Quick Hit – I’ll take “What are things that don’t work for $800, Alex!”

Quick Hit – I’ll take “What are things that don’t work for $800, Alex!”

These yellow “Your Speed” solar-powered radar signs seem to be propagating all over Geneva, primarily near school speed zones. And even though the City’s heart might be in the right place, I’m kinda wondering where their head is!

These expensive signs are patently pointless on so many levels.

First, no one could possibly speed past Heartland Elementary School “when children are present” because it’s an absolute madhouse whenever they are. No self-respecting Heartland neighbor would be caught dead on that street during the morning and afternoon every-woman-for-herself “zipper” parking lot “merges” like the plague.

I’ve made that mistake on rare occasion and it’s is always good for an epithet filled ten minutes of sitting in stalled traffic. I would have to imagine that Heartland Elementary is not nearly the only Geneva school zone to face that kind of twice-a-day congestion, either!

Second, according to my favorite traffic expert, these radar speed signs are only effective when it comes to drivers unfamiliar with the area. But the only motorists who tend to travel those five scant Heartland Drive blocks are the local variety and they already know there’s a school speed zone there.

Third, my expert also said the best those signs ever do is slow motorists by an average of two miles per hour which, when you consider their three-grand average price tag plus installation, hardly seems worth it.

And last, but certainly not least, when my brother was a Lombard cop he told me they gave up on the whole “your speed is” signs and trailers idea because, much like it is with video games, young drivers had a propensity to try and set a “record” high speed which kinda undermines the entire proposition.

When you add all that up, those radar signs are a complete waste of time and taxpayer money. The real answer – if there is one – is to drop the “on school days when children are present” caveat from the codebook and make 20 mph the permanent school speed zone limit.

Considering the COVID budget crunch that will soon smack Geneva and every other local municipality right between the eyes, now is not the time to be wasting tax dollars on “solutions” that don’t work!

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