Kane County’s doin’ alright!

Kane County’s doin’ alright!

One of the easiest ways to identify the dreaded diehard ancillary player is by their propensity to support, but then inevitably turn against whomever wields political power. And the reason they’re so predictable is, just like it with the Star Wars mythology, there can only be one Sith Lord.
You see, they can’t bear to be even the second-most important person in the room – their fragile self-definition simply won’t allow it – so they do everything in their power to bring their former ally down while extolling their infinite virtue in the process. Like vampires, ancillary players can’t bear the sight of a mirror.
Since they have no real power to do that, in an effort to stave off the encroaching shadow of their generally meaningless lives, they concoct phantom scandals, false slights, and paranoid delusions.
Case in point; The National Republican party is currently completely held hostage by ancillary players.
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Though this tail wagging the dog scenario is far less likely to occur at the local level, the average fearful and desperate voter, longing for the internal relief that conspiracy theories often bring, will temporarily buy into the ancillary players’ abject bullshit.
And even though it can be difficult not to fire back, if those in power make the mistake of directly responding, it only gives the ancillary player the power and gravitas they so desperately crave. Thus, the only defense against these dastardly detractors is to shine a bright light on the shadows they love to create.
Then, like cockroaches, they will scurry back into the darkness only to strike again when they think no one’s watching.
Sadly, President Obama still hasn’t figured this one out.
So if you choose to believe a loudmouth negative minority, Kane County is perpetually teetering on the brink of the dark abyss and only the ancillary players can see through that devilish façade to save the rest us from our self-inflicted impending doom.
Ah! But if you choose to stand up, shake off the shadows, and take a deep breath, you’ll quickly realize that it’s never as dire as the ancillary players would have you believe it to be. In fact, Kane County residents actually have it pretty good these days!
Think about it! With rare exception, not only are the county-wide elected officials quietly going about their jobs, but at a time when the economy dealt us a truly severe blow, they held the budgetary line without once complaining about it.
In order for that to happen, the county staff, who generally do great work, had to forgo the mere mention of a raise during those dire downturn years. Even the union employees bit the bullet and negotiated in very good faith.
The County Board just froze their own salaries and they’ve generally come together to work in their constituents’ best interest. All manner of interesting projects and the business of the County consistently move forward because of the board’s bi-partisan efforts.
When you add all this good will up, you get a County tax levy that hasn’t budged as much as a millimeter upward in four long years. We have been able to enjoy the too-rare please of being graced with a Chairman and County Board who truly treat our money as if it was their very own. I dare you to name just one other local taxing body that’s managed to pull that kind of fiscal feasance off.
Can’t do it, can you?
Have there been bumps in the road? Of course, and there always will be. It’s the nature of the beast. The political process has always been fraught with that special sausage making peril. But those detours pale in comparison to what has actually been accomplished.
And that’s the last thing the ancillary player wants to have out there because they can only operate when the fear and suspicion they love to spread like manure takes hold. Nothing good comes from fear and nothing good ever comes from ancillary players.
The great thing is, all you have to do is ignore them and they become as ephemeral and ineffectual as a Halloween ghost.

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  1. Is Dick Hawks one of those ancillary players you refer to from time to time? If not who are these mysterious ancillary players. I’ve been reading your column for a while and have never replied to anything before but this one has peaked my curiosity.

  2. Cary,
    No, Dick is not because he isn’t perpetually against something. And I’m not referring to specific individuals as much as a class of lower political life that attempt to dominate the all levels of the political process through fear, intimidation and bullshit.
    The point of this and the other columns on the topic is to allow you to identify these folks. You really don’t need me!

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