Mike Kenyon writing about character assassination is like Drew Peterson writing about how to keep a wife!

Mike Kenyon writing about character assassination is like Drew Peterson writing about how to keep a wife!

Before we get started, let’s do the whole caveat thing first. When you run for county chair on an anti-cronyism platform as Chris Lauzen did, you set yourself up for all kinds of heartache when you hire a friend to work in animal control.

Mike Kenyon
Mike Kenyon

Though Rob Sauceda is eminently qualified for the job, it’s not the choice I’d have made if for no other reason than it gave the typical whiners a reason to justify their utterly meaningless existence.
With those stipulations boldly issued, County Board Member Mike Kenyon’s “editorial” in today’s Chronicle was so far beyond the pale that I barely know where to begin. Thankfully, that’s never stopped me before.
It’s so bad that the standard pot and kettle analogy doesn’t begin to do it justice. How Kenyon could write the words, “Never, at any time, has my family, or myself, attempted to gain influence from my position on the Kane County Board,” without immediately bursting into flames is beyond me.
In an apparent effort to defend himself against the “scurrilous” accusations of one Chris Lauzen, Kenyon went on to describe how he and his utterly altruistic family have “donated” vast tracts of land to U-46 and the County for a mere pittance of $300.
Perhaps we should nominate Mike for sainthood.
But the land deal he conveniently forgot to mention in his propaganda is Peck Road. You see, I regularly run right through some of Mr. Kenyon’s former farmland.
And despite sitting right there on the committee that considered that transaction, not filing the required letter to the county, nor disclosing his interest in the deal, Kane County purchased some or all of that land between Keslinger Rd. and Rt. 38 for a purported right-of-way.
Meanwhile, Kenyon continues to farm those acres. I wonder if he pays any rent?
Despite some concerned folks’ best efforts to determine exactly what the county bought and exactly what they paid a SITTING BOARD MEMBER for it, former Chairman McConnaughay stonewalled them at every turn. If you recall, when she wasn’t soliciting contributions from county contractors, turning down FOIA requests was her favorite pastime.
When you consider his tenure as Kane County Republican Chairman, his ongoing South Elgin antics, and his time on the County Board, it would be easier to list the instances in which Mike has not benefited from his political position than to cite the times he did.
And all this self-enrichment came at a time when he presided over the now almost inevitable demise of the Kane County Republican Party. Kenyon’s election track record was so abysmal he couldn’t even put a quality candidate like Steve Rauschenberger over the top of a self-destructive lunatic like Elgin State Senator Mike Noland.
Kenyon also had the nerve to write, “…the issue in question was whether a certain person should be hired, based on his/her personal association with the Chairman.”
Mike! How can you even say something like that when “cronyism” is your fricken’ middle name? Your South Elgin exploits are legendary (and about to become very public) and folks like you and Board Member Mark Davoust insisted upon huddling with Chairman McConnaughay while she hired and appointed generally unqualified FOKS (friends of Karen) like:

  • Mary Lawrie
  • Phil Bus
  • Chris Dudley
  • Andy Raucci
  • Jan Carlson
  • Caryl Van Overmeiren
  • Paul Greviskes
  • Jim Hansen
  • Pat Jaeger
  • Paul Kuehnert
  • Ken Cameron
  • Mitchell Radman
  • Tracy McDonald-Ramsey

And I could go on for days!
For freakin’ god sakes, former County Development Director Phil Bus’ $110, 000 annual pension is more than two times Sauceda’s salary! And Kenyon suddenly has cohones to complain about it now?
Ain’t it amazing how some folks suddenly get political religion when they’re no longer on the inside.
And lastly, Kenyon actually had the temerity to say this, “Character assassinations should never become a substitute for discussing any issue, based on its merits. As leaders, we cannot allow this type of behavior to continue.”
Say what!
Mike, I clearly remember the video gaming ban repeal board meeting because I was sitting right there. And where was that altruistic sentiment when you, Bill Wyatt, Gerry Jones, John Fahy and Cathy Hurlbut unleashed the kind of verbal assault on Bonnie Kunkel, Barb Wojnicki and Drew Frasz that made an ultimate fighting cage match seem mild by comparison?
As far as character assassination goes Mike, you have nothing to worry about. You have no character left to kill.

7 thoughts on “Mike Kenyon writing about character assassination is like Drew Peterson writing about how to keep a wife!

  1. Jeff appreciate your points on this attack on someone To compare him to a killer getting 38 yrs in prison is plain crazy. A murder felon compared to someone who has no criminal record is apples and oranges. I just do not get it other than you are mad at him. However being in Cook County I try to digest this one. I don’t even know Mike but he donated land for a couple of schools which is amazing to me. He was not responsible for Steve in his state senate race maybe some in Kane County. Ultimately its the candidate that is accountable for his or her race. Simple as that is its the truth. I like your show and listen to it because its good debates with you and Allen.

    1. Howard,
      The title is hyperbole which I do employ quite a bit. But as far as Kenyon, he’s the poster child for the kind of misbehavior he’s calling out. It’s the inequity I can’t stand.
      He does have his good points, but considering the things I’ve personally seen, that editorial was too much to bear.

    2. Howard,
      Thank you for giving us the disclosure about your county or origin. That being stated, you have not really gleaned onto the hypocrisy of this situation. The donations of some right of way were also accompanied often with thousands, hundreds of thousands or more land transactions to various public entities in addition to the measley right of ways.
      As noted in other publications (and I checked) Kenyon Brothers has had land transactions with Chicago Gravel, Abbott Land, State of Illinois, Kane County Forest Preserve, Elgin Community Education Interests (Plural), Commonwealth Edison, Village of South Elgin, Village of Burlington, Elgin Township Road District, among others. These were not simply right of way transactions and should you have any doubt check out the Kane County Recorders website.
      Howard, I don’t know if you are an attorney (as your photo looks official) but the state of Illinois has disclosure laws which involve public officials (each of them) for a reason. If Mr. Kenyon began his board service in 2004 every word that existed in law from this time to the present bears notice.
      Who knows who the ethics advisor is (appointed by law) in Kane County. He might have to answer his phone pretty soon. It was never in the papers. And virtually anyone that gets the ugliness and the horror of Kane Co. Politics knows why. Blinders are on for some folks here.
      It’s time that the veil is taken off the ‘arrangements’ made under the leadership of Kenyon and his varied associates, and the sooner the better. McConnaughay never wanted to look close enough.
      But of course, calling th lease of a public building to your mother in law ( that would be the mother of your husband) that gets Geneva Township rental fees as a ‘political witchunt’ is laughable. And the joke of an explanation by Mark Wissing (the Township Road Commissioner) that it is the only building in the county with the specs to store equipment makes us all look like fools.
      But of course the fools went to the polls and maybe weren’t so stupid after all and voted most of these present whiners out of power.
      But since McConnaughay appointed most of the people that should investigate these things the press and the ethical oversight is silent and nonexistent.
      Bud Wiser

    1. Thanks for explaining Jeff, Bud and Scott. I do have a better side I am just an outsider looking in. I spent 4 yrs on U46 CAC and thought he did allot for the community. Scott I love your comments on fb too especially with Driver Tom. I have known him 30yrs he is interesting but never has changed. Keep the comments going love em. Continued good luck on the show too Jeff.

  2. Howard,
    Be glad you live in a county with such a clean government!! HA
    At least in Chicago they reported the dirty deals of their politicians there. Guess the media didn’t give a **** in Kane County if all this stuff flew by. Or they wanted to protect their friends.
    You guys ought to go to the State or someone higher up if this stuff is true. Laws have been broken.

  3. You’re so interesting! I don’t suppose I’ve truly read through anything like this before. So wonderful to find someone with a few original thoughts on this topic. Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is one thing that is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

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