Open The Schools: Kate Coxworth Mounts The Barricades

Open The Schools: Kate Coxworth Mounts The Barricades

Hundreds of readers have reached out to me for advice over the years, the topics ranging from navigating family court, to dealing with difficult school administrators, to the best way to affect a city council vote. Since it’s the readers that always make the columnist, despite the frequent futility involved, I make an effort to respond to each and every one of them.

And when I say “frequent futility,” I’m referring to the sad fact that 90 percent of those counsel seekers are only interested in hearing me parrot their already immutable world views. Another five percent listen carefully only to ask me if I’ll do it all for them. Four percent give it their best shot, but they give up at the first sign of real resistance.

It’s the one percent who run with the information that change the world that make this frustrating dynamic well worthwhile. And here’s a perfect example.

Last week, Geneva single mother Kate Coxworth sent me a simple, direct, and humorous email containing the following question:

How do everyday people help facilitate getting our kids back to school 5 days a week for in-person learning? I’ll spare you my personal story because it’s clearly irrelevant. Looking for any advice or insight.

Not only was I impressed with her too-rare brevity, but I was more than intrigued by a reader who fully understood it wasn’t all about her. So instead of issuing the typical brief email response, I decided to give Kate a call instead.

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