Quick Hits – December 11, 2017

Quick Hits – December 11, 2017

A few good candidates?

Apparently, that’s too much to ask, because when I look at the gaggle running for Illinois governor, I automatically reach for two or three Xanax.

Bruce Rauner has been a dismal failure at a time Illinois can’t afford another dismal failure. Considering that the National Review just called him “the worst Republican governor in the country,” I’m actually starting to feel somewhat sorry for him, but not sorry enough to shed a tear when the voters inevitably send him packing.

Oh! And apparently he’s not in charge, either.


State Rep Jeanne Ives is, once again, going out of her way to prove that Republicans can’t let go of the social issues that consistently doom their electoral hopes in this solidly purple state. She may make it out of the GOP primary, but she has absolutely no shot against whomever the Democratic nominee might be.

And speaking of Democratic nominees, that’s exactly what J. B. Pritzker will be, but to quote the great Harry Chapin, “He’s nothing yet to make the folks write home.” The only reason Pritzker is leading this sad Democratic pack is he has more money than any of the other contestants.

His entire platform, “I’m not Donald Trump” and “I’m not Governor Rauner who is Donald Trump,” hardly builds much confidence. Granted, platitudes tend to win campaigns, but I’d like some idea of how he plans to work with Mike Madigan to pull us back from the fiscal abyss.

Can anyone tell me why Chris Kennedy is running? Even he doesn’t seem too terribly excited about it. Considering his money and the family name, his may well be the worst gubernatorial campaign I’ve ever seen.

Scott Lee Cohen with his “I didn’t know my girlfriend was a prostitute” slogan ran a better race than Kennedy has.

Daniel Biss? Though I’ve heard he’s actually a decent candidate, if you can’t get the running mate part right, what makes you think we should trust you to run the state?

All I can say is, God help the Land of Lincoln!


It gets worse

Given their abysmal track records, there’s nothing more I’d like to see than 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren and his 6th District counterpart, Peter Roskam, be sent home by the voters – to some other state. But despite the current Trump solicited Republican vulnerability, neither possibility will come to pass.

Why not you ask? Because there are seven Dems running for Roskam’s seat and five are taking a crack at Hultgen.


Not only is it incredibly difficult to find your way out of that kind of primary pack, but if you do, you’ll have burned whatever limited campaign funds you have, and your message tends to get lost in the crowd. And if any of them go negative before March 20, a likely possibility, they’re only doing the Republicans’ dirty work.

Meanwhile, with no primary challengers, Hultgren and Roskam simply get to sit back and watch the festivities.

My fondest wish is that the Illinois Democrats could’ve somehow picked the two candidates most likely to pick our errant Congressmen off. Beyond the basic pack mentality problem, most of them have absolutely no shot at winning those seats in two generally Republican districts.

When you consider the time, effort and money that goes into a Congressional campaign, it’s hard to watch these hopefuls bang their heads against the political wall.

I’ve said it before! Not all backroom deals are bad. The problem is, the Republican Party is much better at this game and, until the national Democrats catch up, Roskam and Hultgren will continue to rack up election victories.

Five or seven primary candidates is not the way to beat an incumbent folks!


It ain’t just the Democrats

In what can only be described as the equal and opposite reaction to Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen running a number of candidates against sitting board members, Wayne attorney Ken Shepro was just appointed chairman of the Kane County Republican Party.

Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell stepped down from that position last week because you can’t run for judge and hold a party office.


If you recall, Shepro was the board attorney under former Chairman Karen McConnaughay, and, in an effort to keep him from focusing on the Coroner’s race, he was Lauzen’s primary opponent in 2016.

Shepro will hold the GOP Chair until at least until March when the party precinct committeemen will take the official vote.

Perhaps I’m beyond naïve, but even though they clearly aren’t on each other’s Christmas card list, I’m fervently hoping these two eminently intelligent men can put their past differences aside and work for the betterment of the Kane County Republican Party.

Because if they can’t find a way to come together, or at least peacefully coexist, the Democrats have a real chance of flipping the county board this round.

It’s not that I have a dog in that fight – some of my best friends are Democrats – I’m simply reporting on a possibility as I perceive it.

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits – December 11, 2017

  1. I’ll give Rauner credit for one thing-he doesn’t use the standard “pull at the heartstrings” approach to soliciting votes. From Pritzker’s “my Mom was an alcoholic” to Kennedy’s use of the Bobby home movie, these guy’s disgust me. Hot tip: Nobody gives a shit. Tell me how you will reduce my property taxes, help me pay for my quadrupling medical insurance premium and straighten out the school pension mess (please consider bankruptcy). And to the Kane County judicial candidates-“I’m a cancer survivor and I take care of my Mom” will guarantee your loss.

  2. If Pritzker’s mom was an alcoholic, she must have afforded the BEST.

    The big question should be: “WHY would any independently wealthy person even WANT to wade into the Illinois government mess?”

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