Quick Hits – Breaking News

Quick Hits – Breaking News

If my sources are correct, it would seem that cooler heads have prevailed and the City of Aurora will relent in their pursuit of forcing 19 child sex offenders out of the Wayside Cross Ministries at 215 East New York Street.

Aurora Director of Communications, Clayton Muhammad and I haven’t had the opportunity to speak yet, but my understanding is the City held a press conference this morning where they decided that, since the Illinois sex offender statute was a state law, they’d bow out and let the State enforce it if they so choose.

Wayside Cross 2

So, no one will be arrested when the 30-day warning period issued by the Aurora Police expires, and my understanding is the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office has provided similar assurances.

That means that, while these men will remain under the Ministry’s care and supervision for the foreseeable future, the question as to exactly how the 500-foot park buffer zone is to be measured and the constitutionality of other sex offender statute provisions will remain unanswered.

Perhaps those men will persevere in their Federal Lawsuit to finally have some closure in this regard.

Again, if my sources are correct, my hat’s off to Mayor Richard Irvin, Police Chief Kristen Ziman, and the City of Aurora in general for reversing course and understanding that the City is far safer with the Wayside Cross Ministries taking care of the least of our brothers.





3 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Breaking News

  1. Just read the Beacon article about the press conference, and what the city’s lawyers said in the hearing. I agree with the resident’s lawyer that the city is being a bit disingenuous. They’re saying it’s not them, it’s the state. Yet it was the official notice from the city that stated the law was being violated. They still need to get clarification of how to measure, and the definition of a playground. Also, it was mentioned the city has plans to add more play equipment. Wanna bet which corner of the park it’ll be installed in?

    1. Other Jeff,

      That tack is the result of Mayor Irvin trying to save face, and “disingenuous” is exactly the right word.

      And let me tell you, the City of Aurora is not at all happy with me right now. I can’t even get Communications Director Clayton Muhammad to call me back.

      I’m such a nice guy, too!


      1. Cough, cough, cough. I was taking a drink of my milkshake. Just want to make sure I got that right: “nice”? Uh, yeah, that was just what I was thinking. 🙂

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