Quick Hits – 2019 endorsements!

Quick Hits – 2019 endorsements!

Since I’ve been somewhat remiss in covering many of our local races, let’s tie up a few loose ends before those April 2 election day festivities commence.

Election 2019

U46 School Board

Thankfully, this is the last of the local ideological battlegrounds with two very disparate slates of four candidates squaring off. Though I firmly believe the outcome is a foregone conclusion, I do want to remind you of what a partisan nightmare this board has been for the last four years.

Disgraced former board member and legend in her own mind, Traci Ellis, was the worst of the liberal bunch, but crazy conservative incumbent Jeannette Ward comes in a very close second place. Ellis is already gone, and Ward should also be sent packing.

Ms. Ward (no relation) has gone out of her way to prove she firmly believes that being a board member has nothing to do with the teachers, taxpayers, or students and everything to do with pressing a ultra-conservative agenda that has no place in a school district.

Swept in on the coattails of a major County Clerk Jack Cunningham tax error which has long since been rectified, she will be hard pressed to retain her seat. I’d list Ward’s greatest hits, but neither one of us has that kind of time.

U-46 is far from perfect such that even the bloom is falling off CEO Tony Sanders’ rose, but as I frequently remind myself, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” It’s in that very vein I’d recommend:

  • Kathleen Thomas
  • John Devereaux
  • Eva Porter
  • Susan Kerr

In addition to finally restoring balance to the board force, my fondest wish is these worthwhile folks will provide the kind of strong and independent voices that will propel U-46 onto bigger and better things.


Elgin City Council/Mayor

Given my regular coverage of that body, there’s no need to mince words here. The best city council candidates are:

  • John Steffen
  • Rose Martinez
  • Toby Shaw
  • Fred Moulton
  • Steve Thoren

Though I think I’m, once again, spitting into the wind, considering her premature lynching of Elgin Police Lt. Chris Jensen, please put Councilwoman Tish Powel out of our collective misery.

With Elgin doing quite well on all fronts, Mayor Dave Kaptain has most certainly earned another term.


Aurora 6th Ward

This race has suddenly become a bit more fascinating!  Someone provided the Beacon-News with evidence of perennial candidate Matt Harrington “purchasing” his heavily promoted degrees from a “school” shut down for being a diploma mill.

Ain’t politics grand?

But the truth is, God Herself could come down and She wouldn’t wouldn’t beat Mike Saville. And no one is going to beat an incumbent in a crowded field of four.

I have spoken with Mike many times over the years and he is exactly what an alderman should be. He has my unflinching endorsement!


North Aurora Trustee

  • Mark Guethle
  • Mark Carroll
  • Laura Curtis

North Aurora is consistently in the black, this trio regularly keeps costs down, and I’ve worked on a number of campaigns with Mark Guethle, so give these incumbents another shot.


Geneva D304 School Board

With the Geneva Education Association already sending out three mailers supporting their pro-union slate, I want to remind my fellow Genevans to vote for the three candidates who will put the taxpayer on equal footing with the teachers:

  • Mike McCormick
  • Jessica Breugelmans
  • Al Gaston

The most surprising thing about this race is, in a field of nine, Breugelmans is the only one who canvassed my south Fisher Farms neighborhood. That alone would get my vote.

BTW, an astute reader noted the irony that it’s actually the Geneva Township taxpayers who underwrote those mailers. Think about it! We collectively pay those educators’ salaries and the teachers, in turn, pay union dues, which paid for those mailers.

As D. L. Hughley would say, “Ain’t that a bitch!”


Geneva 4th Ward Alderman

Though I certainly have nothing against Gabriel Kaven, I’ll be pulling that ballot trigger for Paula Merrington. She’s one of the few candidates who knocked on our front door, her yard sign effort has been more than reasonable, and she sent a small, but effective mailer to Fourth Ward voters.

Typically, the candidates who prove they can run an effective campaign turn out to be the most effective city councilmen.


Geneva Library Board

Again, not a lot of due diligence expended here, but I will certainly be voting for Dana Hintz a second time.


And last but not least, PLEASE get out and vote. These odd-year races may lack the panache and pizzazz of their even-year compatriots, but city councils and school boards do more to determine your tax burden than federal and state government combined.

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