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One of my many editors – and there have been a host of ’em – 11 at last count – took minor exception to my “not letting newspapers off the hook” blog post. And that’s fine! Disagreement is what makes this life worth living.
But I thought my response to him was worth posting here:
To each his or her own. But you were smart enough to see the reality before I did. What’s the point of marching to your own doom? Tennyson may have made an insane cavalry charge seem noble, but it really wasn’t. It was a waste.
What’s the point of becoming something worse than the folks you’re supposed to cover? At what point do you stand up, draw a line in the sand, and say there is something more important than keeping my piddly job? If they [Beacon News staff] mean that much to you, then why aren’t you challenging those people to become something better than what they’ve been relegated to?
And why don’t you care enough to call them out when they clearly have lost their way?
As another one of my former editors said, “This (and the former post) is nothing that hasn’t already been said in a bar late at night under an alcoholic anesthesia.”
Let’s hope the local papers get a clue and start to flourish once again!

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