Quick Hits – Baldemar Lopez is wrong for Elgin!

Quick Hits – Baldemar Lopez is wrong for Elgin!

Without further ado, here’s why that two-year city council seat candidate should be at the bottom of your ballot list:

1. He’s a carpetbagger

Mr. Lopez’ tells us that he was “born in Elgin and raised by a single mother,” he “attended U-46 schools,” he “graduated from “ECC,” and he eventually “returned to the area.” What he doesn’t say is that he was raised in Elgin, he attended Elgin schools, and he lived in Elgin for any significant length of time.

Because he hasn’t!

There’s nothing wrong with moving back to Elgin to run for city council, but being blatantly disingenuous about it raises a real red flag. Haven’t we endured enough disingenuous politicians?


2. He’s steeped in the Chicago Machine

How may Elgin city council candidates have held fundraisers in downtown Chicago? And how many of them prominently featured the names of Chicago State Rep Chuy Garcia and former Alderman Juan Soliz on those fundraising invites?

Lopez says he has the “vision” to move Elgin forward, but I’m thinking he’ll do his best to take it back 20 years.


3. An entitlement mentality the size of Montana

While that’s certainly a common thread among city council candidates, Lopez particularly excels in this regard. I’ve heard many stories extolling his vast arrogance, but here’s my favorite!

When he approached a citizen’s group for an endorsement, they explained that he’d have to fill out their candidate questionnaire before they’d bestow their blessing. Lopez replied that he didn’t have the time for that kind of thing because he was going to win anyway, and when he won, he’d “remember the people who supported him.”

Shades of Rod Blagojevich! While that’s certainly how most politicians think, most of ‘em are smart enough not to say it out loud. Apparently, Mr. Lopez adheres to the Ed Burke school of winning friends and influencing people.


4. He’s supported by the Castro-Dalton-Noland Cabal

And that’s a good enough reason not to vote for anyone!

Though, I’m still personally fond of State Senator Cristina Castro, she’s quickly worn out her welcome in Springfield and she’s doing her damndest to apply those Madigan-esque tactics right here in Elgin.

Not only that but, Judges like John Dalton and Mike Noland are expressly forbidden from engaging in any kind of political activity whatsoever. But the fact they’re openly supporting Lopez just won them another Judicial Inquiry Board complaint.


5. The Castro and Lopez people are threatening Rose Martinez supporters

This is the one that really frosts my cookies! I’ve always admired City Councilwoman Rose Martinez for her capacity to engage in independent thinking. It doesn’t happen very often in municipal government.

So, ain’t nobody gonna bully Rose – but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.

When Castro and Lopez realized she would not support their slate, they embarked upon the kind of smear campaign that accused Rose of being “anti-immigration” and claimed she referred to those regular anti-Chris Jensen city council speakers as “felons.”

Of course, neither one is the case, and when that didn’t work, they took it a step further.

When they’re not stealing her signs outright, they’re threatening people who post Martinez signs, including, but not nearly limited to some now nervous senior citizens. Like I said, it’s Mike Madigan and the Chicago Machine at its best!

The next thing you know Lopez, an attorney, will be soliciting business from Burger King owners.


I offered Mr. Lopez every opportunity to respond to a serious of questions, but he ignored my entreaties.

Steven Thoren and Jerri McCue, also competing for that two-year seat, are far better candidates and much better individuals than Mr. Lopez could ever hope to be. They’re also far more invested in Elgin than their opponent has ever been.

Elgin and the Elgin City Council are both propositions that work. Let’s keep it that way!


5 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Baldemar Lopez is wrong for Elgin!

  1. Out of curiosity, don’t you think the lack of response to Monday post and today post just shows why we have the elected representatives we have. And maybe that is operative word: representatives. They represent our total lack of involvement or knowledge. We get the government we deserved.

  2. Thanks Jeff for your insight. I always like to read your take on Elgin even if I don’t always agree with it. Maybe some info on Steven Thoren and Jerri McCue?

    1. Thomas,

      I’ve known Steve for a long time and I think he’d to a good job as an Elgin City Councilman. Though I don’t know Jerri, the fact that sitting councilwoman Rose Martinez is supporting her means she must have merit.

  3. You nailed it. Lopez is a slickster who belongs in the Chicago political arena, which is where he will be coming from if he sits on the Elgin city council. I’m with Rose and Jerri.

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