Quick Hits – April 20, 2018

Quick Hits – April 20, 2018

I predicted a riot

And it happened at the Illinois Youth Center is St. Charles on Thursday (4/19). Here’s the story according to six separate sources.

Because they have the run of the facility, the “residents” of the Williams Cottage have been stockpiling broom handles, mop handles, and socks filled with rocks in the gutters of that building. If you drive by the IYC on a warm day, you’ll quickly note the inmates on the roof throwing tiles down at the staff.


So yesterday, a few of them exited their locked cottage through the roof, retrieved their makeshift weapons, assaulted the lone guard, broke down a nearby office door, and hit the emergency button, which unlocked the cottage doors. Then the now armed inmates attacked the Cleveland Cottage “residents” as they returned from the cafeteria.

Nothing like a mass brawl to brighten your day, right?

The guards did their best to intervene, but the situation deteriorated to the point where an IYC staffer felt the need to call the State Police.

When an ambulance showed up with a St. Charles Police escort to retrieve the badly injured guard, they were refused entry. When the officers offered to help quell the riot, IYC administrators responded by saying, “You have no jurisdiction here.”

When the State Police showed up, they were also barred entry, but those officers were so displeased with that turn of events that they demanded the names of the administrators who issed the order.

If you don’t let the police in, they can’t make an official report, can they!

The badly injured guard was eventually taken to Delnor Hospital where he was the proud recipient of 17 cranial staples.

Like I said on Monday, someone is going to have to die before Governor Rauner finally decides to do something about this clusterfuck of a correctional facility.


This one’s on Rauner

A number of State employees have been telling me that the Rauner administration is so incompetent and inept, that the talented folks who haven’t simply left, are getting fired. Then they’re being replaced by inexperienced college graduates who don’t ask questions, but they don’t know what they’re doing, either.


We’ve already discussed that the Governor is well aware of this problem, but just like all those Quincy veterans needlessly died of Legionnaire’s Disease, he clearly doesn’t give a flying bleep about it.

But the most fascinating thing is, these Rauner critiques aren’t coming from Democrats, they’re coming from some of his staunchest 2014 supporters. In fact, the conservative friend who helped me break this story recently declared, “Bruce Rauner sucks.”

And I tend to agree.

You all know I’m no fan of Michael Madigan’s fiscal approach to state government. But at least he isn’t trying to destroy the State from within by enabling the kind of cancer that does that kind of thing.

I generally don’t believe in evil. Much like cold is the absence of heat and darkness is the absence of light, evil is nothing more than the failure of good men to act. Sadly, Governor Rauner is making me reconsider that notion.


An open letter to Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon

Dear Joe,

I understand know that you and twenty of your best prosecutors are spending a great deal of time – and a great many Kane County tax dollars – prosecuting the Cook County Laquan McDonald case. That said, it’s not my fault that you’re so politically naïve you thought that gig would help, and not hurt, your political career.

I know you’re trying, but we both know it’s too late to get out from under that albatross.

Meanwhile, please consider this. There’s a correctional facility right across the street – you can see it from your office window – that’s completely out of control. It’s gotten so bad that a guard or employee is going to needlessly die sooner rather than later.

McMahon 2

I understand the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office has no jurisdiction over those administrators. But you do have the absolute right – and duty – to prosecute any crime that occurs on those grounds, and that includes gross negligence on the part of those administrators.

It’s because of that gross negligence that there was a riot at the IYC yesterday Joe, and good people were seriously injured as a result. Since Superintendent Albright has no intention of holding the “residents” accountable for anything, and Governor Rauner doesn’t care, you’re going to have to step in before someone does die.

Don’t worry! I’m more than willing to lend a hand! At least a dozen people – brave souls willing to risk their employment – have come forward to say they’d be more than willing to testify about exactly what goes on at that facility on a daily basis.

If former Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti could prosecute IYC inmate crimes despite a recalcitrant administration, then you can, too. I realize that doing the right thing might not help your career, but when you were elected, you swore an oath to uphold the law.

And the people of Kane County aren’t willing to settle for anything less.


My heartfelt gratitude…

…goes out to all the current and former Illinois Youth Center St. Charles employees – at least 25 of them – who’ve reached out to me this week. No human being should have to put up with those kinds of conditions – period.

I don’t understand why neither the State’s Attorney nor the local newspapers take you seriously, but I do. My problem is, there’s only one of me, and on occasion, I do need to focus on those paying gigs.

Rest assured, I will get back to each and every one of you, because I really do want to hear your stories.


27 thoughts on “Quick Hits – April 20, 2018

  1. Hello Media outlets!!! Guess there is no story here. Let’s move on.

    What does it take to wake people up to the type of corruption that is occurring in our state facilities??

    No wonder our State is in such shambles financially. No one will help when people need help.. Sometimes they don’t even help themselves.

    State Reps and Senators, where you at? Committee members where are you at? Kane County officials make your voice known.

    The surrounding communities of IYC need to be notified. That water park you are near is unsecured. Campton Hills, you are to close for comfort. St. Charles you have already been affected by an escape years ago.

    Lots of high dollar neighborhoods that have the worst neighbor of all. IYC St. Charles.

  2. These kids are where they for a reason. If they keep being treated like they’re at summer camp, they’ll never change. We need to clean up our government, if nothing is going to be done about this problem…

    1. Oh ..even all of this will not stop the madness that goes on in st Charles.i was a resident there and all the officers were questioning administration.the officers truly are not safe as well as the residents who follow the rules.idjj needs to be shut down and switched back to doc.the juveniles to run the facility and get out thinking they can rum the world.which typically leads them right back and or sent to adult.idjj teaches the inmates nothing.if not makes them worse on the outside.

  3. Get the story out about the kid that got to go home early because he was beaten so bad by other kids that he has brain damage. Or the one about kids being raped by other kids…the savage life as the kids call it. Administration could care less about staff being hurt. Get the stories out about the kids. They don’t want that out there.

  4. Yes please do something and help make this public. She was assaulted a dozen times and no one was ever held accountable. Things are so bad for every employee on grounds there. No one ever does anything to help them out

  5. Before 2015, kids were held responsible and given “set time” whenever they violated serious rules or put in confinement for a time out and then options to earn that time back. However, the state wants to get the youth out as soon as possible in order to save money. So, no matter what the youth do, they won’t be held accountable. What are they learning from this system?

  6. Ok, so help me try to understand how this is solely Rauner’s fault? Was this building put under State control once he took office? Or has it been under State control long before he was elected? Those are rhetorical questions.
    Why was nothing done to improve this facility while there was a Democratic Governor was in Office? Why hasn’t Michael Madigan and his cronies tried to improve this facility? I will tell you why, because they do not care what happens there!!!

    1. It solely lies in his blame because he has the authority to change things.
      I know that the department is under a consent decree but that doesn’t mean that it should be handled carelessly
      The consent decree needs to be revisited because all the many changes for the “better “ is not working at all
      So that is how it is his fault
      I voted for him looking for a better way for the state and I see nothing new!!!

  7. Call town meetings. Invite Madigan and his cronies. Put it in the paper , facebook etc. So other villages can come and get involved. These kids are from all over, it shouldn’t just be your problem. Get the area radio stations to put the word out there.

  8. I used to work there for very short time. I would be happy to share my story with you. I am just graduating with my MSW at AU and plan to work in organizing and policy.

  9. Looked on the Police reports in the area and no mention of IYC St Charles as a stop. Can somebody or direct me to find a way to find out the Fire and Ambulance reports? Thanks.

    1. Mary,

      If you talk to or listen to the staff at IYC St. Charles, education is there for them but the inmates are to busy tearing up the school and fighting due to improper administrative policies. Those policies have created a hands off approach to inmates doing wrong, destroying government property, attacking each other and staff. Once staff are attacked and defend themselves, the administration looks to process the staff through external agencies by investigations. Then if administration still does not get their way, they move to fire the staff by a kangaroo court disciplinary process. Did you not see the story in the article by Jeff of the young lady attacked with the food tray and punched?

      In a nutshell Mary, these inmates have services but choose to act in the manner that they do. There is no consequence for their actions and they are released back into the public because the administration refuses to deal with the misbehavior and criminal acts that creates such a high workman’s comp issue at that facility. You need to understand, these guys are looking to graduate to adult prison. It’s a hard concept to grasp but it’s the truth. Stop wasting your tax dollars on things that do not work and start applying them to places that give better returns, just like investing your money.

  10. Youth are highly aggressive and volatile attacking both each other and staff. This is a dangerous environment to be in when there are no repercussions for misbehavior. NO PERSON should have to work under these conditions wondering if they’ll be able to go home safely. Security has drastically declined.

  11. How about the four prison guards that were forcing inmates to fight? What has happened to them? Last I checked the Kane County court cases, Asiata’s and Klimek’s next court appearance is in May. As usual in our court system “motion upon motion for continuance”.

  12. What you failed to mention is that the outside agencies were not allowed access due to the fact that they refused to give up their firearms. While I don’t agree with what happened, it was better that they were not allowed on grounds with weapons because the youths are so violent and would have ended up with them somehow.

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