It's time for the real conservatives to take back their movement

I’m sure most of you have already heard about the Pledge of Allegiance fracas at Mill Creek Elementary School in unincorporated Geneva.
Though today’s Patch column gives conservatives no quarter, my point wasn’t as much to go after them, but to take them to task for letting wingnuts like this parent co-opt their movement. We may not fully agree on contentious topics like same sex marriage, gun control and the President, but that doesn’t mean the dialog can’t be civil.
But rather than ramble on about it again, I’ll let the column stand for itself. The reader comments are also quite interesting.

One thought on “It's time for the real conservatives to take back their movement

  1. While your premise that the conservative movement caused this Colin McGroarty character to do what he did in Geneva last week is utterly false, you are accurate that the conservative movement has been hijacked by extremists, both locally and nationally, in certain instances.
    Back to McGroarty, you think the conservatives caused his behavior? That would be like me claiming troubled Gail Borden Library Trustee Randy Hopp’s behavior was caused by the Democratic Party, which he is a part, including being an elected Democratic Committeemen in Elgin Township. And let’s face it, Hopp has done more serious things over the years, including facing felony charges for attacking his 80-something year old parents. He’s due in court today. Hopefully, the voters of the Gail Borden Library district votes this person out of office on April 9th.
    The most recent example locally I can think of where conservative “wingnuts” got out of control was in the city of Elgin and the village of Carpentersville about 6 years ago, with their crusade against Latino residents by making any Latino out to be an illegal alien. And people wonder why, both locally and nationally, the Latino vote is going heavily Democratic?? We had groups like the “Fox Valley Citizens for Legal Immigration” pop up in Carpentersville and the “Alliance for Legal Americans” pop up in Elgin.
    In Carpentersville, it was clearly a wedge issue to help a slate of trustee candidates win the 2007 village elections. In Elgin, AFLA made an attempt to work with local law enforcement and answer certain questions, but that group has since gone the way of the Moral Majority and the John Birch Society. Those are the real troublemakers you should be targeting, not this completely isolated incident in Geneva. Go get ’em.

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