Quick Hit: Jeff Meyer didn’t walk with Joe Walsh

Quick Hit: Jeff Meyer didn’t walk with Joe Walsh

Holy crap! The bleep really is already hitting the fan. Since I just defended Anna Moeller and turnabout is fair play, it’s time to clear up another rumor, this one regarding her 43rd District State Rep opponent, Jeff Meyer.
Aided and abetted by the ancillary players we’ve all come to dread, word on the political street was that Meyer was doing the door-to-door thing with ne’er-do-well former 8th District Congressman and WIND radio host Joe Walsh.

Jeff Meyer
Jeff Meyer

Given the controversy Joe recently fabricated by his liberal on-air application of the N and C-words, people were aghast at this turn of events. How could a fine, upstanding candidate like Jeff Meyer align himself with such a cad.
And once again, a very small kernel of truth was all it took. You see, some of Joe’s PAC people were walking the Elgin area on behalf of all local Republicans and that kind of thing happens all the time. It’s not the least bit unusual for PAC volunteers and other folks you don’t really know to intervene on your behalf.
Remember, there are times when it’s downright illegal to coordinate efforts.
But before I get something else going, I want to be clear that I’m not saying Jeff is throwing Walsh to the wolves either – nor should he. They are friends. As much as I’ve bitterly complained about the fractured state of the Illinois GOP, it would be disingenuous of me to insist that Jeff suddenly disavow himself of the former Congressman.
You don’t have to agree on absolutely everything to get along.
The truth is, Jeff Meyer has not been walking any precincts with Joe Walsh. And unless he manages to round up the Eagles’ guitarist, I think it would be wise to honor that precedent because Joe will cost you more votes than he’ll get ya.
Sheesh! You’d think the light-speed nature of the news and Net would greatly shorten a rumor’s half-life, but no! The medium actually makes them travel far more effectively and offers them immortality. Proctor and Gamble is still trying to convince folks their logo ain’t Satanic!
So please, please, please stop listening to the ancillary players and all their crap.
But since we’re on the subject of Mr. Walsh, it’s also important to note that, when he doesn’t have an audience, he’s completely normal. I’ve talked with him a couple of times, he’s been on Left, Right and You more than once, and he’s actually a thoughtful and polite individual.
But if you put him in front of just one person willing to respond to his conservative shtick, it’s off to the races. So yes! It’s all an act.

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