Quick Hits – April 15, 2016

Quick Hits – April 15, 2016

Lord! Please save us from ourselves!

If you want to witness the kind of entitlement mentality, failure to take personal responsibility, and capacity to ignore the truth that’s slowly destroying this country, I’d recommend going to right the tape of last night’s Algonquin Village Board meeting.

Because that’s where you’ll see the Longmeadow Loons in all their glory. And while it’s been amusing to watch these anti-bridge folks embarrass themselves at every turn, it’s not funny anymore.

So please permit me to address their disturbing “concerns” one by one:

  1. The Longmeadow Parkway Bridge has been in the planning stages for over 20 years. There have literally been hundreds of public meetings on the subject. So despite what you say, no one tried to keep it a secret, nor could they. If you’re just catching on now, it’s your fault.
  1. The demand for the bridge has and still exponentially exceeds the opposition. Does anyone really believe the government bodies involved would waste all that time, money, and effort on something nobody wants? This isn’t Chicago!
  1. The original homeowners abutting the bridge easement had to sign a document acknowledging the likelihood of that structure. If the original homeowner failed to disclose that document to a subsequent purchaser, how is that, in any way, shape, or form, the County’s responsibility? And if that second buyer failed to thoroughly review the plat of survey, which would’ve clearly indicated that massive easement, it’s nobody’s fault but theirs.
  1. Despite what you Loons like to say, the “people” have not spoken. A mere 8,000 voters in Dundee Township said “no” to the bridge in a meaningless advisory referendum. That’s 26 percent of Dundee Township registered voters and 3.5 percent of Kane County voters, which is hardly a mandate.
  1. If you thought the economy killed the bridge, then you’re just bleepin’ lazy. A ten second Google search would’ve quickly proved otherwise.
  1. The answer to the oft asked Loon question, “why won’t you listen to us?,” is, not only are you a bunch of nutcases, but you don’t listen to anyone yourselves. Deputy KDOT Director Tom Rickert couldn’t finish a single sentence last night without being shouted down.
  1. Contrary to Friends of the Fox River (I’m really starting to despise that organization) President, Gary Swick’s confident contention, the bridge is a done deal. The Algonquin Village Board can’t stop it, the Township can’t stop it, and 50 to 75 Loons at a village board meeting certainly aren’t going to stop it either. You will have to convince 13 County Board Members to suddenly switch their votes which ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

The time to protest the Longmeadow Parkway Bridge was back in 1996, but just like Rip Van Winkle, you all slept right through it. Please try to take some personal responsibility for your lack of diligence and stop wasting our time.

Holy crap! Now I understand why Donald Trump gets so many votes.

Goddam Democrats!

As covered on Left, Right and You, Elgin area assemblymen are attempting to pass a bill that would allow U-46 CEO, Tony Sanders, to serve as Superintendent. As it stands now, the state requires specific educator credentials which Sanders does not possess

Thus, technically, Ken Arndt is the Superintendent who signs all the documents requiring an “official” signature. Meanwhile, Sanders runs the show on a daily basis.

Rita Mayfield

But just when we thought the Fred Crespo sponsored bill would pass, Waukegan (it figures!) Democratic State Rep, Rita Mayfield, killed it in committee, claiming it reeked of “favoritism and cronyism.” She went on to say that “…he does not have the credentials to be superintendent.”

First, for a Springfield Democrat to suddenly start worrying about favoritism and cronyism is more than a wee bit ironic. I thought that’s exactly the kind of thing that Chicago area Democrats were supposed to be good at – just ask the speaker. And what better “credentials” do you need than Sanders is effectively doing the job right now.

This issue has united an often fractured school board, U-46 has never been in better shape, and Sanders has led the charge on more equitable state school funding. Apparently Ms. Mayfield doesn’t understand that cronyism usually means hiring someone who isn’t qualified.

Thankfully, there are other methods of getting the bill out of committee and a similar statute is being introduced in the Senate. So just like the Longmeadow Bridge, despite the lone loon, this will get done folks!

In the meantime, if you want to convey your dismay regarding Representative Mayfield’s unilateral decision, her Springfield office number is 217-558-1012.

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  1. As an aside; The first Thursday issues of both the CHRONICLE and the ELBURN HERALD arrived here yesterday. It is noticeable that the editorial staff of the Elburn paper is no longer listed in it.

    The CHRONICLE had a big label “GENEVA” as it’s header, and the ELBURN HERALD was basically the same paper, with the same pages as a center core, wrapped in several “Elburn” front pages. and what normally would be called the Sunday color comics were included in the CHRONICLE.

    If either of these two weekly- (“weakly”) issued papers last a year, I will be amazed.

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