Quick Hit: Farnham indicted

Quick Hit: Farnham indicted

Though I got my hands on this story pretty quickly (thanks Kim!), I just couldn’t go with it right away.  farnham
C’mon! We all knew exactly what was coming. Homeland Security’s “he’s not a suspect” pronouncement and a health related resignation notwithstanding, the fact that 43rd District State Rep Keith Farnham immediately stepped down after his computers were seized, said it all.
Considering any other outcome than a child pornography charge was engaging the kind of wishful thinking that almost never works out.
And the fact that Farnham clearly courted his own political and personal demise doesn’t make it any easier to cover the sordid indictment details, so I won’t. Should you feel so moved, the full story is on the DH website.
But when all is said and done, here’s what I take away from this sad tale:

  1. In this ain’t nuthin’ private day and age, I cannot understand why anyone with half a brain would willingly indulge their sexual fantasies in an online conversation. Even if it’s your wife on the other end, we all know how easily email, or any other account, can be hacked. And unless you’re Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, that kind of thing getting out almost never works out too well.
  2. Despite the utterly distasteful nature of the charges, please remember that Farnham is innocent until proven otherwise. Our system of jurisprudence hinges on the fact that you always get your day in court.
  3. I’ve said it before. Why, like vultures hovering over an almost rotting corpse, does the press feel the need to seek statements from the defendant’s political friends?  What are they gonna say? “Yeah! I always thought there was something wrong with him, It’s about time he got his!” No! It will inevitably be something like, “I’m shocked. He’s always been such a standup guy. I hope he and his family come through this OK.”
  4. Conversely, why do the folks to whom the press turn, feel the need to wade in? This is one situation where a “I really have no comment” is the perfect response.

I don’t know. Though I’ve always had my doubts as to it’s efficacy, perhaps prayer is the best and only real course of action in this case.

3 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Farnham indicted

  1. . . To date I have felt people have been taking ghoulish pleasures in being outraged by this . . I commend you on this tack and respect you more now than ever before . . .

  2. The press ALWAYS asks obvious, or ghoulish, or insensitive questions. They consider that their job. “Excuse me, ma’am, how do you feel now that your husband has been arrested/killed/discovered to be an axe murderer.” Some of them may pretend to feel bad about it, but they still do it.

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