Linda Chapa LaVia joins the show today!

Linda Chapa LaVia joins the show today!

That’s right folks! We got the only person who may well be more popular than me right now. So I’d certainly consider joining Left, Right and You from 3 to 4 p.m. on WRMN AM 1410 today if you want your friends to think you’re cool!

Linda Chapa LaVia
Linda Chapa LaVia

Because not only will we discuss how our Aurora State Rep just sent the entire Illinois Republican Caucus into complete conniptions, but we’ll talk about why she’s calling the Illinois High School Association on the carpet!
I don’t know! Could it be the IHSA, a group supported by your tax dollars, doesn’t have to answer to anyone, doesn’t have to respond to FOIA’s, doesn’t have to publish their contracts, and they can bar taxpayers from their meetings. Then they try to keep parents from taking pictures of their kids at sporting events.
Sounds like a conservative cause to me! So why does it take a Democrat to take this group on.
I’ll see you there!

2 thoughts on “Linda Chapa LaVia joins the show today!

  1. Did you ask her about her comments in the Legislature about “all the minorities are on MY side of the floor, except for that ‘half-a-minority” on the other (GOP)side?”

  2. Dear Reader,
    Yes I did! And the irony is that all the minorities, but one, are on the Democratic side of the chamber and she was pointing to the democratic side of the gallery when she made that “half” comment.
    The irony is, all the Republicans ran to their only minority, State Rep John Anthony, as if to say “some of their best friends are black.”

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