coverage of the Geneva Teachers’ strike, were I the school board president, given their propensity to shoot themselves in various body parts, I’d simply sit back and wait for the Geneva Education Association to hang themselves.

And they just did just that!

I’ve tried to tell the union that, not only have they vastly overestimated public support for their cause, but 85 percent of Genevans actually support the School Board. The irony, of course, is that our teachers had to learn this the hard way.

And they just did just that!

For reasons beyond any normal mortal’s comprehension, the union and teachers decided it was a good idea to use the Remind Me cell phone app, to solicit their students to sign a pro-GEA petition to prove just how heinous the Geneva School Board really is.

GEA Text

And the bovine excrement immediately hit the rotating air propulsion device.

For the uninitiated, school counselors generally use the Remind Me app to text blast high school students about upcoming and impending school events. Only app administrators can send those broadcast texts, and there is a separate Remind Me “group” for each high school class – freshman, sophomores, etc.

Some parents told me their middle schoolers also received emails from teachers, too, but I haven’t been able to pin that one down quite yet.

But let me tell you, in my 4,852 days and 15.25 hours at this gig, I’ve never had so many peeved people bombard me with emails, texts, blog comments, and Facebook PMs and comments on any previous story. And every last one of those missives excoriated the union and the teachers for this beyond despicable tactic.

Pride goeth before the fall, right?

I’ll say it again! When it comes to any kind of political pitched battle, from an election to a strike, the vast majority “voters” will simply tell you want you want to hear because they have better things to do than to argue with you. Please don’t mistake trying to stay on your good side for support.

And, as perfectly exemplified by that errant text, the union and teachers keep mistaking fear for support. Aggravate a teacher – and especially this batch of spiteful teachers – and your children might not fare so well in D304 going forward.

You think I’m making this bleep up? Ask board member Mike McCormick what his children have had to endure on Instagram from teachers’ children and those of their utterly overzealous supporters. Apparently even children aren’t off-limits when it comes to the GEA getting the kind of raises most of us will never see in our lifetime.

I’ll be getting into this complete moral failure on Monday or Wednesday. And Mike was not the one who told me about this, but four other sources did.

Oddly enough, the first person to apologize for the sign-the-petition text was GHS Principal Tom Rogers who had absolutely nothing to do with it. Again, the Remind Me app sits on cell phones, not on some high school counselor’s computer behind locked and closed doors.

Finally faced with an onslaught of suddenly fearless parents – don’t mess with their kids – the GEA recoiled from that text debacle faster than Michael Cohen from Agent Orange.

GEA union head Kevin Gannon, a real piece of work who’s made these contract negotiations all about him, quickly issued a statement calling the text a “mistake.” Oh! It was a mistake alright, but it wasn’t an accident.

Leaving the toilet seat up in the middle of the night such that your lovely spouse falls in is a mistake. Leaving the garage door up is a mistake. Voting for Donald Trump was a mistake. But unless a number of counselors and teachers own the kind of talented cat that could figure out how to send that text, it was utterly intentional.

And we know it was intentional because soon after Gannon’s artificial mea culpa, those same counselors and teachers issued yet another Remind Me text apologizing for using that medium to recruit underage petition signers.

GEA Text 2

But the damage has already been done. And those D304 teachers are finally beginning to understand that rejecting our reality and substituting their own is the kind of thing for which they’d regularly call out their young charges.

The truth is, I’ve never been impressed with most Geneva teachers and I wrote a column about it the week after my youngest son matriculated out of the district. And I always appreciate it when people go out of their way to prove my point.

Thank you Geneva teachers!

Meanwhile, I’ve been privately emailing the board with my thoughts on how to deal with these negotiations because I didn’t want to further inflame all of the obvious tensions. But after that Remind Me text, I’m no longer feeling quite so magnanimous.

Geneva School Board! You have bent over backward to resolve this labor issue, but you’re being held hostage by a bunch of overentitled and sometimes overrated educators who have no problem stooping to using and abusing children to get their way. Even my D131 teacher wife thinks your latest offer is beyond generous.

It’s time to look those often contemptible union reps directly in the eye and say, “This is our final offer. Come back to work when you’re ready.”

8 thoughts on “Quick Hits – It’s a mistake?

  1. My son also (Class of 2019) received the Remind petition link from the counselors. Love how the counselors sent out an apology and disregard through Remind—one hour later. So ridiculous! How much lower and pathetic can they get??

  2. Jeff I posted early about enough is enough so I won’t rant any more other than the longer this lasts the worst the teachers look.

    Can you do a story about how liberals are cannibalizing themselves? Thanks to IL specifically our area I wised up quickly to my lost ways just a shame that most people I believe are Libertarianism in this country. How can we do more for others and support teachers when their unions have taken everything and left us nothing? Enough is Enough

    This is becoming a serious issue where single parents or incomes lower barely able to live in our community might break and have to move because they may risk losing their home. Why isn’t anyone talking about the struggling family barely making ends to live in Geneva and this will push them out?

    What happened to rewarding hard work? If this was a free market system and teachers were taken advantage of our school district is small they can go to to neighboring schools. This issue is not about that it is about the fall of weak Geneva citizens who are foolish liberals who voted for JB and Underwood and that will be easy to fool.

    Once Geneva falls the rest of the area districts will fall too. Other Kane County districts unions foaming at the mouth, hey Geneva teaches got a raise we need one too!!! That’s solid logic, let’s just open up our wallets. I guess with that logic New York City charges more for hotel rooms Chicago should increase their hotels to their levels?

    Who needs a free-market when the fix is in.

    Imagine when the economy takes a dump in the next year or so our property values start to go down, but our taxes stay the same. Good luck selling your house, that is if you don’t lose your job or some other bad fortune doesn’t hit and you have to sell your house due to the tax bill. Sound crazy? Do me a favor and count how many start to go for sell around you each tax bill and then you will have your glimpse. Keep in mind last ballot there were proposed tax increases to our property taxes having nothing to do with what property taxes were intended for.

    Enough is Enough this needs to be a rally cry!

  3. Thank you for your comments. It’s time to end this strike. The teachers under 110k deserve their raise. The other teachers clearly do not care about the students and families in Geneva. I hope the Board can continue to keep our district solvent.

  4. Wow. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who sees the crass manipulation the GEA has done. According to them, we are there to serve them and they don’t care if you get taxed out of your home. I’ve been harassed because I dare to question how money in our district is spent and it’s come mostly from teachers, their families and their robot supporters. We’ll see how bad the settlement hits us but GEA keeps telling us it won’t cost us anything. If that’s their logic these delusional people should never be in front of our kids in a classroom!

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