Not so Quick Hits- March 2, 2016

Not so Quick Hits- March 2, 2016

All my Kendall County children

Oh lord! Kendall County Coroner Ken Toftoy really knows how to step in it, doesn’t he? And the sad thing about this infamous capacity is he’s not nearly as perpetually vindictive as so many other local politicians.

In fact, with the exception of bringing in idiot Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whenever Ken does err, there’s almost always something humorous about it. And how many coroners managed to have a privately funded new facility?

toftoySo when Kendall County Coroner staffers were accused of making fun of dead bodies, my first reaction was, “So what? You mean the folks who have to deal with death on a daily basis are blowin’ off steam? That almost never happens!

Unless Haley Joel Osment was there, I don’t think the dead people were too terribly concerned about it.

But now, Ken and Board Member Matt Prochaska were been caught “threatening” Kendall County Board candidate and muckraker Todd Milliron. And I put the word “threatening” in quotes because this may well be the lamest attempt at political revenge I’ve ever seen.

You can listen to the entire conversation here, but it pretty much consists of Ken and Matt discussing siccing the zoning folks on Milliron’s too-long grass, abandoned vehicles, and a potentially illegal home business in an effort to dampen his investigative spirit.

But much like Crocodile Dundee better explained the merits of knives, I gotta say, those aren’t threats. These are threats:

  • Through minions, Kane County Chairman Karen McConnaughay promising that County Board Member Drew Frasz would lose his business zoning if he beat Jan Carlson – and then carrying out that threat.
  • The local unions infiltrating Frasz’s business and disrupting it to the tune of mid-five figure legal fees.
  • Ken Shepro stopping just short of physically assaulting me in the Kane County Boardroom.
  • Chairman McConnaughay delivering red-faced, foul-mouth tirades against dissident board members in her office.
  • Entire police departments dedicated to intimidating folks who don’t share their points of view. (My favorite was when a Kendall County Deputy stopped a friend’s vehicle for no reason only to find Judge Karen Simpson sitting next to him.)

Going after someone for long grass? That’s just kind of sad. It’s kinda like Latka Gravas threatening to call you “a name.” If that’s the best these two gentlemen can do, then I’m really disappointed in them.

Of course, since they could clearly do better, this is just another case of two politicians blowing off steam by surmising silly scenarios. Todd’s business is fine and the worst thing the zoning folks could possibly do is tell him to fix it. My real problem with all of this is, our two intrepid politicians were dumb enough to do it in front of a microphone.

So Kenny and Matt, stop being stupid and get back to work. Todd, keep holding Kendall County politicians’ feet to the fire while you cut your grass and get rid of the cars. But as far as this story goes, just like police officers like to say, “There’s nothing to see here folks, please move along.”


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