Judge Kostelny's campaign did the right thing

Judge Kostelny's campaign did the right thing

Before we start, please breath in all that fresh political air because the opportunity to cite two separate groups for their exceptionally good political judgment on the very same day doesn’t come along very often.
Having already lauded the Elgin City Council for choosing Rosamaria Martinez to fill in for Anna Moeller, it’s time to offer Judge Marmarie Kostelny and her campaign team the same salutation. kostelnytegeler
With the completed Third Subcircuit discovery recount leaving the seven vote separation exactly where it was when it started, yesterday, Judge Kostelny told the Daily Herald’s Harry Hitzeman this:
“This election was extraordinarily close. I’m satisfied that the discovery recount was done and I don’t wish to prolong this or cost money to the taxpayers by doing a full recount at this point, so I have congratulated Mr. Tegeler.”
Of course, the Mr. Tegeler in question is none other than Geneva attorney D. J. Tegler who, with no November opposition, will don the black dress shortly thereafter.
To make matters even better, Kostelny attorney, John Countryman, who had a minor dustup with Tegeler at the Kane County portion of the recount, also made a point of offering his own private olive branch.
So now, as college bastketball coach Bobby Knight’s wife frequently advised him, “The horse is dead, get off it.”
Who can blame Judge Kostelny for asserting her discovery recount right after she poured all that time and effort into a seven vote loss? It’s going to take us older folks a while longer before we can disavow ourselves of those hanging chads saving the day notion.
Rest assured, just as the Net’s dooming the compact disc, electronic voting machines are rendering recounts obsolete.
The bottom line is this – it’s over! And despite the fact that it doesn’t happen very often in political circles, it’s time let the old animosities, the hard feelings, and the wishful thinking go and focus on moving forward.
And that sentiment includes all the people who feel slighted by any of Judge Kostelny’s past rulings. Not only will she continue to serve drug court, but her 16th Circuit compatriots will surely retain her at the very next opportunity.
Almost every candidate loses at least one election and it always hurts because no rejection is more difficult than to allow yourself to be “interviewed” by each and every voter only to watch them choose the other guy. So you have to give the folks willing to risk that kind of kick in the teeth credit for throwing their hat in the ring in the first place.
And the smart ones refuse to take it personally. They pick themselves up, learn from it, and apply those lessons to a second effort. The first time D. J. ran he was utterly crushed by former KC States Attorney David Akemann.
But he didn’t mope, he didn’t whine, and he didn’t curse the cruel fates. He took a deep breath, he waited for the appropriate opportunity, and then he applied the lessons he’d learned from the loss.
And I would encourage Judge Kostelny to do the same thing. Some might see the seven vote glass as half-empty, but this writer clearly notes it as the surest sign of giving the next open circuit judgeship a shot.
To all the folks who think this “blood sport” really matters, I would ask you to name the Kane County Chairman who preceded Mike McCoy. Can’t do it can ya! I write about this shit all the time and I couldn’t name him if my life depended on it.
None of us are that important. Because tomorrow, the sun will rise, children will go off to school, and husbands will kiss their wives when they get home from work – with or without you or me.

8 thoughts on “Judge Kostelny's campaign did the right thing

  1. Appointed Judge Kostelny should resign. She lost, period. Voters don’t like her. Sticking around until 2015, padding her pension, is just a continued slap in the face to taxpayers. She never addressed her bias, never addressed her voting record during the campaign. An appointee doesn’t get tenure, especially one with such a checkered history. Failure to resign simply proves that she has learned nothing from her loss, ’cause this zebra won’t change her stripes. A little shout out to the ELECTED 16th circuit judiciary-her re-appointment, if she fails to resign, puts your re-election in play. Just sayin’.

  2. Jeff, most certainly won’t let it go, nor should any taxpayer in Kane County. It’s not a 7 vote loss that counts, it’s the 6,000+ taxpayers who believe that appointed judge Kostelny is not qualified to be on the bench. And she again shows her arrogance by continuing to “serve,” collecting a fat paycheck and pension? No way. In a private business she would have been packing her bags in March. As far as another sitting judge losing an election? If Kostelny refuses to leave and is re-appointed, good luck to the appointing judges dealing with the unwanted publicity and questions raised about their own integrity and working for the taxpayers.
    Read some comments by others on various newspaper sites, blogs, etc., regarding the absolute dislike many voters/taxpayers have for the appointed judge. This won’t go away until she is removed from the bench.

  3. Jeff,
    All you have to do is google Kostelny every couple of months and you find new proof that she is incompetent and needs to go. In this March 2014 appellate reversal, Kostelny allowed a witness to prejudice the court with “extreme bias.” Just as “extreme bias” and an ignorance of the law was reflected in many of her prior decisions. She can’t even manage Drug Court w/o issues. Her political appointment should be pulled immediately:

  4. Ha-look, another reversal that just became public. Maybe someone has been loading these into SCRIBD?
    Conviction for insulting or provoking contact tossed out on appeal. Why? Because the defendant suffered from “prejudice” of the court. The Honorable (Political Appointee) Marmarie Kostelny presiding.
    Taxpayers have had enough. Aside from the cost, the public expects an informed and fair judiciary, not a political appointee making decision after decision based on her personal bias. NO renewed appointment for this judge!

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