Quick Hits – An Elgin Cabal Cracks – Part Two!

Quick Hits – An Elgin Cabal Cracks – Part Two!

On Wednesday we covered how, in the form of Elgin City Councilman Baledmar Lopez, the Madigan Machine’s tentacles have oozed all the way out to Elgin. We discussed the fact the councilman, who’s co-owns a lobbying firm, was paid 60 grand by Commonwealth Edison to do absolutely nothing.

It’s great work if you can get it!

But as bought and sold as he is, Lopez’ antics pale in comparison to another charter member of that Elgin cabal, Judge John Dalton, who revels in a sadistic capacity to make the folks unfortunate enough to enter his courtroom suffer as much as possible.

John dalton
John Dalton

Again, Dalton, Lopez, Judge Michael Noland, and Dalton’s husband, political lackey Rich Jacobs, all revolve around Elgin State Senator Cristina Castro who firmly believes she was somehow elected queen of The City in the Suburbs.

For reference purposes, we’ve previously covered Judge Dalton at length and here are some of his greatest hits:

  • He refuses to enforce his own rulings and laughs in peoples’ faces in the process
  • He makes the law up as he goes along
  • He’s a bigot who’s exceptionally hard on Hispanics and blacks
  • He plays to the courtroom gallery consistently looking for reactions
  • He granted unsupervised shared custody for a father who was out on bond for threatening to kill his ex-wife – twice
  • He granted unsupervised shared custody to a women with a series of arrests for public intoxication (I have the police reports)

Then there’s my personal favorite, when a woman presented texts in which her ex bragged that he was masturbating on the bed next to their two-year-old daughter, Dalton replied, “Do you know how many people have sex in the same room as their children?”

Yeah! He’s a real piece of work! And the reason he gets away with behaving like such a bleep is he’s an elected circuit judge, but he might not be getting away with it for much longer.

You see, his beyond questionable custody placements – Dalton feeds on making the women who appear before him break down and sob in court – have finally caught up with him in the form of a dead two-year-old boy.

To be clear, no good journalist will EVER get involved with, or take sides in a custody dispute, in great part, because it’s far too easy to accuse someone of sexual abuse or any number of heinous acts. But when you consider his track record and a call I received from a Glen Ellyn pastor, it indicates an obvious pattern in Dalton’s placements.

The pastor found me through a previous column on this despicable excuse for a human being, and he reached out because he couldn’t quite believe a church member’s account of Dalton’s behavior in court. His utter disregard for anyone actually is quite hard to believe.

As the pastor went on to describe the horrific particulars of the case, I assured him that Dalton was more than capable of the egregious behavior his congregant described, including placing a child in the care of a pedophile. The pastor was beside himself as he described how the young boy was undergoing rectal reconstruction surgery as we spoke.

So, when the mother of the dead two-year-old previously accused her ex of the same sex abuse, and then that child mysteriously died in the care of the ex and his family, I’m starting to take that possibility far more seriously.

To be clear, the Cook County Medical Examiner is in the process of determining the cause of death, and DCFS has opened an investigation, which means it’s time to issue some FOIA’s in both regards. But the bottom line is, John Dalton has a long history of placing children in peril because he feeds on watching their mothers’ complete and utter despair.

As previously stipulated here, outgoing Chief Judge, Susan Clancy-Boles, refused to address this issue in any way – no shock there – but a new 16th Circuit Chief Judge takes office on December 1, which means there’s new hope! So, let me address Judge Clint Hull directly.

Judge Hull,

Given our former friendship, no one understands this journalist’s persistence quite like you do, and you and I know you have the power to bring John Dalton’s reign of terror to an end. To wit, when there was a mere whisper of Judge Joseph Grady issuing a racist comment in court, Chief Judge Boles slapped a court reporter in that room so fast that heads were doin’ 360s.

It didn’t happen again, did it?

And that’s all that’s required here. So, your first course of action as Chief Judge should be to do the very same thing in courtroom 101. You and I both know Dalton behaves quite differently when the court watchers are there for the Tuesday and Thursday order of protection hearings, and a court reporter would be even more effective in that regard.

Should you chose not to avail yourself of this eminently simple solution, I promise to take you and this situation to the Judicial Inquiry Board and beyond. I will continue to rally the Dalton victims who have come to me to action, and I will personally run the kind of 2024 anti-retention campaign that will require you to respond with some serious campaign cash.

It’s nothing personal Your Honor. It’s simply a matter of refusing to simply sit back and watch people suffer when you and I can do something about it.

18 thoughts on “Quick Hits – An Elgin Cabal Cracks – Part Two!

    1. I have, and will continue to share this horrific story in as many fb groups as possible! That is in between fb shutting me down for telling the REAL NEWS! We demand justice for this innocent mother and her family! This judge needs to be punished at the highest level! As well as many other family fake court judges and their flying monkeys!

  1. I don’t believe FOIA can be used against judiciary. I don’t believe it can even be used against the Clerk of Circuit Court.
    As to Judge although it takes forever complain to Judicial Inquiry Board
    Just got rid of Judge OShea in DuPage

  2. Jeff, I have known Clint Hull for twenty years and have worked with him with the Illinois Park District Committee on Joint Public Awareness Committee. He was one of the finest States Attorneys in both Kane and DeKalb County.
    I can assure you that he will do the right thing with Judge Dalton.
    It is a shame individuals with such egos poor judgment and lack of Judicial demeanor get elected. Judicial retention election will be coming soon for the Judge and a reconning.

    1. Cary,

      I was friends with Clint for 12 years, but his refusal to address the Dalton issue – judges can speak out – and his inexplicable friendship with the likes of ASA Kelly Orland belie the man he truly is.

      That kind of bad judgment makes some things irretrievable. Either you stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.

      With Dalton, we’re not talking about simple ego and poor judgment. We’re talking one dead boy and another having rectal reconstruction surgery.

      And sadly, Dalton just won retention.


  3. The rectal surgery happened on the same boy who passed so it’s not two separate cases. I know you won’t allow anonymous comments but you really need to look into how insane this mother is before you decide to go after Dalton on this particular case. You’ll lose credibility.

    1. Ah yes! Another chickenshit anonymous bleep whose gonna lecture me on credibility. No irony there!

      First, because I actually perform my due diligence, I know the names of both women I referenced in the columns and they’re remarkably different.

      Second, even if I didn’t know the name of the woman the pastor wanted to discuss, you mean to say a woman from Elgin drives 45 minutes to Glen Ellyn just to go church? I suppose it could happen.

      All you done is prove that two boys Dalton placed out of spite to the mothers needed rectal surgery, which makes my case that much stronger and thus, increases my credibility.

      So now, all I ask is that you please crawl back under whatever rock you just slithered out of which will clearly make the world a better place for the rest of us.

    2. Insane because she’s speaking out and will stop at NOTHING until she gets justice for her son??? Jeff has gained all the credibility in the world for using his platform as a stage for doing what’s RIGHT. Im another victim of the Dishonorable Judge Dalton and my daughter was admitted to a MENTAL HEALTH ward for thoughts of suicide because he failed not only as a judge but as a human being. I can’t wait to see what he has coming to him.

      1. I know this mother and she may be insanely grief stricken, but is of totally sound mind and she deserves justice for her precious angel. Great article Jeff thank you for bringing a voice to those going unheard.

  4. I have audio recordings from the Independent Forensic Pathologist the Mother of the deceased 2 year old hired as well as the Cook County medical examiner who conveniently withheld the two year olds brain, heart and neck organs, including his neck bone.

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