One easy payday!

One easy payday!

My father served in the precursor to the Navy Seals in the Korean War. I could barely get him to talk about it. Figuring it was 30 years after the fact, I suggested that we sit down and write a book, but the answer was a firm “no!” Despite my persistent efforts to change his mind, he never budged.

Mark Owen

There was a reason those missions were secret. Rear Admiral Sean Pybus put it very succinctly this week, “We do NOT advertise the nature of our work, NOR do we seek recognition for our actions.”
Fast forward 30 years after my dad and I had those discussions and we have despicable Navy Seal, Mark Owen, breaking that unspoken oath as easily as he takes a breath. Not only does his book, No Easy Day, open his team up to all kinds of retribution (the press certainly cracked his pseudonym in short order) and tell the terrorists exactly how we got Bin Laden, ostensibly speaking for his whole team, he disparages the Commander-in-Chief.
The whole thing is appalling. I don’t care if it’s George W. Bush or Barack Obama, no “soldier” should every publicly criticize the Commander-in-Chief, especially when the war still rages.
But despite this obvious breach, you won’t see a word about this on the the Fox News homepage, nor will you be able to find any significant conservative columnist calling out this moron for who he really is. Because as long as you criticize the President, you’re OK. They’re willing to look the other way even if the offense borders on treason.
This is the double standard that exposes the right for who they really are. They’re not out to make this country better, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get back in the White House and stay there.
Mark Owen should be tried and locked up, or better yet, dumped in a locked room with the rest of his seal team.

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