Quick Hits – February 25, 2016

Quick Hits – February 25, 2016

Jeanette Ward doubles down

Or, as I almost called this post, “Black unlike me!”

To absolutely no one’s surprise, U-46 School Board loon Jeanette Ward just can’t let go of Black History month. And you all thought white people rapping was bad enough! Undaunted by her peculiar February Facebook pronouncements, Ms. Ward wasted no time in proving that only she knows what’s good for black folks.

And she ain’t afraid to tell them about it either.

This time, Ward showed up at Larkin High School’s Black History Club with a full posse in tow, despite the fact that the club’s faculty adviser made it clear that the students were inviting just her. Ward’s entourage consisted of:

  • An African American couple from Waukegan because that’s how far Ms. Ward has to go to have black friends.
  • Tea partier and failed candidate extraordinaire Julie Schmidt.
  • Seth “Leni Riefenstahl” Somebody the “reporter” who writes for that fake free local “newspaper.”

The irony of Schmidt showing up is, after Ward erroneously accused Elgin City Councilwoman Tish Powell having no dog in the U-46 hunt, Schmidt actually has no stake in the district. Of course, we can’t tell Schmidt to heed Ward’s advice to pay attention to her own constituents because she has none.

Then, instead of having a dialogue, each posse member proceeded to speak on the vagaries of African Americans refusing to become victims. Why, they even told those baffled high schoolers to avoid using the term “white privilege” and substitute “dominant culture” instead.

Sage advice I’m sure.

Sadly, the young faculty advisor, who could’ve immediately shut this farce down, didn’t have the experience to do so. But I’m sure even she knew how utterly inappropriate it was for a school board member to co-opt an after-school club meeting to promote a stilted and bigoted message.

A source who was at the gathering said the kids were “upset and confused.”

But all is not lost dear readers! As a result of her February antics, I’ve come up with a new nickname for our amazing Ms. Ward – Vanilla Rice! Because it doesn’t get much whiter than her.




The nerds are revolting!

And I can say that because I am one – a nerd that is! While we’re at it, some folks think I’m revolting too.

But in this case, we’re talking about U-46 gym waivers, as in they’re not nearly handing out as before and the smart kids are complaining that PE takes too much away from their study time.

But it was when some of them whined about already playing club sports that it really frosted my cookies. You all already know what I think about club sports! Combine insane parents with cheating administrators and it ruins it for everyone.

But rather than go on another rant about club sports failing to produce just one world class athlete, I turned to U-46 CEO Tony Sanders instead.

Tony told me that the District had been previously passing out all sorts of waivers at a breakneck pace and, in an effort to curtail that process, they implemented new rules which had an unintended and undue effect on gym waivers.

He also noted that Academy students’ heavy course load precludes PE and the nerd’s (my word, not his) and their parents did make compelling argument for the reinstatement of the waivers. So the plan is to restore balance to the waiver force, but Tony also noted that, should it come down to dropping a study hall or PE, the study hall would go first.

And that’s the way it should be because the obesity epidemic is shortening life spans, we want to produce well-rounded young men and women, and teamwork is essential to success on this planet.

BTW, you young athletes will have far fonder memories of playing for your high school team as opposed to wasting your time on club sports. It’s your last chance to play with the friends who will soon be scattered by those collegiate winds.


Glenwood School


Campton Hills gets a rehab center

Before we get started, Larry and I want to thank former Kane County Chief Judge Keith Brown, Maxxam Partners’ Steven Marco, and opposition leader and Campton Township Trustee Joe Miller for coming on Left, Right and You to so cogently explain their points of view.

This is exactly how political debate is supposed to work.

After carefully listening to both sides, Larry and I came to the conclusion that we came to the right conclusion right from the start. Though Maxxam could’ve come up with a more detailed facility plan and their Development Committee argument could’ve been better, as good as the opposition’s argument is, we’ve all heard it before.

Maybe if the pendulum hadn’t swung in favor of treating addicts, the outcome would be different. But when this case goes before the FHA, and it will go before the FHA, the opposition’s argument will fall flat because it’s the same argument the FHA has heard for over half-a-century.

I’m not saying they didn’t make good points, it’s just that they weren’t very compelling.

Even though we firmly believe the outcome is in the bag, this one still has a long way to go folks!

Quick Hits

0 thoughts on “Quick Hits – February 25, 2016

  1. I truly wish that Jeanette Ward had NOTHING to do with any part or facet of anything remotely connected toy children’s education! The fact that she did this independent of the U-46 Board (and very likely without their knowledge) is stupefying. I don’t understand why she is allowed to have unrestricted access to schools so that she can push her political agenda. She needs to be recalled or removed.

  2. I truly wish that Jeanette Ward had NOTHING to do with any part or facet of anything remotely connected to my children’s education! The fact that she did this independent of the U-46 Board (and very likely without their knowledge) is stupefying. I don’t understand why she is allowed to have unrestricted access to schools so that she can push her political agenda. She needs to be recalled or removed.

  3. Were you there intrepid reporter…err I mean opinion columnist? No. I was. So your hearsay hit piece is nothing but the kind of disgusting tripe I’ve come to expect when you’re blinded by your obsessive ideologically fascistic mind.

    I was invited along by Ms. Ward. I was not privy to the discussions she had with the Black History Month Club leader, so I don’t know who was and wasn’t invited, and neither do you.

    You have taken a wonderful meeting of open dialog where the leader facilitated a discussion where all participants–student and adult–were given an opportunity to express their feelings and opinions openly, honestly, and with respect for one another and twisted it into political fodder for your ilk to chortle about. My God man, have some decency to know when to call upon what little humanity you may have to respect diverse ideas!

    That African American couple you excoriate related their life experiences in overcoming adversity to inspire the students to do the same. How dare you accuse them of being some prop! You should be ashamed, but I doubt you’re capable of it!

    I am so disgusted by your ill-informed, hate-filled rant that I barely have the words for anything more–and that’s saying something. And your statement that I have no stake in U46 where I have been a property tax payer for over 25 years at the tune of thousands upon thousands of my hard-earned money is beyond laughable. I hold three degrees and know the freedom that a quality educational opportunity can provide, which I desire for all children in the U46 district. For you to even hint otherwise is just par for the course for your mean-spirited, ideologically bent, tea-party obsessed, ad hominem spewing mind.

    You are beyond the pale and I have no idea why WRMN continues to allow you to spew your uninformed invectives drawn from a wellspring of irrationality and malevolence over their airwaves. And you can always refer to Dictionary.com in case the words are too big for you.

    1. Please get a grip – though you’ve never manage to pull that off before.

      1. I read the facebook conversation between the faculty adviser and Ms. Ward, and YOU WERE NOT INVITED. End of story.

      2. Four sources all said the same thing and a number of those sources were at the meeting.

      3. The African American couple were also NOT invited, they’re under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights, and, per Ms. Ward, they have no stake in the district.

      4. Don’t get mad at me! Per Ms. Ward’s specific definition, you have no stake in that school district either. So don’t complain to me – complain to her!

      5. You don’t give a rat’s patootie about U-46 children. You only care about spewing your ideological venom at every possible opportunity. And you’ve resorted to using a loony school board member to do it because neither you nor any of your friends can get elected.

      6. If you think I’ve spewed on Left, Right and You before, just wait till today’s show!

      7. My efforts pale in comparison to the insipid, uneducated, sectarian, ideological, and generally bigoted crap both you and Vanilla Rice insist upon regularly regurgitating.

      8. You and your cohorts turned what should’ve been a dialog between Ms. Ward and those students into a complete farce.

  4. 1. Sometimes people actually communicate with one another beyond Facebook posts.
    2. I was at the meeting.
    3. Refer to number 2. Provide evidence for your accusation.
    4. You made the statement, I was correcting your error…again
    5. I believe you’re projecting.
    6. Not surprising.
    7. Free speech and differing opinions, I realize how unsettling that is to you.
    8. No, you have with your insipid, uneducated, sectarian, ideological, and generally bigoted crap.

  5. 1. On the Black History meeting, the two people who deserve some “blame” there are Ms. Ward for inviting people she wasn’t authorized to, and the advisor for inviting Ms. Ward in the first place. Lesson learned.

    2. You missed a couple other points on PE. Competitive sports and PE have different goals; PE is intended to teach many of the same values of competition, but also teach the kids about their bodies and things they can do for the rest of their lives to maintain fitness. How many of these kids will continue playing football into middle age? And if they do, how beat up will their bodies be? The other thing you missed is that multiple studies have found that having a period of PE during the school day improves academic performance in core subjects. Partly because of the physical activity and partly because of the break away from studying. So PE waivers are a double whammy: less physical activity and no break from the mental concentration.

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