Quick Hits – August 19, 2019

Quick Hits – August 19, 2019

I apologize for my tardiness, but in the pantheon of slouching towards my 61st birthday, I spent 1.5 hours at the Doc’s today only to discover that falling arches are causing me great foot pain. Apparently, years of going barefoot have finally caught up with me. I’m ordering the orthotics now!

But I digress, here’s Quick Hits:


Gimme a dolla!

If you have to beg for a Facebook dollar to meet the Democratic National Committee’s 130,000 unique donor September debate qualifier minimum, that doesn’t make you a presidential candidate, it makes you just another overly aggressive panhandler.

Why, Ms. Gillibrand is so desperate, she’s resorted to giving away a free t-shirt with every dollar donation. That’s sounds a lot more like a radio promotion than a campaign for the highest office in the land. You’d think some of these folks would have a little more self-respect.

On the other hand, if you need something to wash your Prius, it might be worth your while.

My good friend Paul Stukel managed to convince me that, after a couple of debates, this absurd Democratic field would winnow itself down by financial attrition. But with only Hickenlooper, Swalwell, and Steyer dropping out, Paul clearly underestimated the Democratic capacity to create castles in the sky and then move right into them.

Isn’t that the definition of psychosis? Where’s Nurse Ratched when you really need her?

Dem Field 2

So, since I’m truly tired of seeing all a your not-so-gleaming visages on FB, I’m unilaterally declaring the following candidates to be out of the race:

Buttigieg         5.2 percent

O’Rourke         2.8

Booker             2.0

Yang                 1.5

Klobuchar       1.3

Gabbard          1.0

Castro              1.0

Williamson     0.8

And the fact that Gillibrand, Bennett, de Blasio, Bullock, Delaney, Inslee, Messam, Moulton, Ryan, and Sestak don’t even register in the polls evinces a complete lack of any capacity to cope with reality.

Those welcome exits would just leave Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Harris – a much more manageable field.

Now, I thought, how difficult could it possibly be to hit 2 percent in the polls and con 130,000 American nitwits into coughing up a dollar. But perhaps the DNC was onto something, because right now, only nine contenders are gonna make that September cut.

So, please kindly refrain from giving a dollar to candidates who have absolutely no shot. This ridiculous gaggle only serves to make Donald Trump look semi-reasonable and that’s the last thing this country needs.


Barack Obama wasn’t liberal enough?

Yes! That was one of Corey Booker’s most recent debate declarations and the rest of e’m immediately piled on as they attacked Joe Biden for the Obama administration’s record illegal immigrant deportation rate.

Oh, holy mother of Pearl Jam!

I’ll say it again! Yes! That’s exactly how you get that Iowa farmer who’s looking down a double-barreled Trump trade war and that West Virginia coal miner who finally realizes he lied to him to vote Democratic.

Obama Meme

But then, Uncle Joe, the only one who can beat Trump, just had to resort to into his well-worn propensity to make it up as he goes along. First, he said “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids” which is kind of like saying some of my best friends are black. Then he topped that off by claiming, as VP, he visited with survivors of the 2018 Parkland shooting.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain the problem with that timing.

To make matters so much worse, in light of all the Jeffrey Esptein revelations and his sudden jail “suicide,” after having forgiven him, Democrats have decided to start re-attacking Bill Clinton’s legacy which is exactly the kind of thing you want to do right before a huge presidential election.

I said it before Bill Maher did! All the Democrats have to do is prove they’re saner than a man who lies with alarming frequency while giving himself fictitious awards and 2020 will be theirs.

But no! They can’t even handle an eminently simple task like that. No wonder the Democratic party symbol is a jackass.


Apparently, the Elgin Dems are trying to catch up to their Aurora brethren

If you thought the local Dems were somehow immune to their federal counterparts’ regular flights of fancy, you would be sadly mistaken. And the best proof of this theory is that Kane County Board member Penny Wegman is seriously considering a run for county auditor.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Ms. Wegman’s current gig as a student loan officer, but call me crazy, I’d kinda like someone with an accounting degree to be going over those books. Being auditor doesn’t require a stellar personality or a great deal of political perspicuity, but beyond the roll call, I’ve never heard Ms. Wegman say the kind of board meeting word that would inspire a minimal amount of confidence.

Not only does she come from a staunch Republican family, which makes her sudden Democratic affiliation beyond disingenuous, but until I chided her for it, her board meeting attire made her look a lot like someone who actually would ask you for a dollar on the street.

Penny Wegman

Current Auditor Terry Hunt’s open support of Donald Trump greatly disappoints me, but even if he wore a Nazi officer’s uniform to work every day, that wouldn’t be enough to get me to vote for Ms. Wegman. He is an excellent Auditor.

But make no mistake, Wegman running for Auditor and Board member Theresa Barriero running for Circuit Clerk is a clear sign that those Republican chickens are coming home to roost. Forget about denouncing the President, as Republicans should’ve done long ago, but their outright or implicit support of him is going to cost them dearly in 2020.

Those suddenly emboldened Kane County Dems watched pathological liar Mike Noland beat Tom Hartwell in a 2018 judicial race while Board member Mo Iqbal, a perennial candidate who’s had just one good idea in his entire life, beat Kurt Kojzarek. Since the anti-Trump backlash will be even more pronounced next year, the Dems think they can win anything.

Could Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell and Hunt lose? Not if they apply their more than reasonable campaign skills. But instead of having no challenger, they’re both about to face off against challengers who’ve actually won a race or two. And that means knocking on more than 10,000 doors and spending at least 50 grand on a campaign to keep a $100,000 a year job.

Since neither one is capable of raising that kind of cash, it makes this a very expensive lesson.

5 thoughts on “Quick Hits – August 19, 2019

  1. Jeff, O’Rourke and Gabbard are running for VP, as are the other also-rans now, or for a cabinet position. O’Rourke cannot be Biden’s or Sanders’ running mate–the Democrats will not go for 2 white guys at the top of the ticket. But Harris and Sanders are fading, too. I think age has caught up with Sanders, and Harris comes across as whining, and Gabbard took Harris to the cleaners last month in the debate.

    Yang is ahead of O’Rourke in Iowa now, and he’ll be on stage next month, too.

    Locally, I’ve been trying to figure out how Penny Wegman is going to inherit her mother’s gig in the recorder’s office. It won’t be running for auditor, and giving up a 2-year county board term and out of redistricting? Doesn’t make sense.

    By the way, Allen Skillicorn finally threw in the towel on congressional candidacy in IL-14. As you predicted here on February 8 in a “Quick Hits”, the lack of money doomed Skillicorn, and Proft not getting any dough from Uihlien, which made Capitol Fax late last week, made Skillicorn send out a $500/ticket fundraiser to run for reelection.

    Given many of the questionable things Skillicorn said while flirting with the IL-14 race, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him primaried.

    But I’m sure you heard in IL-14, Jim Oberweis, made the “Young Guns” program, along with Ted Gradel. Threshold was $100,000 raised during 2nd quarter, which Oberweis loaned himself, but he did raise over $100,000 from donors. At 73, Oberweis is a “young gun” according to the NRCC.

    Gradel did raise nearly $305,000 in the 2nd quarter after his April 23 announcement, and he only loaned himself $30,000 compared with Oberweis’ $200,000 loans-from-himself year-to-date.

    And speaking of Congress in IL-06, Terry Hunt, Tom Hartwell, Dave Rickert along with Mike Kenyon and Ken Shepro were on the host committee for an Evelyn Sanguinetti fundraiser in St. Charles last week.

    Given Jeanne Ives, an Army veteran is Sanguinetti’s opponent, and Rickert in the past usually backs the former military types in primaries, I guess Rickert has changed his ways now that he’s in his sixth term.

    We’ll see how this all turns out.

  2. BIden is “the only one who can beat Trump”? Sorry, I’m not buying it.

    I also don’t believe that appealing to Trump voters is the path to beating him. He lost the popular election and won by an Electoral College fluke, don’t forget. Anyone who is seriously considering voting for him now, after his performance in office, is beyond all appeals to decency or rationality IMO.

    Just curious…what was Iqbal’s one good idea?

    1. Pan,

      Look at Biden’s poll numbers, which keep getting better despite his gaffes. Sanders and Warren are just too liberal for swing voters.

      And that’s what I’m referring to in this piece. True Trump voters will vote for that imbecile no matter what he does. There’s no point in “appealing” to them. But the Dems can’t back those same swing voters into a corner by going so far left (insurance for illegal immigrants) that fear forces them back to trump.

      As someone on Real Time said, win the election first and then worry about the revolution.

    2. A perfect example is that fraud known as Marianne Williamson. First she’s big on reparations and now she wants Andrew Jackson’s portrait removed from the White House.

      That rank stupidity makes her, and by association, the rest of the Democratic field far less electable.

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