Quick Hits – How to remove Judge John Dalton

Y’all just keep coming!

Since writing that fateful June 2017 column regarding Kane County Judge John Dalton’s regularly despicable courtroom antics, at least 80 of you have come forward with your own version of a family court horror story.

But the consistently recurring them is, “How do we remove this poor excuse for a human being from the bench.” You’d think the fact he’s a bigoted, misogynist, sadistic bully would be enough, but that’s never the case when it comes to the men and women in black.

With the way the system’s set up, it’s virtually impossible to vote a full circuit judge out of office. But there are a number of steps Dalton victims, as I accurately refer to them, can take to get the powers that be to take notice of this eminently miserable excuse for a human being.


But before we continue down that road, if you are a woman, and particularly an Hispanic or Black woman, you cannot step foot into courtroom 101 without an attorney – especially if your ex has retained one – because to do so would be the equivalent of committing legal suicide. Dalton doesn’t give a flying bleep about the law, he won’t enforce his own orders, he doesn’t care about his reputation, and he certainly enjoys making women suffer.

The problem is, most attorneys are intimidated by Dalton while others refuse to practice in his courtroom. So, if you need a reasonable family attorney recommendation, please reach out to me at jeffnward@comcast.net and I’ll do my best to hook you up with one.

As is always the case, I receive absolutely no consideration for referring folks to a good attorney.

Now back to the issue at hand.

Step 1 – File a Judicial Inquiry Board complaint

This is the most critical step because these are the only people that have the power to sanction and remove judges. It may be true they don’t remove judges very often, but if just half of the people who’ve approached me filed a JIB complaint, Dalton would be nothing more than a bad aftertaste.

The process and form for filing a Judicial Inquiry Board complaint can be found right here.

When you do file one, keep it short, be very specific as to the misconduct, be as unemotional as possible, and please don’t turn it into a rant about your ex or the system. Those are completely separate issues.

I know some of you are fearful of further incurring the Judge’s wrath, but rest assured, all JIB complaints are completely confidential, so you have nothing to fear. And even if Dalton managed to figure out who filed onet, can he really make your life any worse than he already has?


Step 2 – Email Chief Judge Susan Clancy-Boles  

You can contact her at bolessusan@co.kane.il.us. She may not have the power to remove Dalton from the bench, but she’s under no obligation to assign him to a courtroom, either. He could very easily be relegated to simple administrative tasks that not even he could screw up.

Again, be specific, don’t let your commentary devolve into a rant, and please don’t make any threats. Simply explain your situation and ask her way this bleep is allowed to single-handedly destroy people’s lives.


Step 3 – Call State Senator Cristina Castro’s Springfield office

Castro is one of Dalton’s biggest supporters to the point where his husband, Rich Jacobs, runs her Elgin office. And don’t give me any more crap about outing Dalton as gay because he broadcasts it to anyone who will listen, and he regularly bludgeons plaintiffs, defendants and attorneys with it, too.

Politicians are timid creatures by nature and Castro has much higher political aspirations. So, if her Elgin constituents start calling her – and it hast to be a call to Springfield or Jacobs will intercept emails or calls to Elgin – to explain why she no longer has your vote, it will make her very, very nervous.

I’m in the process of recruiting a Democrat to run against Castro in 2020 to make a point. Given her campaign ethic, she will be very difficult to beat, but collectively, we can make her spend a whole lot of money to stay in office.

There’s more than one way to send a message. If we strip Dalton of his support, it makes him that much more vulnerable.


Step 4 – Stage a protest on the Kane County Judicial Center steps

This is a fascinating proposition that even I hadn’t even considered, but when a reader suggested the possibility, I was rather intrigued. So, I reached out to one of my bevy of attorneys who not only said it was perfectly legal to demonstrate on those Peck Road and Route 38 steps, but he thought it was an excellent idea.

This is exactly the kind of thing that would make the local newspapers wake up and take notice.

Again! PLEASE DON’T DISRUPT the Judicial Center proceedings or be obnoxious in any way.  Peaceful protests with simple and direct signs are always the most effective.

To this end, Alton Jones, a long-time Dalton victim who’s had more than enough is willing to coordinate these protests. Those interested in making a statement can contact him at altonjonesjr76@gmail.com.

I will be more than happy to reach out the local press to be sure they cover it, as well.


The bottom line is, while I can’t single-handedly solve this problem, collectively, we have the power to create change. And the faster we start moving on this, the faster Dalton’s rein of judicial terror will end.


13 thoughts on “Quick Hits – How to remove Judge John Dalton

  1. Also get a transcript especially if he makes comments. If are pro se and broke ask for s free one. If he denies it and makes any comments borrow money and get one. It will be way worth your while
    File a motion to substitute judge probably be denied but if have transcripts may show prejudice
    Not sure of all the new rules but if money issue try Prairie State legal services not a fan because they usually against me but they do a job. Try Kane County Bar they have referral and pro bono services.
    Jeff absolutely right keep it simple

  2. I think if you pay you can have one. All changed since I was around. Never understood why court reporters not essential. And I think and I am old chief judge can order one if he/she thinks something odd. A full Circuit in DuPage was sent to traffic court with a court reporter because of his mouth
    In other words don’t give up

  3. I just left court and I am in disbelief. I am a mother to a 12 year old boy, he was abandoned by his father for almost 9 years, my son is now refusing to see him because he is scared of him and his abuse. Judge Dalton suggested for his new attorney to pursue me criminally for being in contempt of court. Again this is due to my son refusing to see him on 2 occasions only. I have documentation from 2 different police officers who spoke with my child on both occasions. Judge Dalton told my sons father and his attorney to bring it in front of him criminally and he would address things there and well.. I can go to jail!!!
    My sons father owes 24k in Child Support, he was absent for several years, he has driven erratically with my son in the car, he started a fight with an elderly man in his last visit–my child was there, his dad is causing more harm to our son and I CAN GO TO JAIL!?!
    Judge Dalton is truly so unfair and after asking about my sons age he said “well he’s too young to vote so that does not matter”

    I remember when Judge Pheenis was on the stand, he listened, he was not biased.
    I’ve spent over 8k in attorneys aside from my own pro se motions in the beginning and have gotten NOWHERE. Every time I go to room 101 I see women cry and women only.. today I was that woman for the second time. Women always get victimized in his courtroom. I would do anything to get a new judge!

  4. My name is Kara Witkowski. I and other Mothers and Father’s are creating a Movement. I am currently in talks with a newsreporter. He wants all stories relating to John Dalton.

    Dalton gave custody to my ex who admitted to raping me in his court room and was caught by the Elgin PD with child porn.

    If your case involves pedophilia or any type of sexual/physical abuse contact me immediately.

    If your case involves child support, contact Alton Jones.

    Thank You.

  5. I want be part of the movement I have been humiliated and discriminated by this judge. I had 4 different lawyers because the father of my son that makes 5 times the money I do. He brought me in court, he left for someone else while he was still married and have us. He let this woman and her friends harassed me at work and my co-workers horrible things. He left my son in car by himself while he was with his girlfriend doing whatever but he said I lied and it was not true. He used bit up my then 4 year old while I was at work the judge delton said I was an impossible person my son told it to the psychiatrist. Then after 3 lawyers and so much proves he said I had to pay for the fees. $72k I had to file for bankruptcy and this man brought me in court again I told the judge nobody wanted to represent me because I have no money his answer was not his problem. Now I own money to a friend he still didn’t care
    I want to be part of the movement this man should never be a part of a family court. He makes kids in criminals and forces children to see their abused fathers

  6. hello, I have also suffered deeply from his terror, I will be glad to meet and share things with you and like minds. i believe there is power in numbers

  7. John Delton is under investigation and got removed from family court. I suffer from his injustice big time. I’m still going through from the results.
    That man there is not words for the amount of money and attorneys I went through and the sanity
    He is a joker

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