Quick Hits – 2018 First Ward Endorsements!

Quick Hits – 2018 First Ward Endorsements!

Since this is gonna be a long one and I’ve got things to do, let’s get right to our endorsements in those contested races:

County Board 3 – Anita Lewis

If you want the Kane County Board to descend into another Springfiled-esque partisan quagmire, vote for her opponent who’s nothing more than an Aurora Township Democratic shill. As we’ve already discussed, the Aurora Dems are beyond dysfunctional redemption, and they and their ilk need to be relegate to history’s dustbin.

County Board 5 – Bill Lenert

Bill made a few rookie mistakes, but he’s generally done a great job. He’s clearly earned another shot. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate has bought into the whole Democratic “let’s take back the board” thinking and that isn’t good for anyone.

County Board 6 – Write in Ron Ford

We’ve already discussed this situation at length!

County Board 11 – John Martin

John Martin has been a stellar county board member and you know I don’t make that kind of pronouncement very often. If all Illinois politicians were like John, we’d have a balanced budget and lower taxes, too!

County Board 13 – Steve Weber

I helped Steve beat Phil Lewis and I helped him out with his general election campaign plan as well. Steve’s background makes him particularly suited for the county board and I look forward to finally working with a decent board representative.

I also like his opponent, Lark Cowart, but in the end, she’s incredibly bull-headed and won’t listen to anyone. That does not bode well for someone seeking public office. Losing two elections in less than a year will make her unelectable.

County Board 15 – Lucas Strom

I love Barb Wojnicki as a person and a friend, but she’s an absolute nightmare as a county board member. Some people just aren’t cut out for politics. Meanwhile, Strom may be a Democrat, but he’s not the insane variety and I love his CV.

County Board 19 – Kurt Kojzarek

Like John Martin, Kojzarek has been a stellar board member and, as his campaign slogan states, he truly is “A Voice of Reason.” There are those who say Kojzarek will eventually rise to  chairman and I happen to agree with them.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Iqbal has run for every office but dog catcher and he’s managed to lose every single one. In the end, he’s simply parroting Kojzarek’s platform, so you might as well vote for the real thing.

And please let me add that, I’m utterly disappointed in Elgin’s mayor Dave Kaptain’s wife Sandy and her Democratic ilk who’ve supported Kurt and his environmental initiatives for years but abandoned him the second it became politically expedient. Shame on her and all the rest of them.

The mayor is running again, right?

County Board 21 – Cliff Surges

Cliff is simply the stronger candidate.

County Board 23 – Jim Patrician

Jim supports the current Kane County tax freeze and his opponent does not!




43rd District State Rep – Anna Moeller

This is more a vote against her opponent, Andrew Cuming, another perennial candidate who brings nothing to the table, than an endorsement of Anna. If you can’t run a reasonable campaign, why should anyone put you in a state rep seat?

Moeller is clearly the better candidate, but the extent to which she’s bought into the general assembly partisan bickering is truly terrifying. And if serving in Springfield turns you into a generally miserable human being, then perhaps it’s time to walk away.

49th District State Rep – Tonia Khouri

If you can extrapolate a campaign mien to the capacity to govern, then Khouri is the clear choice. Sadly, Karina Villa could be a rare movement candidate, but she’s far too wishy washy, her campaign has been an unmitigated disaster, and she’s far too beholden to the Aurora Democrats. The last thing we need in Springfield is another go-with-the-flow Democrat.

50th District State Rep – Keith Wheeler

It’s the whole can a candidate run an ineffective campaign and still somehow govern question again. And Jim Leslie’s campaign has made me cringe every step of the way. Despite the fact he’s a bit too conservative for my taste, I have been able to work with Keith on a number of issues. But if he doesn’t start showing a bit more independence, I will be more than happy to provide his next opponent with all the statistical analysis he or she might need to win.

65th District State Rep – Dan Ugaste

While his signs are everywhere, I’ve seen two of Richard Johnson’s. And if you aren’t in it to win it…

84th District State Rep – Stefanie Kifowit

She does occasionally hork me off by poking her nose into places it doesn’t belong. But she is an exceptional state rep who truly takes that gig to heart. She’s a very effective communicator, she truly cares about her constituents, and while she’s not as independent of the Madigan Machine as I’d like, I’d never ask anyone to commit political suicide,,either.


(In the initial posting I missed the state senate races, so here they are!)

26th District State Senate – I haven’t followed this one enough to make the right call.

33rd District State Senate – Don DeWitte

Don did a great job as Mayor of St. Charles, he’s a smart and independent politician, and he’s not the kind of idiot Republican that regularly drinks the that absurdly conservative Kool-Aid. I wish I could vote for him myself! I don’t dislike his opponent, it’s just that she doesn’t bring much to the table.


16th Circuit Judge – Tom Hartwell

Though Mr. Hartwell personally disappointed me in a manner that typically makes me work for his opponent, when that opponent is former State Senator Michael Noland, I do feel a sudden sense of forgiveness. Hartwell won’t be a great judge, but he will be a good one, and when you consider some of the Kane County mopes in black right now, that’s a massive step up.

Meanwhile, Noland is so corrupt and slimy, he makes Moeller look like saintly by comparison. We will devote an entire column to Mr. Noland’s foibles next week.

Another thing I like about Hartwell’s candidacy is, it sends a message to all those associate judges that those 16th Circuit seats aren’t theirs to inherit. I think it’s high time that “regular” attorneys make a regular run at Judge and I will help the good ones going forward.

Retain Judge John Dalton – NO!

This man is purposely cruel to plaintiffs and defendants, he ignores the law, he ignores his own rulings, and woe be it to any woman or minority who appears before him. Here’s your big chance to vote this poor excuse for a human being out of office. We’ll cover this piece of bleep next week as well.

Retain Judge John Barsanti – Yes

John was a great State’s Attorney and he’s an even better judge. His wife may annoy the crap out of me, but we can’t pin those kinds of poor choices on him. There aren’t very many 16th Circuit Judges I hold in the highest esteem, but Barsanti is one of them.


County Clerk – No one

You may as well write me in because both candidates suck!

Sheriff – Ron Hain

I could brag about Hain’s impressive anti-recidivism programs, but when the current Sheriff doesn’t bother to show up to the Delnor hostage tragedy because of a sore big toe, I really don’t need to.

Treasurer – Dave Rickert

The other guy isn’t even trying, and all sorts of folks regularly call me to say what a great job Dave is doing.


Since you already know the statewide and Congressional candidates, we’ll just go with names here:

14th Congressional District – Lauren Underwood

11th Congressional District – Nick Stella

8th   Congressional District – Raja Krishnamoorthi

6th   Congressional District – Sean Casten


State Treasurer –         Michael Frerichs

State Comptroller –     Susana Mendoza

Secretary of State –     Jesse White

Attorney General –     Kwame Raoul

Governor –                  J. B. Pritzker

Queen –                       Kristen Ziman


Now, go out and vote!

18 thoughts on “Quick Hits – 2018 First Ward Endorsements!

  1. Thanks so much for this, especially the County Board and judicial races, which I hadn’t paid any attention to (although I knew about Noland). It’s a big help.

    Any thoughts on 33rd dist. state Senate? Last I heard (from you, I think), McConnaghey was going to resign (good riddance) in favor of a former mayor of…Geneva? Batavia? Did that ever happen? And isn’t there a woman running as a Democrat?

  2. Very astute comments about Elgin’s Mayor Weakling’s wife. Another bi-product of having a husband playing partisan politics who can’t bring a piece of cheese and a mouse together. The downside of having an all-Liberal city council now is here. What’s there to work for except your own political agenda first, results second?

    1. Mr. Prigge, in my part of town, since Kaptian has been mayor, the streets have been repaved and we’ve gotten a desperately needed supermarket thanks to tax incentives he arranged. I call those rock star results. Maybe you’ve accomplished something worthwhile for the city during your years as an elected official. If so, I’m all ears–let’s hear it.

  3. Pan:

    Thanks very much for asking! Please read all of them. I would be happy to give you details on any of these.

    * Initiated odd/even parking in the worst abused area in Elgin.

    * Initiated the raising of the fine from $50 to $500 for businesses selling alcohol with no city liquor license.

    * Initiated the Unlimited Trash and Recycling Day. Now offered three times per year.

    * Initiated the Pet Health and Safety Fair, now a twice per year event.

    * Stopped two political favors granted to friends of a council member who wanted No Parking signs removed in front of their house and business without approval.

    * Initiated the upgrade to our animal control ordinance in 2010 making it one of the toughest in Illinois.

    * Initiated putting a list and map of all licensed rental units in Elgin with their license expiration date.

    * Initiated putting the addresses of all dangerous and vicious dogs online.

    * Initiated putting all city council members voting records online beginning 2009-current.

    * Initiated changing council meeting rule that requires any council member who wants to table an item to state why they want it tabled.

    * Changed city signs on properties to show what type of meeting about that property was scheduled.

    * Initiated putting all licensed addresses where chickens are kept and their license expiration dates.

    * Initiated video gaming for bars and restaurants in 2013.

    * Initiated changing city council meeting rules to lift the ban of the public not being allowed to speak to the council on agenda items.

    * Initiated changing city council meeting rules that banned the council from speaking to citizens at the podium.

    * Initiated getting the city to purchase rain insurance for the successful and yearly Nightmare on Chicago Street event. This despite having an insurance salesman on the council.

    I challenge you to find the mayor and anyone else on the council who can match the above individually or all added together. Now you can see why councilman Gavin started the Fear and Jealousy Rule which exempts the mayor, of course. Mayor Weakling voted for it every time.

    RE: The Butera store and street repaving: That sales tax rebate is actually costing the city more money as we are losing sales tax money from other stores because of it. There was no food desert there. The repaving issue is a maintenance issue regardless of who is the mayor or council. It’s like giving the mayor credit for changing a burned out light bulb.

    P.S. I do have more accomplishments. These are just off the top of my head.

  4. Mr Prigge:

    I’ll admit up front that like a lot of people, I judge municipal government on the basis of “what has it done for me?” And on that basis, the accomplishments you list range from “pretty OK” to “meh,” with, frankly, emphasis on the “meh” part of the scale.

    I live in the neighborhood where you say there was no food desert, and I can say definitely that you are wrong. The nearest full-service supermarkets are three miles away from my house, which was a definite annoyance. For those of my neighbors without reliable cars, it was much worse than an annoyance. Their alternatives were fast-food restaurants and a convenience store. As for the other businesses, let them learn to compete. My neighbors and I aren’t here to subsidize them.

    As for equating paving the streets with changing a light bulb, all I know is that it’s a light bulb that never got changed during the previous administration.

    In sum, weighing your accomplishments against the mayor’s, I have a hard time seeing any justification for your dismissive hostility toward him. I sincerely hope that you will find a way to work with him and any other officials with whom you may disagree, for the sake of a more efficient city administration and the betterment of all its citizens.

  5. Remembering that I could not serve just YOUR area of Elgin in my service strengthens my accomplishments just by your words alone. If you find no overwhelming value in raising fines to those who sell alcohol without a license from a petty $50 ticket to a $500 fine means you don’t care about fairness in alcohol sales. If you find not having a safer community from dangerous and vicious dogs and cats means you don’t go outside. If you don’t think transparency and openness in government is of great value, then you need not expect it yourself.

    Your neighborhood was no farther away from a grocery store than the people who live in the Far West. Yet, no one I know of is screaming “food desert” there. The same goes for the south east end of town.

    My list above accomplishments were never meant to be for those who believe they live on an island and can just order room service with expectations of wishes granted. If you dispute anything on my list, please feel free to contact any of the council members I served with and ask them for THEIR list. And make sure they name things they initiated, not voted for. You will see I outworked them all and they hated it. For one councilman to outwork the mayor and seven other council members combined in the 8th largest city in Illinois angered them. They were and are embarrassed by that. That’s why the Fear and Jealousy Rule was passed. They could not catch up so they tripped me up.

    As far as the mayor goes, I served with him for eight years. He is not a leader and cannot bring people together. He is a mere councilman with a gavel. He commands no respect from his colleagues and is self-serving in his Green initiatives as mayor. He is afraid to make decisions and is no mentor to anyone.

    1. Mr Prigge:

      So your idea of service to myself and my neighbors is to tell us that we’re people who “believe they live on an island and can just order room service.” Mayor Kaptain’s idea of service is taking the initiative to enable a supermarket to come in where it’s needed. I think I’m beginning to understand why you’re no longer on the city council.

      1. No, that’s not true. The success of a public servant should be determined on what they do for the whole, not just the parts of the community like the northwest side of this city. You will note on my accomplishments above that 15 of the 16 items listed benefited all of Elgin, not just the northwest side.

        Reward Kaptain for his vote on the grocery store giveaway of your sales tax money if you want, but know he did NOT initiate Butera coming to Big Timber Rd.here.

        You’re forgetting that after the Eagle Country Market closed there, there were no other grocery stores banging on the door to replace them for TEN years. The market place spoke with that decade-long scream of silence.

        I dare you to email the entire council for their list of accomplishments and post their answers here, if you get any responses at all.

  6. Dude. I thought you were a Cunningham guy. Not that that I care. He and Jesse White may retire in the next 50 years or so and we can get a sextagenarian in for a youthful look.
    Clerk, circuit court clerk county assent and coroner all should be appointed by board and or chairman. Then get rid of township or at least township assessors and road commissioner and so many more

  7. “it sends a message to all those associate judges that those 16th Circuit seats aren’t theirs to inherit.” Great point, and I see a trend. The last three associate judges to run, lost in the primary. Keep in mind these are all political appointees. They all refused to resign after losing. They all make about $200k/annually. Without a doubt, these appointees think they have a job for life, regardless of what voters want, regardless of how incompetent they are.

    Until the Chief Judge shows some balls and fires these three, as well as any other associate judge losing an election, the elected judges should feel the voter’s wrath and get voted out. It’s the elected judges who appoint these morons in the first place.

  8. Pan:

    Oops! I forgot one of my many accomplishments while on the council to which no one currently can compare.

    * Change the proposal-seeking process for vendors to do city work to only use one newspaper to seek bids – the Daily Herald. The Herald is the largest 7-day a week newspaper in Illinois while the Courier News’ circulation hovers around 4000 homes and businesses. There are Elgin churches who have more church members than the Courier has readers.

    Don’t forget to send the council that email about their accomplishments and report them back here.

  9. Pan:

    Don’t forget to send the council that email about their accomplishments and report them back here. Get anything yet?

    Oops! I forgot ANOTHER accomplishment: I put a list of where all legally declared dangerous and vicious dogs are located at in Elgin online.

    What is that now…18?

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