Mayor Richard Irvin’s handpicked CIO investigated by the FBI?

Mayor Richard Irvin’s handpicked CIO investigated by the FBI?

If I had to sum up the sad state of today’s print journalism in one word, that word would be “sources,” as in an utter incapacity to develop them on any level. Our too-young local reporters are so inculcated with the word “hits” that they’ll happily sacrifice a potential long-term source for a sensationalist Net splash every time.

The story we’re about to cover is a perfect example of this dynamic because, while I’d like to claim it’s the result of months of investigative work, the truth is, it was a couple of stellar Aurora Police Department sources who sought me out. Of course, the required due diligence was subsequently applied, but make no mistake, this story doesn’t exist without those fine folks.

Rest assured, as part of that due diligence, the response to a well-placed FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request supports every last detail those sources provided. So, let’s start at the beginning!

This is the first of what will be some fascinating excerpts copied directly from the official APD incident report:

You can read the rest of the the story right here!


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