It's money that matters!

This morning I got into a very mild Facebook kerfuffle with my current hero J. “Motivational” Koko. I love J. – he’s a hoot. But when he put up a video asking folks what they might do with their lives if money didn’t matter, I immediately harkened back to my favorite Randy Newman song, It’s Money That Matters.
So I basically insisted that J’s video could not be correct because, if Randy Newman says, “It’s money that matters,” then that has to be the truth. After all, Mr. Newman is one of my heroes.
As I re-watched the music video as a result of that online conversation, something struck me.
And it goes back to Tuesday’s radio show. Those of you who already listened know that, when confronted with the President’s victory, Paul Edwards whined even more than a Jewish wife forced to cook a gourmet dinner. And while I certainly understand his business concerns, his Romney-esque contention that the takers are now running the country is pure unadulterated BS – as is most of the stuff that comes out of Paul’s mouth.
The truth is, women, minorities and the young – the folks who voted overwhelmingly for President Obama – are tired of being relegated to second class status merely by virtue of their birth. If you consider their abysmal fiscal record, the only thing conservatives really want to conserve these days is their place at the table.
Women and minorities don’t want a handout, they want a level playing field where they have the same shot at the American dream that the fat old white men got.
As far as Paul’s ridiculous contention that the President “bribed” voters goes, the truth is, Mitt Romney offered everybody everything which is why he lost.
If we’re gonna talk about the takers, then shouldn’t we be talking about about the oil industry’s $4 billion in annual government subsidies and $30 billion in farm subsidies which is nothing more than a form of welfare for wealthy white folks.
Of course, I didn’t have the opportunity to respond on Tuesday because Paul’s favorite trick is to launch into a long soliloquy – and then cut you off.
And Newman’s song (Don’t miss Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler on guitar) hits the nail on the head. “In any fair system, they would flourish and thrive.” So here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “It's money that matters!

  1. . . MONEY . . is Rubbish . . . BUT . . it would seem we are stuck with it . . . People talk of Communism . . . well . . in the history of the world there has only been ONE (1) successful ‘Communism’ . . . . do you what is was ? ? ? ? ? ?
    The American Indians . . . . . All worked for the betterment of their society . . . The best hunters. hunted . . the best cooks, cooked . . and so on . . this lasted for more than 1000 years . . . UNTILL the European introduced the concept of ‘MONEY’ . . . that ended that culture . . .

  2. Yes, we do know. They went into the casino business and thus found a new way to “scalp” the white man,, who submits to it willingly, and can do it more than once per customer.

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