My two-part Patch column on the possibility of a Geneva teachers strike

Though some things are better left unsaid, the D304 teachers contract negotiations here in Geneva have gotten so rancorous, I finally felt the need to wade in. I know it may be hard to believe, but I firmly believe, if you can’t move a situation forward, then simply stand on the sidelines.
Mondays column emphasized that this is a “negotiation” with all the chess moves and give and take that process requires. Just because a union gives a notice to strike, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.
Today’s part two covers the strategic mistakes to which both the union and the board have fallen prey. Although the union’s strategy is so far off this time that it’s almost unfathomable.
The good news is, with these columns complete, now I can let it go and go back to my perch in the bleachers.

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