Quick Hits – February 2, 2018

Quick Hits – February 2, 2018

All it took was a compliment

Having put Governor Rauner completely back on his heels during their Chicago Tribune endorsement interview to the point where former Rauner donor Robert Uihlein dropped a cool half-million into her campaign coffers, Wheaton State Rep Jeanne Ives utterly destroyed her newly found gubernatorial momentum in one short and unbelievably stupid move.


In this particular case of political folly, GOP Senate leader Bill Brady had to remind the Ives people that they’d just invited a fundraising keynote speaker who previously claimed that it was blacks’ intellectual inferiority to Caucasians that led to their high poverty and crime rates.


If the Ives campaign knew about this guy, but went with him anyway, that’s just the regular kind of stupid conservative bullshit. But if, as the campaign claims, they didn’t know about his racist proclivities, that’s the above average stupid conservative bullshit, especially when you’re doing your damndest to shed the crazy conservative moniker.

Can’t Illinois do better people? If the Cubs can beat their curse…

All I can say is, to (kinda) quote the Bard, “Alas poor Jeanne. We hardly knew ye!”


But the Democrats aren’t any better!

Crain’s Chicago Business commissioned a poll on the Dem side and it looks like this

  • J.B. Pritzker                30 percent
  • Daniel Biss                  17.5 percent
  • Chris Kennedy           11.5 percent
  • Undecided                   38 percent

Crain’s claimed Biss was “surging,” but that kinda falls flat when “undecided” is kicking your ass by more than two-to-one. Biss summarily declared that “momentum was on his side,” but it would be far more accurate to say that Kennedy’s complete campaign ineptitude is the wind beneath his wings.

Actually, light breeze beneath his butt would be more accurate, too.

But what’s far more fascinating than our dynamic duo is J. B. Pritzker spending a massive $42 million only to fall 9 points since the Crain’s October poll. How the hell does any candidate manage to pull that kind of fiscal wizardry off? C’mon! That’s more campaign spending than Biss and Kennedy combined, and undecided is in the lead?

I think it’s finally time to post “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” at every Illinois border crossing.


Better late than never!

So, after our serial O’Hare stowaway, Marilyn Hartman, 66, managed to make it through security and onto flights at least a dozen times since 2014, the TSA told reporters, “We take this case very seriously.”

This begs the question, “What happens when they don’t take something seriously?”

C’mon people! Add this one to the TSA failing 85 percent of security tests and it’s time to burn the entire bleepin’ agency down and start from scratch.

There is incompetence and then there’s the TSA.

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